Scissors, paper, stone! Hi everyone, welcome to another episode of TSL Plays! Today, we are playing… Today, we are playing… Scissors… paper… stone. Here are the rules,
like you didn’t know them already. Teams will be decided by ‘scissors, paper, stone’. Each round, one person will be sent out to fight a battle. The two players will play ‘scissors, paper, stone’ to
determine who chooses the battle category. Physical, mental, or random.
The two players will play ‘scissors, paper, stone’ to
determine who chooses the battle category. Physical, mental, or random. Whoever wins the battle gets one point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins! Scissors, paper, stone. Yes! Kim! (Weilun) Damn it! I wanted Kim! I wanted Kim! She’s very competitive! Scissors, paper, stone. Yes! Oh my God… What in the world. – I’m going to choose Zhin.
– Yeah! I’m not picked last! Our team name is… Our team name is… (PD) Who is your first battler?
1, 2, 3. Me! (PD) Come on down! Scissors, paper, stone! Yeah! Zhin! Random. Players will obey the commands given by the game master. Whoever grabs the shoe the fastest wins. (PD) Head. Knees. Knees. Head. Knees. Feet. Knees. Head. Knees. Knees. Knees. Head. Head. Knees. Feet. Shoe. I knew Adria would just scream. First thing she’d do when she heard ‘shoe’. (PD) Next battler is… 1, 2, 3. Scissors, paper, stone. Yes! Kim! Ok! Physical! The player that sits down and stands up five times the fastest wins! (PD) 3, 2, 1, go! Oh, my Gad. I’m doing breakdancing! Can I just say that I feel damn sad for Weilun?
He looks like he’s struggling. I’m doing breakdancing! I’ll put scissors ah. Scissors, paper, stone. I already told you I’d put scissors! – Mental.
– Are you serious?!
I already told you I’d put scissors! It’s ok, it’s ok.
– Mental.
– Are you serious?! – Mental.
– Are you serious?! – You say I stupid ah?
– No! I wouldn’t have chose mental. The player who adds up the sum fastest wins! (Zhin) Use your fingers. Shhh. Ok! 408. (PD) No. I’m halfway… What is Bolin doing? 407! (PD) The battler is… 1, 2, 3! Back at it again! Scissors, paper, stone. Physical. The person who knocks their opponent off their area wins! (PD) 3, 2, 1. (PD) Fauzi won! (PD) Choose your battler. 1, 2, 3. Oh no! Wait, I tell you first. I will choose scissors. Scissors, paper, stone. We go for physical again. I feel like I have some short height advantage. The player whose face has a bigger surface area in the photo wins! (Fauzi) Come on, Kim. She’s going to be very violent. Oh, my God! – Nice!
– I think I win leh. – I think you won sia.
– Huh really ah? Kim won! Scissors paper stone! I’ll choose random. The fastest player to build the cup stack wins! (PD) 3, 2, 1, go. (Kim) Slow and steady. I don’t want to talk I want to focus. – Oh my God.
– Slow ah. Slow… There is a strong wind coming! (Fauzi) Focus! (Fauzi) Zhin, just focus.
His tower is falling. – The second one!
– Bottom! Oh, my God! (PD) 1, 2, 3. Yeah! That was an insult! Ah~ Weilun. Weiuln, next time you want to give rock, don’t give rock. Give scissors. Scissors, paper, stone. It worked! I’m going to try mental. The player that can list the most items wins! Toothpaste. Toilet paper. Brush. – Toilet bowl.
– Tap. Listerine. Uh… basin. Clorox. Mirror. Bathroom tiles? Floss. Panty liner. Insect repellent. Ant repellent. (PD) Weilun, you lose lah. Maybe his toilet is very dirty. Why you eat inside your toilet? Back at it again. I’m very stressed out! Scissors, paper, stone. Whoa, Zhin! Um… mental. Whoever gets the correct answer wins! “9 and 5″…? “is 13″…? Huh? Both are wrong. Because 9 and 5 is 14. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Ah, shut up. Scissors, paper, stone. Yes! Random! Whoever throws the tissue the furthest wins! (PD) Two of you ready? (PD) 3, 2, 1. Oh, my God! Close game! (Zhin) Very close. Wiping the floor. (PD) Bolin wins! (PD) 1, 2, 3. What the heck? – Again?!
– Let’s go. Scissors paper stone. – Why do you always lose to scissors? I don’t get it.
– I don’t know also. – Physical!
– SURE! Whoever wins the Thumb War wins! Pepsi Cola 1 2 3. Waiting… Playing the waiting game… Your thumb… Clasp your hand! No! I know! My hand is slippery… Squeeze it! Don’t let go of my hand! I never let go… (PD) Ok, we’ll call it a tie. (PD) You all scissors paper stone. What the heck?! No! My worst nightmare! Scissors paper stone. What?! (PD) Fauzi gets the point! (PD) 1, 2, 3. Scissors paper stone. – Nice!
– Right! Ok lah. Physical. Yes! Whoever blows the balloon until it pops wins! Wait.. I’m very scared of balloons. Better don’t pull so much. Later… (PD) 3, 2, 1. Blow! (Zhin) Did she spit the balloon out? You must hold! Don’t cover your ears first! Adria, look at how big your balloon is right now! (Bolin) Adria! Go! It’s not going to burst! Trust me! I cannot… (Weilun) Adria! Might as well just do it! Come on! (Fauzi) The balloon is huge! I’m very scared… T_T (PD) I’ll let you all use your hands. I DON’T WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at my balloon, it’s so weird. This is terrible. (Bolin) Adria, you can let go already. Just let go of the balloon. Scissors paper stone. Random. Whoever manages to get the coin in the prong of the fork wins! (PD) 3, 2, 1, go. Ooh! Ooooooh my God. Oh! It went in and came out. (PD) Zhin won. (PD) 1, 2, 3. Same colour! Scissors paper stone. I think I have something with scissors. Random. The player who flips their opponent’s ddakji wins! (PD) Go! (Kim) The sound effects damn loud. – Is it? Is it?
– (PD) It flipped one round. We are like some gangsters on the street playing this game. Oh! What the heck?! No! ??? want to piak but then it piak ??? (PD) 1, 2, 3. Yeah. Scissors paper stone. Mental. The fastest player to list the correct train stations wins! (PD) And your last match will be between the captains. Go Weilun! Let’s go, Fauzi! – I give you chance.
– Please win. (PD) It’s a mental round. Whoever answers correctly wins! ‘Incorrectly’. The word ‘incorrectly’. Duh?! You’re asking me… Because the word ‘incorrectly’ is spelt ‘incorrectly’. But it’s correct. I wanna kill – (PD) And the winners are… We Suck At Names! We don’t suck at games. Thank you for watching this episode of TSL Plays. If you liked this video, don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe. And watch our other videos over there! Bye! Scissors paper stone. (Weilun) Yes! I finally win something.