yellow’everyone! today I’m going to be
drawing with every single yellow art supply that I own, here are all my yellow
art supplies, let’s draw something! ♪ before I can draw something I got to figure out
what that something is going to be, so I did a couple sketches trying to figure
out an idea of what yellow means to me and in the end I correlated it with
happiness and the word happiness made me think of being a kid and being a kid
made me think of hanging out with your parents so I decided to draw a kid and
their dad – then I simply swatched out all of my yellow art supplies to see what
each of the art supplies actually looked like in use rather than just on their
caps and I had this really long skinny swatch paper of all my art supplies, and I
was ready to start the illustration! starting with this yellow Col-Erase
colored pencil, I began sketching out the basic structure of the illustration like
where the heads are gonna be where the bodies are gonna be and what the overall
layout of the paper will be – now I’m quite aware that this is not picking up
on camera because in fact it wasn’t even picking up in real life so I switched to
a darker Col-erase colored pencil this time in the color ‘canary yellow’ and
this was much more easy to see still faint, but you know ,visible! and that’s
kind of necessary – so I slowly started defining the illustration finding the
location of the legs and one cute little thing that I decided to do in the
process of drawing this was the kid on the Dad’s shoulders actually has a ball
cap that’s flipped around and I thought it’d be really really funny to show like
the generational gap and the difference between ages and generations by giving
the Dad a ball cap but having it facing forward now this probably isn’t accurate
for today, I feel like dads today wear their hats backwards but it’s
still funny and cute and I feel like it gives it that dad vibe now the last
thing I want to say about the sketching process before we move on to the next
art supply is that, the pose and the layout of the page felt a little
lopsided and like leaning towards the right so I decided to give the kid
a sweatshirt wrapped around his hips and blowing in the wind, hehe, this just adds some
weight to the left sides of the page and fills in that white space – the next art
supply I used was also a colored pencil this is the Koh-I-Noor dry marker
it’s very very vibrant and the brightest and lightest yellow that I own it’s
actually very highlighter-y, and stays very vibrant even over time so I use
this to color in these sections of the drawing that I wanted to be the lightest
and I just scattered that among the drawing so that there would be contrast
throughout – the next art supply that I use was the st. Petersburg White Nights
watercolor this was in the color yellow ochre and I used this for all of the
areas that I wanted to be the darkest you’ll see I’m kind of jumping around
with light to dark and I’m really trying to play up the contrast because every
time I do one of these “using every single color art supplies that I own”
contrast is like my biggest flaw and when it comes to the color yellow
there’s not usually a whole lot of contrast there so I was very very extra
super duper ooper…….. worried about this illustration in particular so I was
trying to take every precaution to cram as much contrast into this piece as
possible – I’m actually kind of proud of what I do at the end but we’ll save that
for later – next up I use this Ohuhu acrylic paint marker I’m actually not sure if
they make these anymore but I’m really happy with the pigment of these like
this one in particular is like a bright mustard color and I just like it so I
used it to fill in the sweatshirt and then the shoes and maybe a couple other
locations but it creates like a really nice flat wash of color and I just
really like them, they’re very similar to like Posca pens – this is the Ohuhu
alcohol-based marker in the color 32 which is also the darkest and thinnest
yellow pigment that I own so I used this actually as a liner using the bullet nib
and just outlining all of the features that I wanted to stand out- this was a
little difficult because I was bleeding on the paper that I was using and I’m
using some pretty heavy-duty paper but it was creating like a little bit of
spider webs along the lines but I really didn’t have an art supply that I could
use instead of this so I had to just go with the flow and let it happen
regardless though it looks way better with this than it did without and like
you can actually see what the illustration is instead of it just being
a bunch of yellow blobs with some yellow streaks in between them, now I feel like
we’re finally like heading in the right direction and at this point I got really
really excited and I had a lot of art supplies left to go
so that’s a good thing – so here I’m actually switching back to the old Col-
erase pencil because I accidentally added the line art for the whole leg
(that kids right leg) so there was no room to put the dad’s hand so he could hold
on to him right? – so I had to be a little creative here and I decided to have that
hand just like spread open wide like he’s like talking with gesture while
also still trying to like maintain balance with the kid on his shoulder, it
was a little last minute and not what I wanted but I think….[clap, clap, clap]
…. I made best out of a
bad situation then I moved on to another Ohuhu alcohol-based marker this time in
the color 44, I used this to add some dark shadows here and there throughout
the illustration then I moved on to another Ohuhu marker, this time in the color 37,
which is a little bit lighter and I use this to shade a lot more including the
dad’s arm on the right, I just filled in the whole thing I thought it would be
interesting and really add some depth to the illustration and I also used it to
like shade little bits of the face as well – and then I used these two Copic Sketch
markers, one is Y0000 and the other one is Y000…? yeah! I
got that right~ – I think when I mentioned the Koh-i-noor dry marker, that I said it
was the lightest color I meant it was the brightest color these are my
lightest colored yellow art supplies so I tried to take advantage of that and
really add shading to the face like little bits where I wanted there to be a
little bit more color and I kind of just switched off between these two depending
on whether I wanted it just a little bit darker or just a little bit lighter, because these colors are
so very very similar but they’re also very very different from that Ohuhu
marker that I used to line everything so we’re getting that contrast that I’m
looking for so Yay! then we move on to the Big Daddy this is the Krink K-75 in the color yellow I love this thing it’s stinky
but it’s cool this has a very big chisel on it so I use it to color in very large
sections of this illustration, parts of these starbursts so when I was thinking
yellow originally when I was sketching out my ideas I kept thinking of like
the Sun obviously it’s very bright like the color yellow so I thought a starburst was an order for the illustration, that was the idea behind
the background and I use this mostly just for the top half, I thought it’d be
cooler if I got lighter as it got to the bottom of the illustration, just
to add some fun texture, and maybe even a little ‘contrast’ -then I used the Crayola
signature blender marker in the color ‘canary’ and I have completely forgot how
vibrant this one is it’s very similar to that Koh-I-Noor highlighter dry marker
thing so I decided to use this since it was a brush tip to try and add some like
I don’t know texture to that starburst sometimes I were just filling part of
the section, I’m trying to keep that background starburst from being too
harsh and a little bit more organic then I moved on to two more Copic Sketch
markers, the biggest difference between Copic Sketch markers and Ohuhu alcohol-based
markers are basically any knockoff is that with Copic markers you can buy much
lighter tones which you build upon each other and get them to be darker whereas
when you buy one of the knockoffs they start very dark and saturated and
it’s kind of hard to have that contrast so when doing this illustration I wanted
to take advantage of that so I use these markers for all of the shading like the
first preliminary shading you know besides what I already used the Ohuhu marker
for, you’ll see how much lighter these are compared to the lightest
yellow of the Ohuhu markers, like it’s very very different and when I use
markers I really like to start light so that’s why I really like Copic markers –
these are also really handy when shading in the face because of that brush nib
that I can kind of like feather it out and it doesn’t look like a super
harsh circle when I add like blush to the cheeks but it’s a little bit softer
and rounder – Now even though I feel like I had marker’d out this illustration and
it didn’t need any more I had three more Ohuhu markers that I had
to get through, 34, 35, and 45 – and I began dispersing these amongst the
illustration – I decided since these have those bullet nibs to use these to add
texture to the dad’s shirt so I kind of just made up a little pattern in my
head and began drawing that all over the shirt – in some areas where there was
shading the lighter Ohuhu markers didn’t work so I had to switch to a
darker one so that is how I all three of them I basically just used
the one that fit the job depending on where on the shirt it was because of
that shading – the first paint of the illustration, this is the Americana
acrylic paint in the color Cadium yellow – I was kind of excited about using
this and like plopping it on so that there was like texture to the drawing
like a little bit of a 3d effect I thought it would stand out a little bit
more from the colors that I had used like there’s a little bit of contrast
between this and the Krink marker but not as much as I was hoping for so I
really played up that like globbing effect so that it had you know physical
texture and physical contrast between it and the paper – I didn’t want like any two
of the starburst sections to be the same – this is the dr. PH Martin’s Bombay India
ink in the color ‘yellow’ – these inks are really vibrant kind of like liquid
watercolor but they’re waterproof when they dry and I like how you can get a
really large even wash with them but I first tried experimenting them on top of
the Koh-I-Noor dry pencil so those lighter sections of the starburst, it was kind of
fun because it like feathered out the darker sections of the Starburst but there
was also its own color so it just kind of added a little bit of a hue shift
because it’s not that same orange yellow it’s a little bit more of like a bright
daffodil yellow – moving on to this Windsor Newton brush marker I believe
it’s actually the color ‘gold’ but Shh! definitely the orangist
of the yellows that I use in this drawing, I use this to darken up the
lower half of the starburst I liked that it had a different hue to it which
probably means it doesn’t belong in this drawing but…. you know…. it’s very red and I
like that – I didn’t use this that much so it felt like a cop-out so then I just
started like speckling little dots at the bottom half of this to add some kind
of like texture so it’s not just a bunch of straight lines of starburst but
there’s like you know something there next up are these two sharpies I have an
extra fine and a fine point and honestly these don’t really stack up next to the
other art supplies that I use you honestly can’t even see that I used them
but here’s proof that I did all right now let’s move on to the next one, which
were these two pencils: the Derwent inktense in the color ‘Sun yellow’ and a goldFaber aqua these are both watercolor pencils they
have a slightly different hue but I kind of used them the same way, I would sketch
sort of close to the two characters and then use water to bring that color away
from them and kind of create a gradient behind them and this added a little bit
of atmosphere, it’s very subtle but you know it’s there! – these are my final two
st. Petersburg White Nights watercolors the light one is Cadium lemon and the
darker one is Cadium yellow medium, I used the Cadium lemon to lighten up the
dark sections of the starburst that were near the character again I feel like
this is just adding some atmosphere and making them look like they’re standing
in front of the starbursts instead of like being engulfed by it and with the
darker Cadium yellow I just added some more stripes to the starburst…. #CopOut so this is the core watercolor it’s in the color ‘nickel azo yellow’ and this
thing was a lifesaver so basically when you take it out of the
tube it kind of looks like a little poop and you can see it right there in my
palette but then when you add water it becomes this like really bright almost
gold yellow and it’s really really pretty but I didn’t want that I wanted
that poop color right so first I used a larger brush and I use this to darken up
the areas of the drawing that I wanted to be darker like the hair I thought
that just be cool to like really push that it’s a father
and child and have them have the same color and have it a little bit different
than like you know the rest of the drawing it’s a little bit different so
yeah I used that poop color for that – but then I had an idea now that there was
like contrast between the hair and everything else I felt like now
it’s like parts of the face look like they’re blending in with the rest of the
face and it’s not very obvious and there’s no contrast there so I took a
tiny itty bitty little brush and I used this to try and actually draw in the
details with it now I am not the best with a brush, brush pens have never been
my best friend I have a shaky hand and I just don’t understand how much pressure
they require but I decided to try it anyway and they’re very shaky lines like
they’re not fantastic but I think I’m improving like this is not bad
okay just don’t look too close but I control the camera and I’m not gonna
show you that close so it’s gonna look good but boom! look at the difference man
now there’s contrast there,it’s not all one flat tone you know this is the Feber Castell polychromos color pencil I have no idea how to use these things I think
they’re fancy this is in the color ‘Strohgelb creme’ I just googled it apparently that’s pronounced…
[embarrassingly attempts to pronounce German words] I should be able to say this…i have German blood whatever one of those has to be
…riiight? anyway it means ‘straw yellow’ so there’s your fun fact for the
day anyway moving on this is the Staedler try plus fineliner I was hoping this
would be a little bit darker but it really wasn’t so this is another one of
those art supplies that I used it but uh…you probably can’t tell then it did
but I have physical proof that uh yeah look I’m using it but yeah that was about it now these last two art supplies where both art supplies that I was kind of
looking forward to using because I thought they’d actually make a
difference anyway this is the Holbein gouache, it’s just in the color
‘lemon yellow’ now cool thing about gouache is they’re very opaque kind of like
acrylic paints but they work like watercolors and this one is just such a
bright happy lemon color so I used this and tried to layer over top of things
that were darker than it to try and give some like brightness and contrast to
those areas I also used it for like little details on the shoes and to add
even more texture to that background I added some more shapes so here I’m
adding some bigger circles like lower on the bottom and a little like polka dots
and then here at the top I’m actually using big circular dot shapes and this
is just you know breaking up that starburst pattern making it a little bit
more intriguing now the final art supply that I’m using is this I believe it’s
Kuretake yellow gold watercolor the cool thing about this is if you let
water sit on it it becomes kind of pasty and almost opaque and it’s also so glittery
and shiny! very metallic and pearlescent so this is really good for like accents
so I use this to make the dad’s hat shiny gold because he’s worked his whole life
and contributed to Medicare and paid his taxes
and he’s earned a solid gold ball cap I don’t know does there have to be a
reason I just wanted to make like certain areas shiny and the Hat I
thought would be a cool thing to be shiny, I also have painted over the watch
so the metallic bits of the watch so that those would be shiny as well and
then since I couldn’t think of any other places on the character to make gold I
decided to color in the lower half of the background all in this shiny gold
but I tried to dilute it a little bit so it wasn’t super dark but I just wanted
to have that like Sheen so I filled in the bottom half of the background with
that that way there’s contrast between it and the character so the character is
not shiny and then the background is shiny and then I also added some like
circles up at the top to add some like shiny bits up there too and after that
it looked like this look look at that shininess it’s like how do you stop
tilting it back and forth it’s just so satisfying and the last thing I did
before finishing off the drawing was take that dark Ohuhu marker and go over
the lines again because after using like Copic markers and other things on top of
it they kind of like blend it out and become less sharp and I just want to
sharpen those up and I also like wanted to redo the arm hair for daddy-o there –
and then it looked like this this is the finished illustration I hope it just
screams and explodes joy all over you because that’s what the color yellow
says to me probably could have gone a little crazier with the facial expressions but
I also wanted it to feel just happy like you’re not laughing hysterically you’re
just happy these are all the art supplies that are yellow that I own I
actually went through a little bit of a purge and I still have this many I need
to do purge part two that’s it that’s my drawing I hope you enjoyed coming along
with me on this journey where I used every single yellow art supply that I
own I’m slowly working my way through the rainbow we’ll get there what color should I do next? oh shoot wait I forgot to sign this
let me do it at real quick – so here it is thank you guys for watching I’ll see you
guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles!! BYE!!!!!!! ♪