Hello Painting channel shootsketch Today, I’m going to draw a year-end landscape First of all, I’ll use a knife And then I paint the acrylic with the brush I’m going to cut out some acrylic disposable pallets It’s glossy like regular paper I’ll draw a tree with a fan brush Adjust the angle of the brush to represent the tree silhouette I’ll paint the green part with a small brush I’ll paint it partially I’ll express eyes on the tree with light gray acrylic paint. I’ll draw the branches with black acrylic paint and a thin brush Now I’m coloring the house I’ll paint the window with yellow acrylic paint I’ll paint the chimney and roof. So let’s paint the sketch line I will also shade the roof I’ll mix it with gray acrylic paint I will also express the window frame Express with fine brush Applying white acrylic paint on your toothbrush will make your eyes look beautiful. Today’s work is complete;) Thank you for watching Subscribe and Like