We’re excited to introduce a
new design for your paper bill, with a very simple layout. Your time is important,
so we’ve made your bill easier to understand. The total amount due
and the due date are shown right up front… …and we’ll put any important
messages for you at the top. In the account summary section,
you can see the amount of your last bill,
the payments you’ve made, and any remaining balance. At the bottom of the page,
you’ll find convenient ways to pay your bill,
and information about how to contact us. If you’d like to review
account details, we’ve listed them for you in the
“Service Activity” section. For each wireless number,
you’ll see monthly charges, taxes and fees, and the total. After the wireless account
details, you’ll see a breakdown of charges for each device. If you’ve activated your plan
or made plan changes between billing cycles,
the ‘activity since last bill’ section will list those charges. You may also see prorated
charges and one-time charges. On the remaining pages, you’ll
see the charges for each device. It’s our goal to provide you
with a clear and concise bill. We also offer convenient
paperless billing. With paperless billing,
we’ll send you an email when your bill is
ready each month. Sign in to your account anytime
to check your current account balance, see
your recent payments or credits, or print a paper copy
of your bill. Just sign up online! Thank you for using AT&T!