This is Emergency 108 Hello…108 Where are you calling from? What happened? Ma’am, can you hear me? Ma’am, where are you now? ‘Mind your words’ Bro…? Come down and
see for yourself This is the 10th time
he’s puking from morning I want to talk to my dad Sir, Raja Your son wants to talk to you Okay Dad, I can’t take this Let me come back home Please, dad I’ll go mad if you
keep me here any longer They will kill you
if you come here Instead of rotting here
I might as well get killed there Please, dad Listen to me, dad (phone ringing) Hello We’ve reached, sir I’m waiting for them I’ll handle this, sir Be strong, sir Sir, he is here I’ll call you back Hello, dad They are shifting me
to some other place I don’t even know where Don’t worry They are doing it
for your own good They’ve taken away
my phone too You don’t need to Hang up now Where to, sir? Hotel Causeway Okay, sir ‘If there’s a bond surpassing
everything else in this world…’ ‘…it is friendship!’ ‘I am Saga’ ‘Final year, under grad student
of commerce from Chennai’ ‘A lifestyle beyond
my middle class means…’ ‘…my friends made me indulge in’ ‘My dad often cautioned me
to stay away from them’ ‘I turned a deaf ear to him then’ ‘But now I regret what I did’ ‘If only I had paid
heed to his words…’ ‘I won’t be here now
in this strange city…’ ‘…all by myself
in search of Mudaliyar’ You’ve reached your hotel ‘Mudaliyar is the Godfather
of Mumbai’s underworld’ ‘Whole of Mumbai
is in his control’ ‘What drives an ordinary student
like me living in Chennai…’ ‘…to meet Mudaliyar
the most dreaded don in Mumbai’ ‘What is the issue between us?’ ‘Why should I come
in search of him?’ ‘To know why, you must
know more about me’ ‘In order to know me you must
get to know my friends’ Hey! Wait
Won’t you? Listen to me Why did you do that? Time for our exam
Where are they rushing to? We have an exam to write Sorry, anna Don’t, dude
Listen to me Don’t get tensed
Listen to me Come out What happened? He bungled it big time Rajesh tore Shiva’s hall ticket Better open the door No way Step out now Wait, let him explain Okay, shoot I did it for you guys Don’t get it Once we leave this college
nothing will be the same again Even if we wish to, we can’t
enjoy like how we do now What are you trying to say? Take Kishore for example Tomorrow, his dad will
make him join his business One way traffic, dude Once he gets sucked in, that’s it He can’t get out of
his clutches in this lifetime Ask him Even to pee he’ll need
his dad’s permission For this idiot to pee in peace
why should I miss my test? Shut up Your plight is even worse What did Shiva do? His dad has fixed his wedding
with his party president’s daughter Yeah You think it’s because of
unconditional love for his son? Then…? Bride for you
Promotion for him In a nutshell he has used you
to further his political ambition Scapegoat? In your case Unable to bear your dad’s torture
you’ll take up some useless job! If not today, it’s bound
to happen someday But why should
that ‘someday’ be today? Let me come out We’ve missed
our final test now We can’t graduate this year For the next 6 months At least until we clear
all the subjects we failed As long as we are students
nobody can separate us Correct, dude My dad has already timetabled
my life for the next 40 years What is wrong if I spend
6 months of that time for myself? Well said! I’m on board, dude What do you guys think? What you say makes sense But the very thought of my dad- 6 months…think about it We owe these days
just for ourselves Dude, where are you going? I feel this is wrong What’s wrong with him? But for our sake I think we should go ahead
with this wrong! “Speed up, pal
Put pedal to the metal” “Steer your mood
Shift to 5th gear, dude” “Turn on your voice level
Sing at a high decibel” “Road is all yours, let’s go
make it ours with great gusto” “Take the path less travelled
Let your future be unravelled” “Can’t find…never mind
Pave one for mankind” “This car on the road whizzes
with petrol as fuel in bliss” “No hurdles on the road
with crazy friends on board” “We’ll swipe our card to buy the world” “Slice into 4 quarters, a feast to unfold” “When thirsty we’ll skim the cream
to drink a milky moon-shake dream” “If the phone rings tring tring
we’ll silence it with a swing” “Honk honk, sound horn loud
for cows to graze off the road” “If the phone rings tring tring
we’ll silence it with a swing” “Honk honk, a loud horn be heard
Shepherding horned cows in a herd” “Crowd and chaos all over the place
A strict no-no for us please” “We’ll build a whole new world
for us to rock and roll” “We’ll bond like popcorn and Pepsi
as ‘forever friends’ for eternity” “Even after the movie ends
we’ll act in it as best friends” “Climb beyond the cloud
Tattoo our names proud” “We are better than the best
when compared to the rest” “Let the music start” “Sure, have a blast” “On a catamaran let’s ride
to explore our real side” “Whoopee…we’ll reel in with our bait
a whale of happiness, just you wait!” “Yippee…in Pondy rejoice and revel
Like carrying coal to Newcastle” “Whoopee…we’ll reel in with our bait
a shark as a pet, just you wait!” “Yippee…in Pondicherry
we’ll give a run for your money” He’s showing off! Clear orf! Look at him, master As it is, he has 2 right feet Off you go Hey! 1 second
Stop the car What’s wrong now? – Shut up
– Why, dude? Please, dude
Just STOP “Our friendship is 1 in a zillion, dude
What else do we need to include?” “When I’m in need
he’ll be a friend indeed” “Even the sun he’ll oppose
for me never to be morose” “He’ll teach me to admire beauty
ever so beautifully” “For my sake he’ll cajole
the moon on a noon-stroll” “When it comes to protecting me
he’ll be my faithful Lassie” “Like my mother, he’ll shower
unconditional love forever” “He’ll sell by the dozen
her own egg to the hen” “Given a chance, simple
even to God he’ll sell the temple” “When we play a game of poker
we’ll ask God to be the joker” “When we play soccer, we’ll call
the moon to be our football” “Whoopee…to win in a poker game
we’ll S.O.S our favorite God’s name” “Yippee…to play soccer we’ll call
the silver moon as our football” “We’ll swipe our card to buy a rainbow” “Share the pot of gold we find somehow” “We’ll skim the cream when thirsty
to drink up a milky moon-shake misty” Padma…Padma…? What, dear? I met our astrologer Sethu
when I was coming back home He has given photos
of the groom-to-be Show them to her If she likes any particular photo
we can meet the groom Pretending to meditate?
I’ll come and get you (gargling water) Dad, look at him Am I a baby to get
scared of your daddy? Go ahead…tell him What has he got
scribbled on his hand? Hey- What’s this? What does it look like? Whose name is it? Sis…er…don’t ask Has he got himself tattooed? Yes, mom, a girl’s name! Hey Saga
Where is it? – Where?
– What, mom? On your chest? Where? Look at his wrist, ma Wait, I’ll show you myself Take a look Who is this girl? It isn’t a girl’s name Just the names of my 3 friends Shiva, Rajesh, Kishore? It’s become a habit
for you to malign my son Why are you
hitting my daughter? My son isn’t
as bad as you think He has tattooed
his friends’ names And she snitches
saying it’s a girl’s name Idiot…nitwit You are the nitwit! From the day he was born
we tolerated all his pranks And did everything for him
But today his friends get priority Ask him to go with them Let’s see how long
they put up with him Nitwit, mother of a dimwit Yelling at me 24×7 Check the price
of this camera Good lord!
Rs 125000? As long as you understand, fine Saga, why don’t we sell this and buy
an acre of land in our home town? Fat hopes Land of all things! Why do you say that? My dearest mom Give it to me Not just this
Take a look My friends bought
all this stuff for me Why won’t they? Of course they will splurge Only if they earn, they will
know the value of money Hold this Look at their faces Do you think any one of them
will do an honest day’s work? They are born to wipe out
their dad’s bank account to zilch Pray these wretched chaps
vanish from our son’s world! – Hey Saga
– Yes, dad This is for you What is this, dad? Said you lost
your cell phone, right? I bought this
the very same day I was waiting for
your exams to get over See if you like it Blackberry…thank you, dad This is the last gift
I’ll spend on you Hereafter if you need anything
you must buy it from your salary – Understand?
– Okay, dad Start the bike What? Want to see Bhai What is your name? Saga Bro, the chap
you sent is here Bro…? I understand
I’ll take care Have you set eyes
on Mudaliyar before? No His photo plus all other
details are in here Leave now ‘You must know about another
important person in my life’ ‘Her name is Kayal’ ‘Besides books or cinema…’ ‘…you’d have seen many
people in love in real life’ ‘But you could’ve never met
a pair like us anywhere’ ‘Oct. 24, 2014’ Chasing skirts is old fashioned now You should look at a girl,
like her and finito Hey…! I meant propose to her Hey Good Samaritan! If you keep thinking like this
someone else will occupy your place Get lost…fatso Dude, how does your girl look? Eyeful Is she that beautiful? I can’t call her beautiful Take it from me for sure
she’ll have a boyfriend No, she doesn’t How can you be so sure? I followed her, right? Hello…so you think! If this Kungfu panda
can get a girlfriend… …won’t your ‘eyeful babe’ have one? Think again Dude, listen to me A beautiful girl
without a boyfriend is… …like an Ajith starrer
not being houseful Heard that?
Get it into your head Bingo! ‘Even though they look a little loony
there was some sense in their logic!’ ‘I realized chasing girls
is old fashioned’ ‘So I decided to meet her
and went directly to her college’ ‘That was when something
totally unexpected happened’ Wonder how long they will study?
They should be out by now What are you looking for? Nothing Came to see me, right? My friend is studying
in this college That’s why I was wa…waiting Okay…where do we go? I don’t get it For past 2 weeks
you’ve been following me You’ll do the same
for 2 more weeks And ask me
this question again Tell me, where
do you want to go? Tea…shucks! Coffee Day? Before that, can you
take me to a place? Where? Go straight
I’ll tell you Stop right there – On the right
– Here? It’s a wine shop I know Look at that! Hey! Do you like beer? Beer? Chee chee! Lying through your teeth Hello! Bro, which beer is
cool and strong? Black Horse, madam You don’t have Six kings? Not in stock Fine, give me 2 Rs 220 – Bye, bro
– Do come often How long have
you been drinking? How about you? I started in the 2nd year of college I’m your senior
I started in my 12th grade Wouldn’t have guessed! What now? Hold this If my Hitler dad sees me,
I’m dead meat! – What brand?
– Anything Threes or tens? – Lucky fellow!
– Give me tens Now why did he
give me a dirty look? Doesn’t matter
Give it without a cover Be a little patient Here you go Give me – Shall we?
– Yeah, go Come Why did we come here? Sit down No? I meant
I’m a pure virgin Shut that door and come You didn’t hear
what I said? I did ‘Control, sonny’ ‘Don’t be a disgrace’ “Aiyaiyo! Well and truly caught” What is your name? Saga Saga? Satish Ganapathi But friends call me
Saga for short Satish Ganapathi…Saga I don’t like
both the names I’ll call you Sunny Sani is Saturn! My name is Saga
If you call me Sani- I know you’re trying to test me Oh! Really? Check if the coast is clear Go Not really but some guys
are playing carrom board Hello…? What are you doing? Oh! Is this why
you bought it? I thought it was for- What do you intend
doing with this? It’s a game we’ll play Hold…come ‘She’s confusing me again’ Dude, block his coin Game over
We’ll win Don’t bug me
I’m trying Play…shoot Don’t get tensed
Play carefully I’ll hit, wait If I drink in front of your house
you’ll complain to the cops, huh? Sabu, are you okay? Hey! This time it’s only
rubber and beer But next time- Let’s go Hey…! You’ve come all the way here Sunny…? Go and hit them What…hit them? Are you trying to be funny? Are you her body guard? Are you such a big shot? Boss, I didn’t say that She’s very young
and spoke out of turn That’s better We are out numbered Let’s go back Dai! Let go of my hand Dai…is disrespectful Will you go or shall I? Whaaat? Hit me Please listen, bro She doesn’t realize Don’t get tensed Move aside Hit me…hit me What’s that glare for? Hit me, I say! My eyes are stinging Think you can get away
man handling a girl Give…give it fast
He’s the one I have nothing
to do with this, bro Check that side ‘He must be here somewhere’ Why did you hit them? Hello! First tell me
why you’re following me ‘Not here, dude’ That is…I- Do you like me? Stop feeling shy You like me? What do you like in me? Search…they must be here I’ll go and look
for them downstairs You intend telling me or not? Why are you raising your voice? I like you head to toe But love those eyes more Really? Then promise I’m telling you right now You shouldn’t poke your nose with
the way I dress or whom I talk to Shouldn’t be a control freak Chee-chee! 3 days I’ll cook
3 days your turn And 1 day we’ll eat out If you want to drink,
do it at home But I won’t let you
smoke at home Because when I’m pregnant- Why are you
discussing all this now? We have to discuss all this
before the wedding, Sunny Wedding? Won’t you marry me? But today is the 1st day we’ve met And you’re talking
about marriage already What do we do then? Let’s meet some more
and get to know each othe- Okay, tomorrow at 3:00 p.m
in Coffee Day, Anna nagar Will you check
if they’ve gone? “On your guard, dude, double quick” “She’s one hell of a chick
who played a tom-boy trick” “If any damn rogue targets her
tar he’ll get on his face for sure” They’ve all gone “On your toes, dude, double quick” Who is that girl? Which girl…? The one you just met Me…girl…? What’s wrong with you? Someone has given you wrong- She called and
spoke to your dad What did she tell dad? I believe you’re meeting her tomorrow
at 3:00 p.m in Coffee Day, Anna nagar She wanted it
postponed to 5:00 p.m She asked your dad
to inform you What’s happening? Bad enough your dad yells at me
about your lazy set of friends Is this a new add on
to his tirade? I don’t know how he’ll react
when he returns home I can’t keep getting
yelled at on your behalf Hi Sunny Why did you call home? I told your dad
Didn’t he tell you? Change in timing
you’ll tell my dad, huh? If not today, your parents
will know about us someday Instead of them hearing
about us from an outsider… …it’s always better to
tell our folks ourselves That’s why I told him Have you told your family too? Sunny, if I can tell your dad
as if I won’t tell mine In fact it seems 3:00 to 4:30
is inauspicious time My dad was the one
who told me to postpone it Oh my God! I thought she’s a madcap
But her dad seems worse! What did you say? My dad isn’t like yours He’ll raise hell and do
a war dance for silly stuff God knows
what he’ll do now Shall I talk to your dad? My dear girl, no need Let’s quit This won’t work out What does that mean? I can’t match your speed! I know you are fast
But this is supersonic speed I’ve made up my mind Let’s quit If you alone decide
it’s over, huh? – Then…?
– I should also decide Go ahead I can’t do it
over the phone I’ll see you
tomorrow at 5:00 p.m I can’t come I’m saying it
for your good, Sunny – Better land up
– Are you threatening me? Don’t talk to me like that I like that! You don’t know about me Don’t wake up
the dormant beast in me Hang up now She and her pet name for me Bloody white sow! Dude, it’s half past five Aren’t you meeting that girl? What kind of a girl is she! Hey! Wait She’s a royal pain My dad is better I met her just once And 10 goons came after us She called up home
Got me into trouble How did she get
your phone number? I was also wondering, Vasi Thank God she got
only my home number If she had got
my home address- What if she has found out? Huh? No, I was- Dude, phone This is pain #2 Why isn’t he picking up? Hello, where are you, da? I’m in the gym, mom I know you are lying Aren’t you with that girl? You’re wrong, ma I’m with Rajesh I don’t trust you Come home right away I’ll come, ma Hang up now Okay For my sis,
not big enough Mom has outgrown
such trendy stuff! Whose can it be? Oh God! What is she doing here? What are you doing here? I came only to see you, Sunny You’ll get it from me I’ll show you my true colors Is this some kind of joke? You don’t know me Clear out, di What did you say? I called you ‘di’ So what? I love the disrespect and
familiarity, call me ‘di’ Are you mad or what? I feel like clob- Why are you holding
my hand now, di? What, my dear? Let go of me, di Someone is at the door I’m coming My mom will come out now, di Let her come How dare you make me wait Let go, di Watch your step Why are you standing out? Come in He’s my son, Saga He has just finished college I didn’t know that ‘What a liar!’ Mom, I want to talk alone Go ahead and talk to yourself! I want to talk to you alone Come with me He’s mad at me I’ll be back soon Come, da What is she doing here? Oh! So you know her already? I wanted to know who she is Oh! She’s such a sweetheart ‘You are also a naive
nitwit like me, mom’ Fine, but tell me Mom, why is she here? Roshini is taking tuition for her She can’t do all that How can you say ‘no’? Rose shouldn’t, mom I’m quite jobless, Kayal You can come
whenever it suits you Weekly twice, right? Yes Hey madcap! Did you drink
the juice mom made? Then- ‘Akka…?’ ‘Kayo…okay?’ You called me ‘sis’? Just 1 minute 1 minute What, da? Respect overflowing You actually called me ‘sis’! What do you want? Don’t take classes for her, akka Why? It just won’t gel with our family That’s what…why? I can’t keep explaining
what and why Learn to take ‘no’ for an answer Go and tell her you can’t Kayal, how many days
did I say I’d teach? Come 5 days
in a week, my dear Bro, I won’t give up
my income for your sake Got it? Why, di? Get lost, da I’ll be back, dear Think you’re actor Karthik
of ‘Mouna Ragam’ fame? You got away
because of my mom – Otherwise…what?
– Whaaat?! You must step out
of your house, no? I’ll wait for my turn Turn around Turn, da I’m right here What will you do? Why are you coming in? What’s your height, Sunny? I asked you something You are saying something else Do you hit the gym daily, da? Why are you
hitting on me, di? Why did you land up
at home yesterday? Yesterday you told me… …there’s a beast
dormant in you, right? So I came here to
wake up that animal Don’t…your behavior is all wrong Shouldn’t turn on a guy like this Take your hand off, di What the hell
do you want now? Why didn’t you
come to see me? Didn’t I tell you
this won’t work out? Let me go – Hey…!
– Hey…huh? Did I beg to be followed? No Did I ask you to impress me? No…! Did I ask you to profess
your love for me? Yes, I did I said I loved you then
Now I am taking it back Why don’t you just say
‘tata bye bye’ and go? A boy’s job is to
only profess his love To date him or ditch him
is the girl’s prerogative! You shouldn’t step
into that space What are you trying to say? I’ve decided to
date you forever So fix that too in your mind See you? How well do you know me
to rattle away all this? Your full name is Satish Ganapathi Date of birth
December 14th Scored 840 in 12th grade You got into Loyola College
in the sports quota You like photography But didn’t take any
steps to pursue it You smoke and you sing
when you drink Friends matter to you
more than your family They influenced you
not to take your final exam You decided to live it up
for the next 6 months In that 6 months you chased
the girl named Kayal Ruined her little heart
and you’re ditching her now Will this do? Or shall I continue? How do you know all this? I know much more We’ll discuss all that
after we get married Whatever you say
it’s a big NO Then make me
say ‘no’ too You did all that I liked
I said I love you If you do stuff I don’t like
I’ll tell you I hate you I don’t know your likes
and dislikes-list, okay? Then let’s get to
know each other Grandpa,
move it seems You move with that old man Move out of my way now Your dad doesn’t know
you bunked your exams, right? Saga…you’re dead meat, man “In this splendorous Chennai city” “Thanks to a lassie
heart trapped and tizzy” Drop me at home, please “I fell into this world of captivity” ‘Our love story began this way’ ‘Hoping if I did stuff she hated
she would walk out of my life…’ ‘…I spent time with her’ ‘I had hell trying to understand
her likes and dislikes list!’ ‘One day out of the blue
she called me’ ‘And insisted she has to attend
some distant relative’s wedding’ ‘She forced me and
brought me to Pondicherry’ ‘I think twice before attending
my own cousin’s wedding’ ‘Just imagine
how I felt trapped’ ‘That was it’ Bad time has begun for you Don’t, please (clears throat) Can you hear me? Dear friends whose veins
throb with young blood Toughest job in this world is… …to hook a super chick But even more tough is… …to ditch the chick you hooked For all the good hearts
having a hard time like me… …in ditching their girlfriends …I dedicate this song Get lost, da! Take a flying leap! “I met this head-turner
Fell hook, line and sinker” “I tried to hook her
quick on the trigger” “My lucky prize was she
I was on a high five spree” “I dated her; maybe
we are not meant to be” “Just the essence of adolescence” “Watch out, don’t lose your sense” “Just the spirit of adolescence” “Beware, don’t lose your sense” Dude, don’t go overboard Okay, dude Sunny, what happened
to your bike? How to get rid of this idiot? Tell me Look behind you Hey! You asked for
my number, note it down God save me!
Good afternoon, bro – Get hold of him
– Bye, bro “Not knowing its depth,
into mid-sea I stepped” “Not aware where the path led
dude, I lost my way ahead” “I put my hand into a snake-pit” “I invited trouble, I paid for it” “She follows me everywhere
I can’t get away from her” “I tried to dump her…alas
I’m at a loss…clueless” “She chases me relentlessly
I can’t escape, God help me!” “I try to dump her…alas!” Dude, I’m clueless “I said okay playfully
I paid my price fully” “Like the boy in the fable
blind-folded in a jungle” “Just the spirit of adolescence
Beware, don’t lose your sense” This isn’t the normal ‘mankind love’
to be understood by mere human beings It is so pure and beyond
all this earthly stereotype God help these souls “Hoping she’d get fed up of me
I boozed till I puked liberally” “She asks me to be
yours obediently” “I lost my patience totally
And jumped into the sea” “She follows me faithfully
And swims along with me” “I lived life king size royally
Now in her palm I’m putty” “Sweet talked me
into her net totally” “I lived life king size royally” Dude, she made me a lackey! “She enticed me wittily
Baited me into her net totally” “I fell flat for her beauty
She’s torturing me artfully” “Fallen hook, line and sinker” “There’s no lifeline ever” “Just the essence of adolescence
Watch out, don’t lose your sense” Why didn’t you
tell us all this earlier? He told us now, right? Don’t bug him Dude, just tell us
where she lives We’ll take care of the rest Why get stressed out? If he’s got such a glam doll
it’s the world’s 8th wonder Instead of being contented
he’s complaining! Dude, please don’t get me wrong I agree you have a heart of gold Tomorrow, if you want
to take her out, you can’t You don’t have a car like us You can’t afford to gift her
anything expensive Or take her out
on a romantic dinner Because you are not loaded If she’s still zeroing in on you
despite all the zeroes… …you’re one helluva lucky guy! You should be in 7th heaven Instead you’re hell bent
on ditching this chick Hey! You are supposed to help him Not support that female Just answer this question Give me 1 good reason
for rejecting her Genuine reason Not just one He’ll give you 10 Really?
Ask him to list it out Here…see you Shall I tell you? Your dad Am I right? You’re such a big shot, some random
girl calls and tells me your program Dad, it wasn’t- Nothing wrong Quite normal for your age But instead of depending
on your parents… …stand on your own feet Then date and mate
to your heart’s content That’s the sign of a real male So you are avoiding her
because of your dad So you love her But for your dad’s sake
you are letting her go Dude, which dad gives
the green signal to love? Dads will always find
a reason to say no What’s wrong with
what my dad said? You heard him I don’t have a job,
a car or cash I don’t even know if I can
take care of myself properly A girlfriend to top it all He spoke so harsh
to get it into my head Super, dude Heard what he said? His dad told him for his good And he changed for the better Poor thing! How is she to blame? Did you think about her
at least a little bit? I only thought
if she’ll be right for me But not if I’ll be
Mr Right for her If I had- You wouldn’t have
disturbed me, right? Kayal…! Dude- Why are you looking at us? We hatched this plot So the problem isn’t with you Not knowing this… …I wasted all my time
trying to convince you Forget it If not you
I’ve got Krishnan I’ll befriend him Hey! Who is Krishnan? Your dad’s name is…? Hey! Madcap He’s cornered Kayal…I’m talking to you Where are you going? To talk to your dad Are you being funny? No, I’m serious I must talk to him Are you planning to
tell him we’re in love And ask him to get us married? Madcap! No Then? I’ll tell him the trust he didn’t
find in you for 22 long years… …I got in just 2 months! You can also earn You can take care of
not only yourself But all of us too I’ll tell him I have
that confidence in you Is it enough? “What was it you told me?” “Echoes in my ears eternally” “Strums my heartstrings warmly” “Why, my sweetie?” “Sparkling eyes…eyeful stride
is how you described me” “Without a caress…touching voice
you stole me soulfully” “You distance yourself from me” “Like a dot you disappear into infinity” “In the chambers of my heart still
you came to stay, until…” “…death do us part” Hey, this color is superb Who selected it? Saga…! Mom…? Tell me You’ve decorated our home
like a wedding hall This is just an informal meet The prospective groom
is meeting our Rose You won’t understand, mom Why don’t you
make me understand? I do all the household chores I cook, I wash your clothes We don’t even employ a maid- Okay…stop lamenting Tell me what you want Take this grocery list And buy all this stuff
from the market Like the great wall of China! Okay, give me auto fare Why? What happened to your bike? Do I have hands
like an octopus? Should I ride the bike
or carry all this stuff? How do I solve this? My dear Kayal I’ll take care of this
Give it to me If you don’t mind… …can you please go
with Saga to the market? We have a long list
of things to buy Mom, remember, you made me
promise ‘no girls on my bike’? Then…how? She is an exception to the rule We can amend
the promise, right? If you say so Shall we go? But you can’t take
‘that’ girl on the bike Which girl, aunty? Forget her
She’s an ass! This donkey likes that dumbass! Give me the bag please Give me the bag You don’t mind, right? How can I not do
our housework, aunty? Turmeric, vermilion She’s a real gem Very true Bye, mom Kayal, I’m going with my friends
to a New Year’s party tonight Coming? If it’s late night
dad won’t let me go, Sunny You mean that cuckoo? Get lost, da I know about your dad
Don’t pull a fast one You’re coming
Now keep going Don’t hit me Let me go We don’t have any problem Give way Sorry, dad I was stuck with
an unexpected problem That’s why it got late Dad…? Such a stubborn man What’s wrong if he listens
to his son for a moment? Kayal told me there was
a problem in the market What happened? Nothing of that sort, mom Did you get hurt? Look at me Am I bruised? Nothing, right? Did they like Rose? They like her very much I believe she felt
the same way Because both families
got along so well… …we informally agreed Very good family I’m so happy Where is she? She is inside Very upset with you
for not being here I’ll take care of that Sis…? How long will it take? Patience! Please hurry up Over, bro Hey wait…! Where are you off to? Bro…? What? Dev anna is coming I’ll take leave, anna I’ll finish this
and call you Good to see you, anna How come you are in our area? We would’ve come
if you had called us You’ve become big shots
Stepped over to the next league Forgotten my existence That’s why I thought
I’d look in on you Shall we play one game? Thought you stopped playing
this game long ago Why all of a sudden now? There’s a game
still unfinished I thought I’d give it a closure Did you once again mess
with that girl in Anna nagar? After you warned me
I don’t interfere in such stuff, bro That’s what I thought If I tell you once,
I know you’ll toe the line Come…come, man Look carefully and tell me He isn’t the guy
who hassled you, right? ‘His name is Deva’ ‘Came to Chennai when
he was a 10 year old’ ‘Worked hard and today he has
North Chennai under his thumb’ ‘I didn’t expect him
to come into my life’ ‘He’s the main reason
I am in Mumbai today’ ‘Mudaliyar was shot, round about
9:20 p.m by an unknown assassin’ ‘Since it happened in the blink of an eye
Mumbai is in a state of chaos and uproar” ‘Armed policemen swarm in
large numbers all over the city’ ‘Despite police protection…’ ‘…there were pockets of
violence in some parts of the city’ ‘Since vehicles were vandalized, bus and
train services were stopped immediately’ ‘The miscreant has been
identified a little while ago’ ‘The city borders have been secured
to prevent the miscreant from escaping’ ‘City commissioner, Mr Rakesh Parwani
has announced he’ll be captured soon’ Who are you? What are you doing here
alone at this time of night? What is this? Why are you staring at me? What is in your bag? What? Call from your house Leave immediately Curfew has been imposed outside Don’t roam around
alone at this hour Leave now Yes, Shilpa Is Urmila back home? Why isn’t she back home as yet? Did you talk to her friends? If she’s with them, ask her
to come home immediately ‘Mudaliyar’s shooter is a male’ ‘He’s approximately 6′ tall’ ‘In a black shirt and khaki pants’ ‘If you see anyone with
these specifications…’ ‘…arrest him immediately’ Inform the control room at once Check that side ‘On hearing about
this shooting incident…’ ‘…his supporters and
public have gathered’ ‘…outside his house
in large numbers’ ‘The police force is unable
to control this mob’ (general commotion) You both take
the ambulance and go I’ve removed the bullet Luckily there’s no damage
to any of the blood vessels I’ve sedated him If he rests up, he’ll be
perfectly fine in 2 or 3 days All of you maintain
peace and order Listen to me Be silent Please listen to me If anything happens to Mudaliyar
none of you will be alive Doctor has said it’s enough
if he rests for 2 days After that- We want to see Mudaliyar now We won’t budge an inch
without seeing him Beyond this I can’t
control them any longer Kindly ask Mudaliyar to step out
and greet them just once They can’t be controlled
unless he shows up Sir, we thought something had
happened to you and got scared Don’t worry about anything, sir We are there for you Yes, we are there for you, sir I don’t know if I have
been there for you or not! But you have always
been there for me Like an armor As long as you are with me
no one can hurt me No one can touch me This life belongs to you Only to you! No one can separate it from you Understood? Even if God decides
to do so, He can’t It’s late Without hassling anyone… …silently and peacefully
kindly leave this place Go home peacefully Ask Chota, Imran and
Shankar to meet me Okay Did you talk to the boys? Guna called, said he is
coming here from Chennai Ask him not to come I told him but- Tell him I said so It isn’t good for him to
come here at this time What happened, Deva? The restaurant manager who went
to complain against the boys… …hasn’t returned home as yet That restaurant is also closed We wanted to trace those boys
with the number plates of their cars But they have erased
all records of those vehicles That inspector hasn’t turned up
for work from the very next day Guna, from my side
I’m trying my level best In another 2 days- I’m going to Mumbai now Before I come in search of you… …your confirmation should fall into
my ears that you’ve nabbed them! Did you get it? Where are you? I’ve left, bro On my way to the airport I called to tell you not to come What are you saying? Dad also felt it isn’t a good time
for you to come here He wanted me to inform you Let me talk to dad Guna, dad is in a meeting now I have to talk to dad now I want to see Mudaliyar Who are you? Guna sent me from Chennai – Who is he?
– Guna bhai has sent him Did Guna anna send you here? Yes Your son is on the line
He wants to talk to you Tell him I’ll myself call later Okay Guna, I informed dad Said he’s in a meeting And he’ll call you in 10 minutes Just a minute, Guna What? Someone by name Saga
has come to meet sir To meet sir? He looks suspicious Says Guna anna sent him here Guna, did you send someone
from Chennai to meet dad? Who are you? Why did you lie
that Guna sent you? Why did you lie
that Guna sent you? Who sent you here? Answer my question Mudaliyar Want to see Mudaliyar Saga, why aren’t you ready as yet? It’s getting late for the bus Get up…we have to leave I’m not coming, ma You take dad with you He says ‘take Saga with you’ How will it look
if dad doesn’t show up? When has he ever
listened to me? He wants to know who’ll take care
of the wedding preparations here What’s Saga here for? Who…you? Don’t doubt my capability, ma It’s for your own good Then it’s your call What are you saying? You are visiting your home town
after so many years If you go without dad,
what will people think? What will they think? Mutt head-mom! They’ll think you and dad
have had a fall-out And dad isn’t interested
in my sister’s wedding Do you think so? Then what? As it is, your sister-in-law keeps harping
you have problems when you don’t Imagine what will happen if she
finds out you’ve gone home alone True, what you say makes sense She is waiting to black-list me! Give me a minute Dearest…? I can’t trust your son to organize
all the wedding arrangements Until now I haven’t
asked you for anything I’m asking you
for the 1st time Why don’t you
give him a chance? For my sake He seems playful
That’s only on the surface But if you put him in charge
he’ll rise to the occasion I have that confidence in him Okay, I’ll shower
and get ready Pack my clothes Naive nitwit! It’s your sister’s life Don’t be playful Do you get it? New year’s eve today Try to be responsible
at least from this year Okay, dad See you Happy journey, dad Advance happy New Year Pass on my wishes
to your friends too Take care I’ll call you as soon as we reach Okay, mom…bye ‘My life is about to change
in the next 5 minutes’ ‘But I didn’t know it then’ That day… …that night …that one word …made my world topsy-turvy! “Hello, my dear friend Gopala” “Ooh la la, she’s Mumbai’s Madhubala” “She chanced by, in our Chennai
Let’s get naughty in our party” “My dear Papuji, lend me your ears
Find me a macho male from Madras” “He needs the lucky mascot me
I’m the love-guru seeking celibacy” “Before and behind me
Follow me, my sweetie” “Even if I teeter and totter, babe
I’ll come with you all the same” “No one knows Kamasutra here
Blissfully unaware in this sphere” “Your sashays turn me on, darling
Still in a stupor, senses reeling” “Glam doll, my fair lady
I have a fit as a fiddle body” “You’re my soooper lady
Sugar, come with me” “Glam doll, my fair lady
Dude has a dapper body” “You’re a soooper lady
Just say okay, sweetie” “Thanks to you, I go bonkers, beau
July 4th fireworks in my heart ensue” “Ask me to zero in on you, babe
With one look fast forward to foreplay” “To play kabadi at night with you
My dreams in many a rainbow hue” “Give the green signal, baby
Fix a date, don’t dilly dally” “Show me a glimpse of heaven, babe
Come with me for a replay” “Bring along with you, my dear sir
Your youthful ardour and fervour” “Glam doll, my fair lady
I have a fit as a fiddle body” “You’re my soooper lady
Honey, come with me” “Glam doll, my fair lady
Dude has a dapper body” “You’re a soooper buddy
Just say okay, lady” “Before and behind you
I’ll follow you my true blue” “Even if you stagger and dodder
I’ll stay with you forever” “Queen, you have a body so ravishing
Come and stand next to this king?” “Your speech and breath so zesty
You turn me on intentionally” “I blabber and jabber to myself, dear
Sway and waylay me, my spotted dear” “If I come down to earth, refreshing new
I’m the drink ‘jigarthanda’ in Tamil Nadu” “Hey dude, dear and near
Only for your sake I am here” “Waves of desire woven anew
I heaped love in gallons on you” “Glam doll, my fair lady
I have a fit as a fiddle body” “You’re my soooper lady
Honey, come with me” “Glam doll, my fair lady
Dude has a dapper body” “You’re a soooper buddy
Just say okay, lady” “Before and behind me
Follow me, my sweetie” “Even if I teeter and totter, babe
I’ll come with you all the same” “No one knows Kamasutra here
Blissfully unaware in this sphere” “Your move and groove so appealing
Still in a stupor, senses reeling” “Glam doll, my fair lady
I have a fit as a fiddle body” “You’re my soooper lady
Sugar, come with me” “Glam doll, my fair lady
Dude has a dapper body” “You’re a soooper lady
Just say okay, sweetie” Hey Saga Try to get here fast Only you can control these two How is it?
Cute, right? Where is the restroom? Dude, take a look at her Good looking Who is she? Just turn around slightly She’s giving us the dagger look I clicked the picture
only to get her attention Hey! He’s coming here Delete the snap Who are you to question me? Do you know
who his dad is? Shut up, dude He can even be
our Prime Minister If we take selfies
what’s your problem…? As long as it doesn’t
disturb other guests Surya, what happened? I banged against the door Who the hell is he to warn me? Give it to me…quick Go ahead and click They are inviting trouble
with their silly rhyming words You click, dude Shiva, listen to me What did you say? Sir, please listen to me I’ll take care of them, sir Hello hero…? You’ll hit me, huh? Come…come I say Surya, stop Don’t, Surya Try hitting me What will you do?
Will you hit me? Listen to me, si- Delete it, da I won’t, da Delete those damn photos I told you just now, I can’t – What will you do?
– Hey! Shiva Let go of my hand Smash you…! Face me
Face to face I told you, Surya
And you didn’t listen Let go of me Go away Hero…got scared? Come on “Whatever they may fail to control
guard over lips men should keep” “Hold your tongue always
for bitter tears not to weep” Listen to me, Surya Let go of me Kishore, listen to me Sir, I was the one
who called you Some boys are drunk
and creating a ruckus They turned a deaf ear
to all my requests Who? The boys over there The one in the blue jacket
is responsible for this problem I’ll take care of them He’s bleeding excessively Take him to the hospital at once Who are you guys? You think you can drink
and get away with anything? Constable, get them into the jeep They’ll behave only if we show
our power in the police station The guy in the blue coat
is the Commissioner’s son! What are you saying? Yes, sir Keep quiet Sorry, sonny I didn’t know your
family background and- Actually what happened was- Forget all that
I’ll handle it Leave this place right now How can you send them away? None of them should
leave this place This is quite common
at a New Year’s party Why are you blowing
a small issue out of proportion? Is this a trivial issue? In fact his head is
also hurt and bleeding If I arrest, I should
arrest you both? Shall I do that? There are so many guests here Madam, at least you listen to me I’m doing this with
your interest at heart What? Are you threatening me? Instead of being a cop,
take off your uniform And change your profession, da Hey! Mind your words Which station are you from? Name is Devaraj Neelangarai station What the hell do you
think you can do? Bloody mongrel! Let go of me You dare hit a cop What are you cussing me for? Do you intend
releasing him or not? Take your hands off me, di Ask them to let go of Surya Let go of me Tell them to let go of Surya Take your hands off me Get him into the patrol car If I hear one more word
from you after this… …I’ll book you under
a brothel case What’s this? I’ll kick you You dare accost me Start the vehicle Sonny, I told you to leave We’ll handle all this
You leave now Why are we still standing here? Saga, let’s leave Hey…! You made a big blunder Without knowing who I am
you manhandled me Tomorrow morning none of you
in this group will be alive Today is the last day of your life Saga, get into the car All bunkum and bull Maintain low profile
for a few months Don’t even tell your family
your whereabouts Don’t come until I call you Khan I enquired in the hotel Our boys were in the wrong Did anyone complain? I spoke to the management We won’t have a problem
from that quarter But that restaurant manager
is a troublemaker We can handle him later Through their car number, ensure
no one can trace any evidence- I understand, sir I’ll take care You’ve called me
10 times in half an hour That too, at this time of night Any problem, sir? Both of you wait in the ante room Hey Rajesh? Shut the door Dude, what happened? Rajesh…? Take your hands off me Are you mad or what? How many times did I tell you
‘don’t create a ruckus here’? Did you listen to me? So what? Do you know
whose daughter she is? Mudaliyar’s daughter! Mudaliyar’s son Guna called me Don’t worry I’ll look into it
and take action I called to tell you
not to take action Just tell me who they are I’ll take care of the rest Is he trying to frighten us? Mudaliyar can be
a big shot in Mumbai But this is our area Law and order is under your control And you are with us! What the hell can he do
without our knowledge? To see ‘what the hell he can do’
we have to be alive, right? If Mudaliyar decides, without budging
an inch, he can finish not only us But also the one whose
support you are counting on What do we do now, sir? I can think of only one plan That girl’s brother and his henchmen
are looking for us all over the city Listen to me
Please go somewhere My sister’s wedding
is just a fortnight away I can’t come anywhere now You guys leave All of us got into this together Either we leave together
or we face it together Dude, listen
You guys leave If I have any problems
I’ll contact you We don’t even know
where they are taking us How will you contact us? Rajesh, time’s up We should leave now We have to go now, dude If there’s any emergency
whatever it is… …please contact my dad I’ll inform him Okay, dude Let’s go Look after yourself All this is my fault, dude For a few days at a stretch
don’t come out of the house If you get caught,
all of us will follow suit Take care of yourself ‘Though I knew the danger
I was facing, if I stayed behind…’ ‘…I couldn’t leave Chennai that day’ ‘My family was looking forward
to a happy event after many years’ ‘My sister’s wedding’ ‘I didn’t wish to spoil that joy’ ‘Even though my friends
warned me to stay at home…’ ‘…my sister’s wedding preparations
made me step out of the house’ Please sit, bro Spoke to your father last night Here’s the final layout
of the wedding invitation We can start printing “This is a sacred thread
essential for my long life” “I tie this around your neck O maiden
having many auspicious attributes” Did you check everything? Sonny, can we go ahead and print? Okay ‘If you get caught,
all of us will follow suit’ ‘Take care of yourself’ Don’t run…stop Run in this direction Bro, he’s in the housing board
in Kotturpuram, we’ll nab him He’s here Stop it, anna Don’t be hasty Didn’t I tell you, the other day
a chap saved me in the market? That’s him If I’m alive today,
he’s the reason ‘Deva started trusting me
once he knew I had saved his brother’ ‘He gave me a chance to
tell my side of the story’ ‘I told him all that happened’ This is what happened last night You know the rest of the story Will you go to Mumbai? I’m saying it for your good Anna, phone Who? Guna Yes, Guna Did you find any lead? Not yet If you’re unable to
let me know I’ll find them myself Why are you getting tensed? Trust me
Give me 2 more days- Guna- Guna? Mudaliyar’s son Shall I go and talk to hi- He won’t even give you
an opportunity to talk That’s why I’m urging you
to go to Mumbai Meet Mudaliyar in person I know Mudaliyar inside out He’ll at least give you
a chance to talk You be bold
and go to Mumbai By the way, let no one
know that I sent you there Rest of it, my boys
will take care ‘In that situation, only option I could
think of was to meet you in person’ ‘And ask for your forgiveness’ ‘Till then, to protect myself
from your men, I bought the gun’ ‘It wasn’t intended to shoot you, sir’ I want to meet Mudaliyar What we did was wrong I accept But it wasn’t intentional If I meet you in person
and ask for forgiveness… …I thought you’ll understand That’s why I came here Sir, in no way are we
big shots to oppose you Please convince your son Did Guna say anything about this? Call Guna – Is it him?
– Yes, anna The manager in that restaurant I believe it was a hit and run
by a water tanker Trace the truck’s number Okay, anna Hello dad What happened? Nothing happened here How are you doing? What happened on the night
of December 31st in Chennai? On December 31st Ramya and I
visited the temple in our village Around 1:00 a.m
I got a call from Priya Happy New Year, Priya Anna, am I a shameless hussy? Hey Priya…! Tell me, anna
Am I a whore? What happened, dear? Where are you now? In Radisson Blu They’ve arrested my friend Surya
and taken him away I don’t know what you’ll do But I want Surya to be
released immediately I’ll handle that You first go home I won’t I’m heading now to
the police station in Neelankarai By the time I reach
Surya should’ve been released If I come home
it will be only with Surya ‘I’ve never heard Priya
talk so emotionally, dad’ ‘Since I was out of town
I couldn’t go there immediately’ ‘I was in a dilemma, so I called
Commissioner Balachander’ ‘Don’t worry’ ‘I’ll look into it and take action’ ‘I called to tell you
not to take action’ ‘Just tell me who they are’ ‘I’ll take care of the rest’ ‘On Commissioner’s orders…’ ‘…the Inspector released
Priya’s friend immediately’ Sorry, madam I was unaware of
your connections- Book me now, da Book me now
in a brothel case, da Do it now, da You dare lay your hands on me Run away Run as far away as you can Thanks, anna
They released Surya Don’t tell dad about this You handle it yourself, please You first go home I’ll drop Surya and I will be
back home in another half hour She said half hour It’s been 3 days, dad Still not come back home The last time we spoke… …she said she was
dropping her friend home But she didn’t reach
that place either From Neelankarai, if she hadn’t
reached her friend’s house… …we realized something
must have happened in between So we searched everywhere
leaving no stone unturned We haven’t heard
anything about her Deva…! Sir…? Only now I came to know
about your missing daughter Guna only told me about the boys
who created trouble in the restaurant Because I suspect only them That’s why I gave
that responsibility to Deva The boys or one of
their accomplices… …are piling up multiple crimes
to cover-up 1 blunder Even if we get hold of 1 of them
we can find out where our Priya is And what has happened to her He’s 1 among those 4 boys Make him cough up the truth Were you one of the boys who
created a ruckus in the restaurant? Yes, sir But it happened unintentionally Where is Priya? Where is my sister? Sir, I don’t know
what you are saying She has been missing
after you guys messed with her Sir, we didn’t see her
at all after that ni- Don’t pretend to be innocent
after all that you did Tell me, da
Where is she? Please hear me out You don’t- Where are your friends? I don’t know Better spill it out They aren’t involved in this at all You are committing a blunder A huge blunder Tell me where they are We didn’t do what
you think we’ve done If we had, would I have
come in search of you? Won’t you use your brains? If you’re still alive… …there’s only 1 reason Before I set out
to look for you… …you’ve come
in search of me If your friends haven’t done
anything wrong, as you claim… …why should they be scared
and run away from me? An innocent person
won’t be frightened Call your dad I’m saying this
for your own good Talk to him Why? WHY? You want only me Do anything you want with me My family has nothing
to do with this Leave them alone For God’s sake leave them alone After knowing your family
is under my custody… …you’re so livid with anger It’s been 3 days and I don’t
even know where my daughter is Imagine how I will feel I’ll do anything for you But please let go
of my family please I want your friends I’ll bring them but before that
if anything happens to my family- Stop Enough Tomorrow by 10:00 a.m… …you should be here
with your friends Till then nothing will
happen to your family I give you my word At 10:01, you won’t have
anyone to call as your ‘family’ Do you get it? Mani anna, is Commissioner uncle there? Is nobody at home? Can you give me his number? Give me your number I’ll ask him to call you
as soon as he’s back I’ll ask him to call you
as soon as he’s back
My suspicions are
on your friends, Sunny My suspicions are
on your friends, Sunny No doubt at all They are behind this for sure Guna is right Either your friends or someone
associated with them is the culprit To cover-up one blunder
they are piling up more You’ve judged them wrong, anna If they aren’t like that
why haven’t they contacted you? At least have they replied
to your text messages? Look, Sunny Only those idiots have done some- What do you know about them
for you to malign them? They are my friends They wouldn’t have done this Whatever gave you
the right to hit me… …I said it with the same liberty Beyond this,
if you don’t understand… …you aren’t the only one to lose But all of us also
who believe in you Then it’s your call Had I known earlier, this was
about Mudaliyar’s missing daughter… …I wouldn’t even have got involved You saved my younger brother
And so I did what I could in return Now Mudaliyar himself
has stepped into this Not just me, nobody can do anything Better give him
your friends’ details He’ll take care of the rest Why are all of you
suspecting my friends? Because you guys were
the last to see her And you’ve also
messed with her What did you say now? No, we weren’t
the last to see her There is someone else What are you saying? If you recall what happened… …she went from the police station
to drop her boyfriend She went missing only after that So the person who was with her last- That boy has been missing
for the past 3 days Like you others have come
and enquired about him Any problem, sir? What’s his apartment number? Block A-302 Who are you? Is that Surya’s house? Yes, 1 sec Tell me But we don’t know
where he is Sorry…tell me Do you know
where Surya is? I don’t know Madam, wait When did you last see him? 31st evening the door was open After that I didn’t see him Do you know
his phone number? No We’ll give you our number Will you please ask him
to call us when he comes? Okay…just a minute Saga, this is Rajesh’s dad here Uncle, I’ve been trying to
meet you since this morning What for? Did you tell Mudaliyar about us? No, uncle You come to the mosque
at the Kovalam beach Let’s meet in person and discuss Don’t tell anyone
about our meeting Come alone Who was that? Commissioner uncle called Why did he call you now? Wants to meet me at
the mosque in Kovalam Let’s go then Anna- He asked me
to come alone Shankar…this side What happened? Narrow miss Boys, check properly
He should be somewhere here Shankar, keep right Saga, I asked you to
wait near the mosque Where the hell did you go? Someone is trying to kill me That’s why- Where are you now? I am- Where are you? I’m still inside the mosque Wait right there Don’t move from there He’s still inside the mosque Boys, he’s still inside
the mosque it seems We shouldn’t lose him again ‘Don’t tell anyone
about our meeting’ ‘Come alone’ ‘An innocent person
won’t be frightened!’ ‘My suspicions are
on your friends, Sunny’ ‘No doubt at all’ ‘They are behind this for sure’ ‘At 10:01, you won’t have
anyone to call as your family’ “Hold your tongue verily
Holds good for you and me” “Protect your words true
as sacred as your virtue” “Don’t let your tongue run
You’ll benefit in the long run” “Use your words guardedly
Like chastity, hold on to it fiercely” You defended your
friendship to the hilt Is this your claim
as bond for life? Family? Or friendship? It’s your call “Hold your tongue verily
Holds good for you and me” “Protect your words true
as sacred as your virtue” “Don’t let your tongue run
You’ll benefit in the long run” “Mind your words, use cautiously
Like chastity, hold on to it fiercely” Hey…! Why, da? I didn’t- I trusted you, didn’t I? Tell me We found the 3rd guy, anna Bring him to our place Okay Saga Anna…? What happened? Hey! Stop I don’t know what
happened after that Commissioner is
responsible for all this No You are wrong, Saga You can doubt anything But you distrusted your friendship We sent our team Not to murder you But to save you ‘He’s still inside the mosque’ I think he has been attacked Find out what has happened Take him away to a safe place
without anyone’s knowledge ‘Boys, he’s still in
the mosque it seems’ We shouldn’t miss him When we were searching for you… …our team saw Deva
struggling for his life They brought him
and admitted him here If the Commissioner has
nothing to do with this… …then who wanted us dead, anna? Show it to him He had a tattoo
on his arm like this 1st hunt down this man You’ll get answers for everything “Anger, betrayal, treason” “Madness beyond reason” “Anger, betrayal, treason” “Madness beyond reason” “Trickery, treachery, rejection” ‘So the man behind all this…?’ Surya…! Saga…! What? Surya? Sa…Sa- ‘He had a tattoo
on his arm like this’ ’31st evening the door was open’ ‘After that I didn’t see him’ Let go of him I said, let go of him He is anyway sleeping peacefully Why do you want to disturb him? Get up Listen, don’t harm him Where is Priya? – Go away
– What did you do to her? Don’t step into our space GO Nothing will happen to you, Surya I’m there for you No one can harm you If anything happens to him- Don’t…don’t Don’t do anything to Surya Let go of him Where is Priya? Please don’t harm him Leave him…please Where is Priya? If you don’t tell me
I’ll kill him Don’t harm him What did you do to Priya? Leave us alone please What happened on 31st night? I’ll tell you ‘Where is your restroom?’ Hey! What are you doing here? Why are you avoiding me, Surya? How many times
should I tell you this? I can’t live without you Then you are better off dead Is she aware of my abortion? Shall I tell? Shall I tell her? Told her I told her everything What happened between us Nila, are you crazy? Your blood You aborted your own blood
inside me, right? Killed it, right? I want my baby Give me I want my baby Give my baby back to me Take your hands off me Get lost! Are you a psycho? Pretending to be
so bloody chaste? What did you say? You keep harping
on your pregnancy What’s the guarantee
I was the father? “Whatever they may fail to control” “Guard over lips men should keep” “Mind your words always
for bitter tears not to weep” ‘A girl can stomach any crap’ ‘But if her lover
questions her conduct…’ ‘…she just cannot digest it’ ‘My Surya could’ve said
he didn’t like me’ I’m not like that ‘But he said I slept
with some other guy’ Don’t say that ‘I couldn’t take it’ I’m not like that ‘It hurt me terribly’ ‘Very painful’ ‘All said and done
he’s my Surya’ ‘What he said
was unforgivable’ ‘I thought he might have
said it out of anger’ ‘So I was waiting for him
to get back home’ ‘To make him see
my point of view’ Come in, Priya ‘He came’ ‘But not alone!’ Just relax, I’ll get you a towel Hey! What are you doing here? I asked what you’re doing here
at this time of night? Oh! Should I speak in English? Surya Who are you to call Surya? Get out of here I’m telling you Get out Hey Nila…! Surya What are you doing here? I should ask you that What is she doing here, Surya? How many times
should I repeat this? Get out of here Don’t, Surya Don’t yell at me
in front of her What will you do? Let go Leave him alone Who the hell are you
to come between us? Get out of here How dare you- Surya, I’m cautioning you Don’t deride me in front of her What will you do? Listen to me, Surya Why should I listen to you? I’m there for you You don’t need her Get out Ask her to leave She is here to stay
You leave now Get out of here ‘He asked me to clear out’ Get out, di Why should I? ‘This is my house’ I won’t go ‘He is my Surya’ My house ‘This is my life!’ ‘I wasn’t willing to
give him up to another girl’ Get out of my life Girls like you are not
fit to be in a decent family ‘He spoke ill of me again
in her presence’ You’ll get some loser
for your psycho behavior ‘I got real mad’ You’re a psycho! Stop it Get out ‘Love is trust’ ‘If that trust goes to pieces…’ ‘…then everything falls apart’ We may disagree
on many issues, Surya But does that mean
you can hit me in front of her? I don’t like it Don’t like any of this I’m there for you, Surya Why do you need her? We don’t need her Tell her that Tell her, Surya Tell her you don’t like her Hello…108 I need- ‘I didn’t like another girl stepping
into my shoes and living my life’ ‘That’s why I myself
took it away from her’ ‘Hello…what happened?’ ‘I started to re-live my life’ ‘Only Surya and me’ ‘Just the 2 of us’ ‘We were in absolute peace’ ‘That’s when you came
in search of Surya’ ‘- Okay, let’s go
– Anna?’ ‘He asked me
to come alone’ ‘I was very scared you’ll separate
Surya from me again’ ‘So I tried to kill you
both in the mosque’ My desire was to
live happily with Surya But it didn’t happen
the way I planned So I myself created
a life I didn’t get I won’t let you or anyone else
take it away from me Hey! Stop
What are you doing? Let go She killed my brother I won’t spare her- Hey Muthu Nila…nothing will happen to you Poor thing! My friends are all in trouble
for no fault of theirs If you set your heart
you can save them Where is Priya, Nila? Saga, stop Where are you going? I’m going to see- Oh God…Priya…! They’ve found that girl’s body
in Injambakkam it seems “Come, we found the answer, dude” We’ve reached, bro Ask them to be released Anna? Release them “I laid siege with my henchmen
Waste of time to impose impediment” “I tasted blood this instant” Now tell them to run “Who is the go-between-?” Take your family and
escape somewhere Where have they locked up my friends? You don’t have time
to think about them They shouldn’t die Where are my friends now? But they should regret not dying “Kalinga with thunder as cymbal
will end all 7 births once for all” “Turmoil and turbulence, fisticuffs
Tendon and bones crush to saw dust” “In the sanctum of Goddess Kali
he’ll dance the kathakali fiercely” “Track and stalk your prey
Drink the blood that will spray” “Into the jaws of the mythological Yali
he’ll sacrifice lives wild and violently” “Who decides our destiny
to align clock and chronology?” “If shadow planets Rahu and Ketu furious
trust me, death toll will be countless” Hey, listen They have nothing to do
with whatever happened “Burst of bloodshed and violence
Bones and brawn a broken mess” “In the sanctum of Goddess Kali
he’ll dance the kathakali ferociously” Saga, leave this place “Come, we found the final answer, dude
No check on the question, don’t brood” Bro, listen to what I have to say You’re wrong, they have
nothing to do with this “Who is the go-between stepping in?
Break all bones into smithereens” “Kalinga, from head to tail
kick and flail to make them wail” “Who wrote the laws of fate?
God whom we venerate” “But even that God we venerate
man stoops to exterminate” “Who makes our heart beat?
God who is beyond defeat” “But even to the God beyond defeat
man tries to put a stop to His feat” “Sky and earth by nature are
either ends of the spectrum far” “What happens to them
in this pandemonium?” “Neither mother nor father
are present here as savior” “Even if they die
no one to ask why” Take him inside Go…go…go…GO Listen to me
Open the door Let go of me Break that door “Daring defender, timely savior
Inhumanity’s annihilator” “In thought and action pure
Grit and gutsy mixture” “Peaceful by nature
Brahma’s influence in stature” “Brave warrior, timely savior
Barbarity’s executioner” “Violence as weapon despite dislike
Brahma’s descendant, rising to strike” At least now listen to me The person responsible for this is- Hey Saga…! “My friend, my bosom pal
My be all and end all” “No one can ever so royally
surpass my friend’s loyalty” “Like a dog ever so faithfully
he’ll guard me protectively” “Like no other but my mother
unconditional love he’ll shower” Break that door If you touch them, you’ll die “My defender beyond death
My other half from birth” “Beyond time without end
our bond and ties transcend” “This kinship in his heart
he nurtures never to part” “If a necessity arises, at once
his life he’ll readily sacrifice” Go, Rajesh He didn’t do anything, da I am to be blamed fully I take full responsibility What are you doing?! I am the sole cause
for all the problems Yes I was the one who teased
your daughter at the restaurant Shiva, keep quiet Now I’m responsible for
your daughter’s plight too Don’t do anything to him He didn’t do anything, sir They are not at fault, sir This has nothing to do
with my friends, sir Do anything you want to me But please let go of my friends Please let go of my friends, sir Yov! I did it No…please don’t harm him, sir We are not afraid to die But to die being blamed
for something we never did… …we are not ready Though I know what happened… …I’m in a position
where I cannot prove it You’re also in a state of denial
even if I explain it to you 1 minute Just 1 minute
think about it Not as a father
but as a humane being Then you will realize After that, if you still
believe we are to blame… …it’s your wish Guna…! Friend Friendship Leave this place Dad…! Before my mind changes… …go away from here ‘When you are ready to sacrifice
your life to save another life…’ ‘…you wouldn’t have been responsible
for my daughter’s death for sure’ ‘To let your tongue run
without curbing your thoughts…’ ‘…many lives have changed direction’ ‘There are many of us who have faced
grave consequences like these 4 friends’ ‘Control over our tongue we’ll achieve’ ‘We will earn good will, never to grieve’ ‘Whatever they may fail to control
guard over lips men should keep’ ‘If not, bitter tears they will weep
– Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar’