i got college 5 days a week driving lessons on weekends
but I really need to start saving up to move out
hmmm what’s a fun job I could do with flexible
hours that’s not too stressful and would allow me to concentrate on my college work
while earning a bit on the side? *gasp*
hey i know! i’ve been getting better at digital art
lately I’ll open up for commissions! okay so i’ll price my stuff a bit lower
for now since my art isn’t that great just drop in some examples and
there! my commission sheet is finished now to post it online and wait for the customers
to roll in huh, still no messages
that’s okay I mean I only posted it yesterday not that many people have seen it yet they’ll
come in soon t-that’s okay.. maybe, maybe it just takes
a while for the algorithm to push it into people’s timelines ughhhhh okay
*sigh* okay, maybe..maybe my prices are still too high. i guess my art sucks even more than I thought
it did. alright, here are the new prices
come on, someone has to go for this, this is such a good deal
*notification noise* $10 for a sketch? wtf *notification sound*
wow that’s a big order okay, that’ll be 70 dollars. i’ll send two progress pictures for approval,
then when the piece is complete I’ll send the unwatermarked version after payment. Is that alright with you? yup, sounds good! *drawing montage music* Okay, here’s how the finished piece looks! I’ve sent you an invoice, and I’ll send
you the full HD file once I receive payment. Hello? do you.. not want the unwatermarked version? okay, that’s fine, it’s not like I wanted to be paid for those 12 hours of work or something… Okay, here’s the sketch of how it looks
so far. Let me know if you’d like any changes! looks great! no changes needed. Alright, that’s $20 dollars. Would you mind providing me your email so
I can send you an invoice? want me to pay now? Yes please, once I receive payment I’ll
finish working on the piece. are you trying to scam me? i don’t go into a restaurant and pay before
I get my food. wtf i mean…some restaurants do that..but okay.. Okay so for everything plus a background,
that’s $30. Could you provide me your email for an invoice? yeah so I was thinking
i’m a bit low on money right now so I can’t afford that
but I do have 10k followers, so you would get a lot of exposure from it
*sigh* Sorry, but I don’t do work for free. it’s not for free you are getting a lot
of followers from it jeez you artists are so greedy hhh..i haven’t had a new customer in months,
and I could really need some money right now i guess i should..
draw an example.. *notification sound* hey 😉
oh no Hi, are you interested in a commission? oh yes 😉 i would like you to draw my character
with very big (bleep) and a (bleep) having a (bleep) with justthinkofthemoneyjustthinkofthemoneyjustthinkofthemoney while they’re both eating an icecream. Okay, that’ll be $50
let’s just get this over with *disturbed drawing montage music* Alright, here’s the final piece. Thank you for commissioning me. no problem. i like it a lot. how about I give you a tip for doing such
a good job 😉 A tip? Woah, I’ve never gotten a tip before. that’s really cool. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad ide-
OH NOTHATSNOTMONEYYYYYYYYYYY okay since my exams are next week I’d better concentrate on studying..
not like I would’ve gotten any customers anyway
*notification sound* *notification sound*
*notification sound* Are you kidding me-?