Today we’re at Bugak skyway we’re here
for some aesthetic photography I know it’s like a very popular term that’s
getting thrown around a lot by photographers but actually there’s a
real actual aesthetic subculture of photography and it’s not the way it’s
being used by everybody it’s kind of in line with the whole vaporwave aesthetics
anyways today we’re going to take a picture that looks like this it’s
actually inspired by Matias Alonso Revelli I don’t know if you ever heard
of his work but it’s pretty amazing at matialonsor so here’s bugak skyway as you can see
the sky is like super clean the clouds are like super crisp and you don’t get
very day you don’t get days like this very often in Seoul so this is why I
rushed over here with my camera of course we’re using my phone photography to shoot you
know while we’re walking along this path I’m actually keeping an eye on the
pastel clouds and trying to find shapes in the clouds this kind of photo is very
popular on Instagram if you’re like our portrait wedding or landscape
photographer maybe you’ve never seen this kind of thing but my kind of
picture is kind of like the cyberpunk aesthetic vaporwave it’s kind of popular
these days and I want to take a picture just like it so here’s a nice view of
Seoul City but there’s still some trees in the way so we’re gonna keep going I’m
using the little telephoto lens I got it’s not a very amazing lens but it gets
the job done but I was thinking when I use this lens which is very cheap by the
way it’s like 10 bucks or something or 2 bucks or I forget but when I use this
lens like it creates kind of a little tilt shift effect so I attach this lens
to my phone it’s a very cheap it’s just a regular no-name lens attachment I got
from online but it’s got some character like it creates kind of a tilt shift
looking effect because they’re so cheap and I’m really curious how that’s going
to look when I’m taking photos of the clouds you know so uh yeah let’s keep
walking and let’s see what we can get so when
you’re hiking around the mountains in Korea it’s very common to find these
foxholes for the soldiers with supplies these is this is just for the Korean
soldiers to be ready just in case North Korea attacks so like they can all just
scramble to their positions but yeah these are fairly common here we go we
should be able to to get the view we want from here mostly
unobstructed all right so we’re nearing sunset and
this is like the time you want to start shooting because first of all you start
getting those bright colors in the clouds, cotton candy skies which kind of makes a separation
within the clouds in the sky which is really nice
we’re also going to stay shooting past the blue hour actually a quick note a
lot of these Instagram posts are they add the moon and they’re like a little
airplane and jet lines behind with Photoshop and stars also I don’t really
want to do that but I might do it just for fun just see how it goes
but anyways right now I’m keeping an hour at the pastel clouds and trying to find some some nice shapes you know like hard stuff like that before like that kind of
thing and it looks that it’s gonna be a nice epic sunset so let’s keep at it oh
yeah one more thing if you like please stay to the end not for anything
particularly special but because I got some kind of outtakes just just for fun
you know I was trying to record through in the beginning it didn’t go very well
but let’s just let’s move on so I found one cloud that kind of looks like a
heart and it’s really exciting for me because I saw exactly what I was looking
for but we’re gonna keep looking for different shapes and see what we put up
with all right so today we’re at bugak skyway
actually kind of overlooking the city of Seoul and we came here because anyways
today we’re at Bullock’s today we’re a bugak skyway this is a place overlooking
so attraction anyways today we’re at Bugak skyway and we came here because for some aesthetic photography this is a place overlooking so attack you