hello, it’s seo from tbhstudying and I’m here to show you guys what was in my pencil case from first semester of college and what I’m going to use in second semester. I’ll start off with what I used in first semester I’ve been using this delde sunstar sliding pen pouch for first semester and it’s also the same pencil case that I used in high school as well it can hold a lot of pens and I also kept a small muji case inside to keep smaller items like my eraser and my pencil lead for things that got easily lost inside the deeper pen pouch. I’m not gonna lie I carried around a lot of different pens and highlighters So having this with the large capacity was really nice to just hold everything in one place, you know I also really love this pencil case because it stands up on its own and lets you see everything inside at one glance This sliding mechanism is also really unique and fun to use the specific one that I have is limited edition, though But I’ll link a similar one in the description below The black pens that I carried around were the pilot juice pen in point 5 in blue black, the uniball signo needlepoint in 0.38, the dong-a q-knock pen in 0.5 and the dong-a speedy ballpoint pen in 0.7 if you guys have seen my Instagram stories then you know that I went through black pen sooooooo ridiculously quickly during first semester. I used well over, I think 20 to 30 black pens alone so these pens were pens that I was trying to use up rather than pens that I actually enjoyed using I personally prefer zebra sarasa pens over pilot juice pens and I dislike the feeling of this particular needlepoint pen So I’m hoping to use these up pretty quickly I did enjoy using the dong-a q-knock pen, though and I kept the ballpoint pen in my pencil case for my job because the type of material that I write on during my library cataloging job tends to smear really easily when I use gel pen So I just have to use ballpoint pen for that, and that’s why I have that! I also carried around two mechanical pencils the uni alpha gel slim and the kokuyo campus fit curve, both in 0.5 I like the alpha gel mechanical pencil because of the squishy grip and I prefer the slim one much more than the original version because the original version is way too thick for my hand The kokuyo campus also has the same issue as the original version of this gel pencil The grip is just a bit too wide for my personal taste But I like how the eraser component in the kokuyo campus one is big and twistable and refillable I carried a lot of highlighters around – This is actually kind of crazy to look at. I didn’t realize I was carrying around this many But yeah, I prefer using highlighters more than colored pens I have the kokuyo beetle tip soft duo color in the colors blue and orange They’re in the same pen, which I find really convenient because it’s two colors in one pun The dong-a twinliner in yellow and grey, the dong-a miffy in pink and green The miffy one is really fun because it’s scented and I always like that. It’s just a fun scent, it’s a fun highlighter! and then after that, I have the uni propus soft color in purple and the mildliner in gray Before you all come at me for having two greys, they’re different shades of grey Okay, they may not be fifty shades of grey but they’re different, I promise you My favorite highlighter currently is the pink miffy highlighter But if you can’t find that, the stabilo swing cool in pastel pink is a closest color that I found But the stabilo highlighters can bleed through paper much easier Whereas the miffy one has never bled through any paper for me But don’t get the stabilo boss highlighter in the pastel pink That one has an even harsher bleed-through than the swing cool version as for coloured pens I kept the uni signo gold, the pilot g2 in silver, and two muji capped gel ink pens in light blue and light red Like I said before, I don’t really use colored pens as much as I do highlighters But I kept the muji pens for drawing diagrams in my bio class and the gold and silver pens for decorating my bullet journal spreads These muji pens are admittedly doing this weird thing where the ink doesn’t want to come out anymore even when I try to do the steam trick, or if I leave them overnight with the tips pointing down at least it’s better than the inconsistent blobbing that they used to do which muji capped gel ink pens do tend to do Even the new version of the retractable ones are better than the capped gel pens that I have right now But I just think it’s because how old they are I believe these are well over two or three years old maybe so that might be the reason why and finally the two brush pens I keep with me are the pentel fude touch food brush pens in grey and black They’re good small brush pens that are user-friendly and are pretty consistent I like the flexibility of these tips more than the tombow fudenosuke in the Hard or soft tips. I think those are the two different kinds They look like navy blue and dark black in terms of the barrels for the tombow fudenosukes I will admit that the soft tip tombow fudenosuke is nice for lining things But I do prefer the pentels for calligraphy the muji pen case holds my tombow mono eraser, which remains my favorite eraser to this day. I also keep my tombow mono correction tape and my dong-a ceramic gold 0.5 pencil lead in there So I don’t lose it in the deep pencil pouch. I don’t really care too much about pencil lead brands This just happens to be the one that I have because my grandma bought me a bunch from Korea So these are just the ones I happen to have now for second semester I don’t need to carry as many pens with me because I’m planning to transition to digital notes and I sort of already have done that already towards the latter half of first semester Jetpens was kind enough to gift me items to start off my second semester pencil case with if you don’t know, Jetpens is an amazing stationery shop that I always buy from like you guys have seen me do a lot of stationery hauls and things like that and most of the items that I do get are from there the tombow dual brush pens that I have are all individually bought from there as well as a lot of my more niche stationery items It’s just all around a really good site And I really enjoy all the variety of items that they have and it’s just fun to look through So thank you very much to Jetpens and stay tuned till the end of the video for a fun little giveaway Anyhow, I’m using a pencil case from the same brand as my last one But this time it’s the delde sunstar flat pouch This holds a smaller amount of pens on my other one, but the quality is just as wonderful It’s sort of that lovely shade of light pink that I really enjoyed in my last one but this one has this little magnet clip thing on the sides to help keep the pencil keys propped up and open when you want it to Which is so convenient and it’s much slimmer than my sliding pen case Jetpens sent me a set of the vintage zebra sarasa pens, which I’m so excited about you guys have no idea. i adore zebra sarasa pens so much more than the pilot juice pens and I really wanted to have more of sort of those darker muted colors to use because they’re still usable to write the main body of your notes with because they’re dark enough But they’re still sort of unique in that they have a different shade of darkness to them, if you know what I mean So I’m excited to use these for my lab reports and books and things like that and assignments where I still have to turn them in on paper The zebra sarasa pens write much more smoothly than the pilot juice pens and I prefer the design of these more than the original zebra sarasa clip pens I also received the staedtler triplus textsurfers in light brown, grey, and light carmine I like these because I can use them as highlighters for the readings I have to do and next semester I’m taking two history courses and two STEM courses and all of them are very reading heavy I also use these three colors frequently in my bullet journal so I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of these And finally, I’m very excited about these ones I know I said I’m excited about pretty much everything else on this video But trust me, I’m excited about these ones Jetpens sent me three of the mildliner brush pens and I’m super excited to use them I tried them out and wow, they’re just really fun to use! Based off of first impressions alone I like the flex of the tips and the colors And I also like that they have the bullet point tip at the other end like the original mildliners do I won’t be carrying these around with me every single day though because I think I’ll use them more my journal rather than highlighting my reading and Based off what I’ve used of the mildliners before, I don’t want these tips to wear down but maybe later in the future I’ll make an updated video and give more of a full review of the mildliner brush pens I don’t know how long they’ll last or if they’ll fray like other brush pens do but we’ll see Here are the samples of each pen or highlighter that I mentioned for reference And again, thank you to Jetpens for this lovely holiday gift They even included such a kind card with the package and it was just really nice I’m excited to make my bag a little lighter with the slimmer and lighter pencil case And I’m so ready for a second semester. Now as for the giveaway, the rules are simple You must be subscribed to both me and Jetpens on Youtube and be following me and Jetpens on Instagram You must be 18 or older or you must have your parents permission to join the giveaway Unfortunately, the giveaway is restricted to folks living in the US but anyhow, please check the description for all the details as well as the giveaway link and good luck! quick disclaimer though over the course of the semester, I did switch out colors based on what I was feeling each week and I recall having to start at least one year black pen every week because I used them up so quickly during lecture notes, but things generally stayed about the same But yeah, I just wanted to let you guys know This is just what I ended up with at the very end of the semester, and I think it’s a pretty accurate overview of what I carried around but that’s pretty much a wrap Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye!