– Today we sculpt each other out of ice.
– Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooooood Mythical Morning!
– When you’re an internetainer, you gotta prepare for the day when nobody cares
enough anymore to click on your face. – It’s what you do.
– So, as you guys know, we’ve been going out into the world to search for what else
we might be good at with a little help – from our friends at
– (both) Geico! – It’s time to take another field trip.
– This week we decided we should try to be cool for once and explore the
world of ice sculpting. It’s time for– – (both) The Backup Plan.
– ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (Rhett over epic music) Have you ever
looked at a piece of ice and thought, “There’s a swan in there
waiting to fly out.” (Link) No, I usually just submerge it
in a beverage. But that changed when I met Roland and Dan from a business
that’s named exactly what they do: – Carving Ice.
– ♪ (music swells and ends) ♪ (Link) So, you are the
ice sculpture master? Yeah, we’re actually looking forward to
having you guys in the freezer today. – You’re gonna put us on ice.
– Basically, yeah. Are you gonna do that all day?
You gonna do ice puns? Now, who is this fine feline over here?
Check this out. This is a lion. – I think it’s a tiger.
– Oh, is it? When somebody says, “I need this tiger
to look like a tiger,” they call us. And when you need a tiger to
look like a lion, you call Link. – Yeah!
– So, basically, we make internet videos. That’s what we do. I don’t know much else.
I don’t know the difference between a lion and a tiger, but if our job falls through,
we want to know we can sculpt ice. Well you came to the right place. – To the Cave! You call it the Cave?
– Ah, yeah, the Ice Cave. C’mon in. (Rhett) Yeah, let’s call
it the Ice Cave today. – ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– Wooo hoo hoo hoooo! – (Roland) Welcome to the Ice Room!
– It’s cold in here! – (Rhett) It was really cold in there.
– (Link) 18 degrees, to be exact. (Rhett) We bundled up and
returned to the Ice Cave. It is frigid in here, man! These two wonderful weapons I’m gonna
show you guys. These are really cool. You guys could film a
horror movie in here! – Aw, yeah! Workin’ up a sweat!
– A sweat that’s immediately freezing! – Okay.
– Oh, wow. – Whoa, look!
– (Roland) Yeah, they’re very sharp. I’m a natural! Did you see how
easily I did that? It’s like butter! You ever sculpt with butter? ‘Cause that’s
the one thing that I actually thought about getting into at one time. Is there
something special about the ice? Is it like– you use a
different kind of water? We use an RO system. So, reverse osmosis
in the water. It’s better than bottled water. – What if I lick it?
– Ooh, ooh! – I can taste the reverse osmosis, Link!
– (Roland laughs) – (drills)
– (Link) Oh! Whoah! (Rhett laughs) (drills) – (Rhett) You spelled… “Limk!”
– Link, that’s my name. – “Limk.”
– No, that’s an N. It’s cursive; don’t you know cursive? (drills) – (drills)
– (Rhett laughs) Okay, all right, there we go. (grinds) Oh, man! – It’s like a snow cone.
– (Link) Look at that! Do you ever add flavor?
You should look into that. (grinds) Rrrrah! Rrrrah! Rrrrrah!
Hadouken! Hadouken! This guy is… a little accident prone. (saws) It’s, ah… it’s not easy! – And then… we lick it.
– You can lick it, yeah. That’s the finishing touch. Yeah, that’s how you smooth it out. We’re dead! I can’t feel my toes or my fingertips or
my nose, but I think there’s, like, icicles forming inside of there.
Am I gonna lose a toe? As long as he doesn’t have
the chainsaw, you’ll be okay. – Good point.
– (Rhett) So we’ve seen the techniques, but I wanna see what you’re capable of.
We have a mascot for the show; – it’s a cockatrice.
– A mythical chicken, basically. – A fire-breathing chicken.
– I think the chicken would be really cool. Yeah, I think we can
knock that out for you guys. – A cockatrice is in here.
– It’s in here. – Just gotta find it!
– I will find that cockatrice. – (Rhett) Whoah, okay. All right.
– (all grunting) – (Rhett) Oh, whoa!
– (Roland) Oh, oh, oh, that’s what we – didn’t want. Now lift, lift, lift…
– (Rhett) Yeah! YEAH! (Link) You ever made a
mythical rooster before? (sighs) You know what?
This will be my first. (saws) (Roland) Watch your hands. (saws) (Rhett) That’s Belvedere, Link. (Rhett and Link) Whoa, oh! (Roland) Yep. (Rhett) Whoa, Link! (Roland) All right, that’s enough. (saws) (Link) Seeing Roland turn a simple block
of ice into Belvedere inspired us to get our hands dirty. And by
“dirty,” I mean cold. – (Rhett) Whoa!
– (Dan) Ta-da! – Amazing, dude!
– (Rhett) Belvedere has come to life! – Could not have done it without you guys.
– (Link) Watching. (Rhett) It was time for us to embark on
the Ultimate Ice Bust Battle. – (Link) Now it’s our turn.
– Too bad I don’t look more like a chicken. – That would be helpful.
– We have devised a challenge! Each one of us has a block of ice and
within that block of ice there is a sculpture of each one of us. Inside my
block of ice, there is a sculpture of Link, and inside of Link’s block of
ice, there is a sculpture of me. What’s at stake is being able
to destroy the cockatrice. (rooster crows) And only one of us is gonna be able
to do that by making the better bust. – Let’s get busted!
– (Link) Let the challenge begin… now! Can you take your toboggan
off for just a second? – No, man, it’s too cold!
– All right. I’m kinda starting with a… an outline of Link as I see him. He looks
a little like Darth Vader at this point. You look like Gile, and I look like
whoever that guy is from Mortal Kombat with the symbol on his head. (saws) Dang, man, I need that chainsaw! (Rhett saws) Yeah! Look at that, Link!
You’re gettin’ it in the head, Link! Yeah, Link! Take a look
at that, Link! That’s not you! Let me see a little profile! (Link) Turn sideways!
Okay, okay. (saws) – (laughs triumphantly)
– Hey, give me a turn with it! YEAH, LINK! (saws) (grinds) The eyebrows are key. So I know if I get
the eyebrows and the nose right, everything else will fall into place.
(drills) This is so fun, Dan! (saws) ♪ (epic music) ♪ – You still over there?
– I think I’m done! Lemme brush it off. Prepare
the winner for its viewing. I got something nice cooking over here.
It looks like you got a Flintstone Vitamin – cooking over there.
– (laughs) (Rhett) We each thought we had the better
piece, but we needed a professional to settle the score.
We’re gonna check out Link’s first. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – I don’t have any ears!
– You never listen to me anyway. (Rhett) I look like either a villager from
Minecraft or an Easter Island statue. I like what you did with the hair.
The hair is– whoops! – What? C’mon, dude!
– (laughs) – (Dan) Looks like a Greek god.
– Whoa, no, not a Greek god. – Just a Greek dude.
– (Rhett) And why am I crying? Because you’re gonna lose.
All right, let’s see the competition! All right, let’s go see what we got. (Link) Just from the back,
I can tell this is kind of a fail. – What? Kind of a fail?
– (laughs) – It looks like a third grader drawing!
– (Rhett) I mean, I captured a lot of your characteristics! I got the wings, which
you can’t see right now but you got some serious wings. I got the glasses,
which are a signature feature, and I got your very large Adam’s Apple. Show ’em
that Adam’s Apple! You’ve been covering it up all day, but he’s got a
very large Adam’s Apple. As it starts to melt, you picked up on
the features that people are gonna – catch on.
– (Link) It’s Velma from Scooby Doo! I think you look like a futuristic George
Washington. If, like, our country had been – founded in the year 2075…
– By Darth Vader, yes. Okay, I think we figured it out. I really
love this one, but I really really love – that one.
– (laughs) So that’s it? – You would be the victor.
– I would be the victor! – Absolutely.
– Yes! Haha! (Link) I won, and that means I get to
destroy Belvedere by giving him a taste of his own medicine: fire. ♪ (rock music) ♪ ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ Well, if ice sculpture destruction was a
job, maybe we would have a place there, but I think we’re gonna continue
to be internetainers for the time being. Thanks to Geico for sponsoring this
episode. Go to Geico.com where 15 minutes can save you 15 percent
or more on your car insurance. And thanks to you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. (speaking over sirens) I’m Bill from
South Amboy, New Jersey, and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality! Remember, you can pick up my
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Click through to Good Mythical More. We’ve invented a card game for
Halloween called Spook Off! Uh oh. (Rhett) In a world where
spaghetti means fettucini. (dramatically) In a world…. where
spaghetti means fettucini. (dramatically) One woman goes to her
favorite Italian restaurant and orders – the fettucini.
– Lo and behold, she got spaghetti– – What is she gonna do?
– And she’s like, “What? This is spaghetti!” But then she’s like, “No, I’m in a world
where spaghetti means fettucini.” – “It all makes sense.”
– But she goes on a tirade inventing all – types of weaponry.
– In theaters Christmas 2016! – Carnage. Destruction. Spaghetti.
– (both) Fettucini. [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]