Wet the paper Paint the background wet on wet with sap green, lemon yellow and viridian Use sap green and burnt umber mixture as the under wash of the branch Add in branch details using burnt umber and light cobalt blue sap green and burnt umber mixture for the variation Paint the shadow side of the branch using burnt umber with less water Soften edges using water Continue to add details using the same colors Burnt sienna for the twig Wet the bird with water Yellow Ochre Burnt Umber add grey color (burnt umber+cobalt blue) Soften edges Add in Cadmium Yellow Pale Rewet the area Burnt Orange for the second wash Paint Cadmium Yellow Pale around the eye Darken the feather using burnt umber Alter the feather with grey color variation Burnt Umber here Dark with Burnt Umber and Cobalt Blue Same thing here Use Burnt Sienna to paint the claws Burnt Umber + Cobalt Blue for the eye and beak Continue to add in Burnt Orange Use white gouache to add some highlight of the feather Thanks for watching!