I went a little heavy on the bronzer
today I feel like they look like I got punched hey guys welcome back to my
channel today I’m doing another what’s on my iPhone video it’s been a little
bit since I’ve done one of these but I like to do them frequently so I’m giving
you guys an updated what’s on my iPhone so what my case looks like if you
haven’t seen my last video where I unboxed and showed you guys a bunch of
cases that I got for $1 or for free from wish comp check it out it’s down below
so we’re just gonna go through my phone I would like to say that I like to keep
my phone pretty aesthetic looking and I hope you guys like it but before we get
into it comment down below what type of phone you have if you have a phone and
let’s do it okay okay so my lock screen is one that I got from Pinterest if as
you guys know if you’ve seen my other aesthetic iPhone videos I love to just
search for like cute backgrounds on Pinterest so I got this one straight
from print Pinterest I just like it I’d like to
change my background like a lot so when we open my phone first of all my
background is one that I just actually made on Instagram I basically took this
background and then like true over it I’ve been really obsessed with this like
drippy pattern lately one sec I actually customized this iPhone case I I
customized this laptop case I thought I look so cool so it’s kind of trying to
mimic that on my phone pockets it’s not as good it was hard to do it with my
finger but I enjoyed it if you guys didn’t watch that video
where I hydro dipped cases you should check it out also link it down below
all right enough promo basically I made this background and we’re just gonna go
through what’s on my phone something’s changed something’s Joan I will link the
playlist for all the other what’s on my iPhone videos down below if you want to
check them out okay so first on the home page
I like to just keep all the apps that I use most regularly so these shift out a
bunch based on what I’m doing I’ll think that I’ll use an app a lot
and then I won’t use it so I’ll switch it out with another app so I obviously
have like my calendar photos camera maps I only use for like overhead trying to
find like a restaurant or something then I have this aesthetic folder and these
are all the editing apps that I used to like make photos and videos look so I’ve
done a whole entire video on vll Oh how to like edit cool videos right from your
phone I’m like YouTube videos and whatnot we obviously
Kuji these are all the apps I made an entire video about these so I’m not
gonna go directly into them but that’s my aesthetic folder and then my editing
folder is like all the apps that I regularly use nowadays for editing like
Instagram photos so basically for presets or for like filters I switch
between vsco cam teza color tone and Lightroom I
have a bunch of presets on Lightroom that I like to use but sometimes they
just like don’t work for the photo it really just depends this photo for
example if you go to presets I’ve bought presets from Etsy by the way
so really inexpensive presets you can go on Etsy they’re like four bucks five
bucks for an entire pack rather than like 80 bucks it’s honestly such a great
deal so like I got these ones from Etsy and I think for this picture I didn’t
like love any of these ones and also from s you got this vintage e one that I
obviously have the ones I’m a mousse and then we have visco which obviously you
guys are probably familiar with but for that one I have like all my favorites
saved so I like this one a lot for like nature II love the blue if I’m trying to
be more like monotone this I just raised the saturation a little bit and last
photo I actually thought turned out really well I did use my Lightroom
presets and I really like them yeah but those are like what I use to edit my
photos I don’t really use facetune unless it needs like cut something out
or like change something on a photo but I don’t really like alter myself with it
I honestly just I’m not about that life you know I mean not hating on anyone who
is but then I used to use unum for all my Instagram planning but it’s doing
this weird thing where it’s like saying I need to reconnect my Instagram I don’t
know how No okay expire token please sign in to refresh and then I click
refresh and it’s like you’re heading over to Instagram and I like can’t
figure out how to do it love that app but instead I started using plan only
plan only plan only and basically it shows your Instagram feed and then you
can just add like any photo to see how it’ll look with your feet so I’m say I
wanted to post this which I would never want to but you know maybe I did you can
see how it looks with the feed and you can like rearrange these with other
photos that you add you can even plan your stories which i think is super cool
yeah that’s what I used to plan out my feed and then I want sure here is one
more thing Snapseed lately I have discovered this awesome thing you can do
where you can like put glitter or like some sort of overlay
your photos I’ve seen so many people do this and it is not original I’m not
gonna take credit for this in here because it’s totally not original but I
actually posted a photo recently where I did this so I’m just gonna show you an
example so let’s say I open this photo and I want to make my dress glitter okay
what I would do is go to tools and then go to double exposure and then add a
photo so I have glitter photos somewhere up here right there and then you click
OK then you want to like size it down to something way similar and then you go to
the edits few edits click on the middle if it is a brush I’m gonna do this
quickly for the sake of this video so obviously like I would be more careful
if I was trying to actually do this for real and post it the artistic brush over
the parts that you want to be sparkly and then like okay go back to this click
the settings make the opacity all the way up and then there you have it a
sparkly dress it doesn’t look amazing on here because it’s like far away but I
did post one on Instagram that I thought looks really really cool here it is
so yeah that’s not seed so that’s kind of like my editing folder then I have my
finance folder which is boring and I think I’ve talked about it before so you
don’t really care but I do use these like regularly then I have my lights
folder so as you can tell I got these two new color changing bulbs if you saw
my room transformation I love these bulbs so I can actually control these
right from my phone the only unfortunate thing is I have to do each individually
but basically these can be any color you want on an entire spectrum you like any
shade of blue pink purple anything and it can let go to music if you want it to
you can change the brightness and if you want your light to be white you can
change it to be like super warm white or you can have it be like really cool
light so I thought that was pretty cool then I just have my alarm clocks I have
my ways settings all the social media that I use regularly obviously Instagram
and I have my self-made CEO Instagram I think it’s cute and so you should follow
if you want and then I have spark post which is Adobe spark is like an awesome
app that you can use basically to make social posts for like a brand so what’s
awesome about it is that you can take any post and like brand it for your
brand so I’m just gonna show you an example I’ve already put in my branding
so I’ve put my colors and all that stuff for self-made CEO so if you click brand
if I it automatically makes it your colors and
it adds your logo which I just think is so awesome you can like pick whichever
one you want and then you just like save it and you can post it on Instagram it
is so awesome then we have air table which I’m not gonna go into too much
details but I use air table to plan all my content to plan Instagram YouTube
podcasts everything so these are all the calendars that I have and just to kind
of show you basically once you click on I like the desktop version way better to
be honest but you can like track videos and just like write a title put your
thumbnail put when it’s gonna go live everything like that
I don’t like the mobile version but it’s just in case I have to use it so then I
have podcast and then I have this website that I use for eiji captions
it’s for like spacing them out like having the actual spaces be able to show
that’s what it’s for so basically I just went to the website clicked on this
little arrow and then click Add to Home screen and that’s how I got it on my
home screen that way it’s just there so I can use it when I’m doing Instagram
captions on my phone which is most of the time and then moving on to the
second page I have other social media that I don’t use as often as you can see
but something that I like to do when I get questions about a lot is on snapchat
I like to pick cool filters that I like like this one and then film something
hey guys just filming or what’s on my iPhone video and showing you something
on snapchat and I save it and then I go over to Instagram and I actually post
the story and people are like what filter is that and I’m like I did it on
snap you can even go so far as to add the text on snapchat so then I just have
like folders of apps that I use not so regularly but still like enough so I
have my fitness folder I mostly use this Basecamp app because this is where I go
workout so the Basecamp app syncs to my Apple
watch and I keep track of my workouts which is awesome
I can tell basically how hard I work and I love it then I have my food delivery
apps because your girl loves to get food delivered my favorite store – but post
miss is actually kind of making its way because they have the post natal party
thing where they have free delivery of other people in your area or like
getting food so I’m kind of into that right now actually and I have more photo
and video video like editing apps but I just have so many and I don’t use all of
them so I keep these here in case I need them but really the ones that I use the
most are on the first page we have my travel apps not that interesting we have
other social apps again just not really ones I use shopping apps
that interesting work apps not that interested up air tables what I use all
the time thumbnails I never have to make
thumbnails on the go but if I need to we got that extra is literally stuff I
don’t ever use entertainment all I really use is like Netflix music I use
GarageBand that’s about it and I use bands in town to figure out who’s having
some concert and then the mind/body app is what I use to book my workout classes
the activity app for my Apple watch so you can see all my activity yeah look at
all those workout days then I have my watch app and then I have my self-made
CEO podcast shortcut so I made a little shortcut so that this goes right to my
podcast which is pretty sweet it does take like a couple seconds to
open it but if you guys have seen my other videos where I talk about like
shortcuts and how to create them and how to customize your background in your
apps which I highly recommend watching that’s where that comes from and outside
of that I also have way too freakin many emails and texts and calls and
everything like that I need to like take care of that but yeah that’s what’s on
my iPhone I hope you guys enjoyed this and please turn on my post notifications
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