– Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, this is Benji and we have a quick little ditty here today to help you get the juices flowing, help you focus, reboot or refocus. Just a little pick me up
for the mind and body, so let’s hop on the mat
and find what feels good. (peaceful instrumental music) Okay, let’s begin at the top of the mat today in Mountain pose. Jumping right in, so it’s really up to
you to bring the breath. Take a big inhale in,
sit up nice and tall. Big exhale out. Big inhale in, maybe loop the shoulders, ground through the feet as you exhale. Big inhale in. This time reach the
fingertips all the way up. Full body stretch. On an exhale, take the right
hand over the left wrist, side body stretch as
you tilt to the right. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale, side body stretch
as you tilt to the left. One more time on each side. Inhale, reach. Exhale, tilt. Inhale, reach. Exhale, tilt. Coming out of that crumpled up state here. Beautiful, inhale, reach. Exhale, bend the knees, take it all the way
down to a forward fold. So just take a couple
moments to hang out here, shaking the head a
little yes, a little no. Try to draw your navel up and in here, create a fully body experience. Great and then feet
together or hip-width apart, it doesn’t matter, just
nice, conscious footing. We’re gonna bend the knees. Right fingertips come down in front and inhale, left fingertips as
you open up towards the sky. Big twist. Draw the shoulders away from the ears, find extension through the crown. Inhale. Exhale to release and switch. Left fingertips replace the right, opening up through the
right arm this time. Big inhale. And big exhale. Inhale, reach. Imagine someone pulling you
up from the right wrist. And exhale to release everything down. Great, inhale, halfway lift here. And exhale fold. Plant the palms. Step or hop it back to plank. Pedal it out here, move through a Vinyasa, just one of these today, so nice and slow. Inhale, open the heart. Exhale to Down Dog. This is my version of Down Dog and that’s his version of Down Dog. Inhale in. Exhale, hop the feet up towards the top or step the feet up. Forward fold. Inhale to halfway lift. Long neck. Exhale to fold. Inhale, bend the knees generously. Come into Chair pose here, send the hips back, fingertips forward, tailbone’s gonna lengthen down a bit here as you open the chest, open
the heart towards the front. Big breath in here,
just waking up the legs, stimulating the energy of the body, lift your toes, one more breath. And then exhale, twist to the left, outer edge of the right arm to the outer edge of the left thigh. Lengthen the crown here, you’ve got it. If you wanna open it up, you can here. One more breath. And then exhale, release everything, straighten your legs, forward fold. Back to Chair. Here we go, send the hips back. Excuse me, scoop the tailbone. Or rather lengthen the tailbone down and open up through the
chest, open through the heart. So lengthen tailbone down, open chest. Big breath in, lift the toes. And then exhale, find your
twist on the other side. Try to keep the knees together here, again, nice long extension
through the crown of the head. Big breath in. Big breathe to release. Awesome. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, fold. Spread the fingertips,
inhale, reach for the sky. And exhale, bringing it down. Hands come to the waist and we’ll slide the left foot back. So we’re gonna pivot on the left foot, coming into Warrior II,
so nice wide stance. Front knee over front ankle, hands can stay on the waistline if you’re new to the practice and you’re like whoa, that was just a lot. So we’re kind of giving
the thinking mind a break and really paying
attention to the sensations of the body and the breath. So stay here if you need to, otherwise reaching the fingertips out. Imagine someone pulling you
with your right wrist forward. Gently pulling and tugging
you by the left wrist back. Find your breath. Good. One more inhale in. On your next exhale, straighten
through the front leg. Send the hips back. Send the hips back and reach
the right fingertips forward. Slow tilt into Trikonasana today. Triangle. Right shoulder comes forward, heart opens up towards the sky. Length through the crown, big breath in. Big breath out. Inhale. Someone pulls you up from your left wrist, open the chest, open the
heart, back to Warrior II. And then we’ll right to the right toes in, left toes out, same little
ditty on the other side. So find your footing again, hands can stay on the
waist here as you ground and begin to wake up through the legs. I have Foundations of Warrior II video if you wanna check that
out, we break it down. Someone pulls you from the right wrist, find length in the side body, someone pulls you through the left wrist Head over heart, heart over pelvis. Find your breath, sink deep. Good. And one more inhale in. And use your exhale to press to all four corners of your left foot, straighten through the left leg, send the hips back. Stay long in the side body. Slow reach forward and then
over into your Triangle. So resist the urge to collapse here. Work on that core. Spark a little fire in your belly here and stay connected through the spine. One more breath here, doing
awesome, deep breath in. And then imagine someone lifting you up from your right wrist
as you come back to Warrior II. We’ll bring the hands to the waist and then straighten through the front leg. Turn both toes in this time. I’m just gonna walk back a little bit. Both toes in, we find our Power pose here, loop the shoulders, nice
reboot posture here, standing wide-legged forward fold. We got it goin’ on, let’s do this. Inhale. Stand up nice and tall. Exhale, ground through the feet. Inhale, lift your heart,
lift your sternum. Exhale, slow reach forward. Heart reaches forward, hips… Hinging here and nice and easy, we keep flat back as long as possible, draw the shoulder blades together here, elbows nice and wide. Keep activation through the navel, through the abdominal wall here. And then we’ll release the hands down. Okay, if this is much too much, you might skip the forward fold part and just roll back up,
stay in your Power pose, otherwise, you can bring a block or a chair or a pillow or something around to lift the earth up to you or just stay right on the fingertips. Eventually we’re walking the palms all the way back in line
with the arches of the feet. We’re keeping the shoulders plugged in and the crown of the head
will come to the ground. So I don’t typically do, you know, even my practice on the channel, because I want everyone to feel like they’re being taken
along for the ride, but just check out where you are today. If you have an inversion practice maybe you pop up there for a moment, stay mindful and integrated. But only if you have that practice. To come out of the posture,
press in your foundation. Engage through your center. Now slowly walk the palms
all the way back up, soft knees as hands come to the waistline, we loop the shoulders and lift the heart. Awesome. Hop the feet together or heel toe heel toe all the way back to your Mountain. Draw the palms together at the heart, take a deep breath in. And let a big exhale
out through your mouth. Close your eyes. Notice how you feel. Great work. (peaceful instrumental music)