we’re looking for location number three
in the Dolomites of Italy we’re in this tiny little town called Saint Magdalena
and there’s this epic shot of a church with a really steep steeple the dolomite
mountains is actually seceda in the backgrounds I’m hoping that going up
this one road here is going to take us closer to this church every now and then
we can see the steeple of it but finding this is unbelievably challenging Wow is
it ever beautiful here just so Austria looking even though it’s Italy okay
we’re getting closer closer closer out my window here I know that this is
where we’re going to be shooting from tonight at sunset but I’m pretty sure
that this right turn is going to take me to the place that look straight ahead
and look how awesome this place is like so incredibly picturesque okay and we
finally made it it’s so cool to see this place after
looking at it on Google Maps Google Images and just trying to get a mental
picture of it and then suddenly months later after all this planning and
research Here I am so let’s take a look at this church it looks pretty classic so the shot that we’re looking for
tonight at sunset is with this church in kind of the middle ground and then from
the vantage point that we’re going to be at we’re going to see the Dolomites that
really rocky craggy peaks of seceda now if you want to see the video of Seceda then click up here and you’ll see our trip from seceda this is the view like wow what a stunner
so this is going to be the background of tonight’s shot at sunset where we are
with the steeple is the middle ground and then there’s also going to be
foreground of just the rolling grassy fields with all the little houses on on
them all right so we have the first church location nailed down and we’re
waiting until sunset for that one but there’s a second church location that’s
super famous in this area and we’re just walking up to it right now and it’s this
tiny little Orthodox looking Church that’s in the middle of a field with the
dolomite mountains as a backdrop you’ll notice that we are the only
photographers here because it’s middle of the day a terrible light for this
type of photo but we can’t be two places at once and for sunset tonight we’re
gonna be at the other church the Santa Madalena Church and since it’s so sunny
and since I have it with me let’s put on the lens hood and at 70 millimetres it’s
just zoomed in perfectly so that the church is the foreground and the Rocky
Mountains behind are the background it’s actually a really nice composition so
I’ve done a couple of things here I shot some single images and then I threw the
200 millimeter lens on so that I could get a multi row panorama
which I think will look pretty cool even though it’s middle of the day type of
light but I’m not exactly coming back here any time soon so I think it’s just
wise to get as many different types of shots as you can while you’re at the
location so church number two has been shot so to
speak and now it’s back to get the composition find the right place to go
for church number one so even though it’s still the middle of the day and the
light is terrible I don’t exactly know where the good shooting spot is so it’s
time to hike up here so apparently apparently there’s no parking anywhere
around here and you have to walk the thing is it’s really hot today 33
degrees Celsius I feel it I was wondering how they cut the grass on
these really steep slopes but that tractor back there is the answer they
have a huge block of concrete on the back just to way the thing down so it
doesn’t tumble down the slopes but all the cut grass really looks cool when
it’s in Nice rows that’s so cool sounds so good so much history here so I found
the composition that I like I like the way that the mountains in the foreground
the ones with trees on them they kind of go down like a V and the village is at
the bottom of the V and the church is basically in the middle I think it looks
great this this may be a composition I go for it sunset tonight I also like the
fact that the steeple of the church doesn’t have anything busy behind it
it’s just kind of open grass behind it so looking good I’m gonna take a daytime
shot right now so here’s composition number two I kind
of like this because the church is on the left third maybe zoom out just a
little bit get some rolling hills in the foreground kind of like this so this is
setup number two and the location for this is right by this guy’s farm now the
problem here is that there’s absolutely no parking anywhere on these roads all
these tiny single lane roads and there’s just absolutely nowhere to pull over so
it’s all a big hiking game what I kind of like about this composition so this
is where I would have it in terms of left and right see at the top where the
rocky peaks meet the tree line I like the framing there and the church is
maybe a little bit more left than I want it’s I should probably move down this
road just a little bit more look at all those people there but what I like about
this composition is that the church is on its own and there’s no building
covering it up and you can clearly see the full outline of that steeple I’m
liking this a lot so it’s almost sunset the Sun is just
dipping behind this mountain to my left it’s just getting to that beautiful
light time but I think that the shot is going to be instead of a blue our shot I
think you need Sun on that church building in order to make the shot look
really cool probably in the next 15 minutes we’ll lose the Sun off the
church so now’s the time so here’s the panel and framing it in
between those mountains like the V the notch that’s created with the Green
Mountains looking really good so we have some nice warm light just on the tops of
the mountains and with the neutral density filter a graduated neutral
density filter if you look in the viewfinder here and see how it darkens
just the tops of the mountain so I’ll leave it right about there and take
photo and check it and maybe a little dark but it’s looking really good just
warming up nicely so the Sun just went down and it was one
of those sunsets that’s just in the dreams of every photographer even though
there are no clouds in the sky there was a beautiful warm light that started to
creep up on those distant peaks and funny enough we were right at the top of
those peaks at secede oh we’re those grass fields were going up to the edge
of the peaks this is the other side of it right here so I’m super happy with
the types of photos that we got using that graduated neutral density filter
was definitely the way to go because the peaks at the top were so brightly lit
and the bottom was really dark I think I’m gonna be pretty happy with it if you
want to see our video about Seceda then just click right here see you in
the next video