15. Look Behind You Sometimes, when you get that feeling that
you’re being watched, you may discover you are. Posted by @.kunno to tiktok, this footage
was filmed in kunno’s room and, according to him, no one was home at the time. When creating a video, you’re usually pretty
oblivious to what is going on around you, as you focus in on the task at hand. That’s what kunno appears to be doing, as
he sings his heart out. But look behind him in the doorway, and your
heart might skip a beat as you spot what appears to be a mysterious figure. The black outline pops up over his shoulder,
backlit by some white light, while kunno remains completely unaware of its presence. The form lingers for a moment, before disappearing
out of sight once again. It’s difficult to discern who or what this
figure is, but if you’ve ever watched a scary movie in your life, you’re probably
shouting at kunno to stop singing and turn around. This footage shows that whether or not you
think you are home alone, you may be entirely wrong in that assumption. 14. Dark Web Spirit Video When you dig into the dark web, you might
be terrified by what you find. This creepy footage was posted to the r/chillsnarrator
subreddit by u/Caligramm. He notes that he originally found it on the
dark web without any source information, making the origins and context of this footage even
more mysterious. The cryptic clip shows a boy wandering around
in the sand in what appears to be a remote desolate place. He picks something off the ground then walks
past a woman in white with long dark hair. The footage is slightly blurry, so the woman’s
features are not distinct. After finding whatever he’s looking for,
the boy picks it up, then walks calmly back past the woman, who remains frozen in place. Then the boy races off without further explanation. The boy doesn’t appear scared of the woman
in the mysterious footage, but maybe that’s because he was not alone. If faced with a dare to pass by the woman
in white, maybe he was laughing because he got away scot free…at least this time. If he should dare to pass by her again, he
may not be so lucky. 13. Exorcism in Chechnya Posted to YouTube by RT, the channel writes,
“Exorcism rituals are a subject of Chechen government policy. Local authorities have given the go ahead
for plans to build a centre dedicated to demonic possession.” The video shows one such claimed possession
in progress. A woman dressed in black is seen lying back. She appears to have a blindfold set over her
eyes, while the exorcist holds his hand to her forehead. The man presses a finger to what appears to
be her eye socket, and she arches her back, growling and screeching in a demonic voice. The sound that next comes out of her is certainly
not of this world. The man restrains her with help from another,
as she continues to scream in defiance. The man then appears to be holding her jaw
and temple as she screams. The pair continue to restrain her, although
she seems to be bucking all restraint. Many in the comments of the video call this
bizarre and disturbing, while others agree that’s no human scream. However, others note that the fingers to the
eyes may be behind the inhuman sound with YouTuber Dewey Allen writing, “If someone
forced their fingers into my eye socket I’d react similarly.” Same, Allen. Still, can’t get that screech out of my
head… 12. Dublin Shop Incident Imagine you head into work, minding your own
business, when this happens. This shop assistant was just trying to do
her job, when a man entered, before fleeing with nearly €2,000. The CCTV footage captured the culprit holding
up the Dublin shop, Swords. The man wore a balaclava, preventing identification. Pointing at the cash register, the man pounded
the counter with the end of it, while the shop assistant, who also happens to be the
shop owner’s fiance, can be seen attempting to calm the situation, before opening the
register to offer the stranger what’s inside. The shop’s owner said of the incident. “ I am almost 99% sure that he was a local
too because he knew where the till was straight away.” Both shop assistants came out of the incident
unharmed, though undoubtedly shaken up from the incident. As of November 2019, the investigation was
ongoing. 11. Spooky CCTV Footage Have you ever felt like you were being WATCHED? Published to YouTube by Mo Vlogs in July of
2018, this CCTV footage will spook even the bravest among us. While most of this video is super upbeat,
about ten minutes in is where the terror enters. It’s then that Mo claims that he was being
WATCHED the day prior, when taping his vlog, and he has the CCTV footage to prove it. He says there was a spooky person in a mask
following him all day. Although Mo admits he thinks it was a prank,
he pulls up the CCTV footage of this spooky LURKER to show viewers what he had to contend
with. The LURKER appears to be wearing a black hooded
robe and a white mask. Walking at a gliding gait, he is seen crossing
a parking lot, though it’s not clear from whence he came or where he is going. Mo says the footage was filmed that morning,
not the day prior. So, he surmises that the only person the LURKER
could be is his security guard or his mom. Prank or not, this haunting image is sure
to give you nightmares. 10. Sixth Sense When your dog sees something you don’t,
their harrowing sixth sense can send chills down your spine. That’s what happened to tiktoker @alphaocean22
who writes, “I live alone and just found out about the previous owner.” Alphaocean’s footage begins abruptly with
her dog barking into the darkness. The dog is on high alert, his body language
that of defense. He’s seen growling and springing across
the bed. Needless to say, the animal’s reaction to
whatever lies beyond terrifies its owner to no end. In a follow-up video, alphaocean explains
exactly what happened in the initial footage. She says she was woken up at 1 in the morning
from her dog, Diesel, growling at nothing physical. She explains that she’s in no position to
say what exactly it was that Diesel was growling at, though it was the first time the dog has
acted this way. She, however, has always been spiritual and
felt something in the home. She claims this wasn’t the first time something
unusual like this has happened to her. She calls the home her “wildlife sanctuary”
but says she’s had some sense for a while that she’s not supposed to be there. She discovered from neighbors that the owner
of the home was a “very closed off man,” who lived alone with his mother who passed
away. All things considered, alphaocean states she’ll
leave the rest up to the viewers’ interpretation. So, how do you interpret this? Do dogs have a sixth sense and, if so, did
ocean’s pet perceive the presence of the homeowner’s dearly departed? Or was the dog sensing something else? I guess we’ll never know for sure. 9. Not-So-Amazing Babysitters Remember that babysitter who made you go to
bed early? You probably despised them, I know I did. But as this video will show you, we should
be grateful. After all, you’ve never have a cobra as
your guardian. Posted to the r/chillsnarrator subreddit by
u/Caligramm, this footage shows a baby lying on a blanket, surrounded by snake babysitters. Far from scared, the baby is cuddling one
of the cobras, its feet and arms intertwined with the snake’s sinuous body. A wider frame shows four cobra surrounding
the baby, all with their winged hoods unfurled, arched up and alert. Cobras are snakes. Cobra characteristics include night vision,
a strong sense of smell, smooth scales, round pupils and, of course, hoods, which are spread
via their neck ribs. When cobras raise their upper bodies like
this and extend their hoods, they are displaying defensively. A cobra can take your life. With all of this in mind, offering up one’s
baby to these cobras is, without question, bad parenting. No additional information could be found about
this video, so it’s unclear why anyone would put a baby in such an unwarranted scary situation. Most in the comments agree this is insane,
with some suggesting that perhaps the snakes have been defanged or their mouths have been
sewn shut. However, redditor SSSoulplexis offers another
theory, “He must be voldemort…” That strangely enough sounds the most likely… 8. Ghost in the Driveway You won’t want to leave the house after
watching this video. Posted to the r/Ghosts subreddit by u/nevertoo,
the redditor writes, “My mother collected this video from our driveway in the woods. Any insight from this community on what (or
who) it may be?” The surveillance video does indeed show a
dark driveway in the forest that appears to be haunted. A blurred figure in the top right corner breezes
past, disappears, reappears again, and stops in the top left corner, before the camera
flashes in and out of focus. The footage then goes still, without anything
obscuring the view. What do you think this foggy image could be? Some in the comments suggest it’s light
from a passing car or another moving light source; others say it’s a bug, a spider
web, or a camera glitch. But some suggest the fact that the fog disappears
behind the tree refutes such claims. A number of folks are saying the footage appears
authentic, with __stillalice writing, “This is one of the most legit things I’ve seen
on this sub for a while! Love this.” Do you find yourself agreeing with the believers
or the naysayers? If this isn’t real, then what is? 7. River Creature It’s well documented that creatures in the
deep ocean are mysterious and terrifying, but we’ll not often cross paths with such
creatures, due to the depths they inhabit. However, rarely do we imagine what the muddy
waters of our rivers are hiding. Published by KIWI TV on YouTube in April of
2016, this river in China is hiding something frightening. Marine life that looks partly hippo, partly
dolphin, partly crocodile, and wholly terrifying was caught on camera while being poked and
prodded by a garden tool. The large river-dwelling creature doesn’t
move much while being examined, nor does it appear to see much, as it seems not to have
eyes. An anonymous YouTuber suggests it’s a type
of river dolphin. However, it doesn’t look much like the baiji
– a river dolphin that was believed to have gone extinct in the early 2000s. While that sighting was not altogether confirmed,
this additional footage may suggest the aquatic mammal is, in fact, alive, though the population
has been shrinking since the ‘80s. This baiji appears to have a longer and narrower
bill, while the strange one caught in this video features a wider bill, no eyes, and
lots of body splotches and patches. Is this a deformed baiji? If not the baiji, what other type of aquatic
creature might this be? 6. UNKNOWN FLYING OBJECT in Quebec City Have you ever watched a clip that terrified
you so much that you just had to share it with a friend? That’s definitely the case for this video,
posted to YouTube by Mysterious Things in February of 2020. The footage purports to show a UNKNOWN FLYING
OBJECT flying in broad daylight above Quebec City. From far away, the figure in the sky appears
to be dressed in white and launching upward. Upon closer unfocused and wavering inspection,
the UNKNOWN FLYING OBJECT does indeed look like a human figure dressed in white. At times, its clothing shines luminescent,
while the figure spins, launching into the sky. When the camera gets in closer and more focused,
the figure looks even more dramatic. It appears to be on fire. If that’s not, in fact, Iron Man, as YouTuber
graham sherwood suggests in the comments, perhaps it could be a meteor headed toward
Earth. While other commenters say this is “impressive”
and “looks legit,” YouTuber Damian Torres is more skeptical, suggesting it looks like
“silver helium balloons with the sun reflecting off of it.” What do you think? Is this just a mistaken balloon, or do you
think this UNKNOWN FLYING OBJECT is worthy of some supernatural speculation? Whatever it is, it’s terrifying. 5. Paranormal Pharmacy When something goes bump in the night, you’d
just better hope you’re not working the night shift. Posted to the r/Ghosts subreddit by u/mxtherofdogs,
the redditor writes, “Friend works for pharmacy as security – he was notified the alarm was
going off at 2am which is triggered by internal sensors. He arrived and found nothing wrong, but reviewed
the footage to find the cause and saw this.” He said this was the security guard’s first
encounter with the paranormal…if it is, in fact, paranormal activity. The footage shows a shelving unit pressed
up against a wall, full of products and, assumedly, medicine. Watch the fourth shelf. Several items can be seen falling with force. One hits the ground and skids away out of
sight. The other hits the ground and appears to break
into six separate rectangular pieces. While most in the comments of this video are
cracking pharmacy jokes, some are asking thoughtful questions about the history of the building
or whether or not something like this has happened in the past. Others who say they’re pharmacists or caregivers
claim that this strange stuff happens all the time in their line of work. allison333, however, gets the last laugh,
writing, “I guess you can say they had a short… shelf life.” We see what you did there, allison. 4. Walking with a Ghost If you feel you’re alone in this world,
this eerie footage might call that into question. Captured on CCTV footage in July of 2016,
a long shot of a road below shows a couple walking down the street. They think they’re alone…but are they? Floating eerily behind them, a ghost-white
fog appears. It seems to come directly out of the man in
the white shirt, as if his spirit-presence is lagging behind the pair. It mirrors him, before following the couple
around the corner, disappearing out of sight. I
s this just a glitch in the surveillance camera? Or is it a glitch in the matrix? One way or another, we may be sharing this
world with spirits unknown. 3. Shadow Person Have you ever been afraid of your own shadow? What if you know the animated shadow you’re
seeing is not yours at all? YouTuber AverageAmerican2019 caught this shadow
person on video in August of 2018. As he’s descending the stairs of this building,
a distinctive shadow is seen on the wall, passing in the opposite direction. Then, as they descend a further stairwell,
a second shadow person appears again. The man recording the footage notices the
shadow person in real-time. Luckily, he is with friends, so he can simply
laugh off the incident. I’m guessing he’d feel differently if
he was alone in this encounter. In paranormal lore, shadow people are considered
by many to be masses of living, humanoid figures. Paranormalists believe they are the presence
of a spirit or other entity. While some think shadow people are creatures
of evil intent, others consider them neutral or even helpful extra-dimensional beings. Whatever you think they are, this video will
surely make you afraid of the dark. 2. Stake Out Nothing is more terrifying than surveillance
footage of a EVENT…especially one that ends human life. This video footage shows three suspects involved
in a double life taking in South Ogden, Utah. Surveillance footage surrounding the scene
of the EVENT captured two suspects peering through the home’s windows and, later, a
masked man fleeing the scene. All three suspects were wearing hard, plastic
masks, according to several news articles documenting the EVENT. Police believe the incident was not random
but targeted and that the suspects were familiar with both the PEOPLE and their home. South Ogden Police Chief Darin Parke noted
that while reports of a loud party had been made to police. He asked any witnesses to come forward and
said in a statement that he hoped the families of the PEOPLE will gain some closure. Multiple surveillance cameras caught the suspects
scoping out the home. One suspect was wearing a mask, while the
two others wore opaque plastic masks as they approached. One camera showed a suspect crouched down,
watching the home for a while, after which the second suspect, and later, the third joined
in. A second camera caught them peering into the
home’s windows. Following the EVENT, one of the men was seen
on a third camera hopping over a fence. As of the latest update found online, dated
March, 2019 by abc4, the double LIFE TAKING remains unsolved. More has been pieced together of the night’s
events, including the fact that three of the VanKomen brothers lived in the home, while
the unfortunate older neighbor, Kevin Nelson, had just dropped by when the EVENT occurred. Once two of the VanKomen brothers left to
pick up some food, leaving just one and one other roommate inside, the strangers seized
the opportunity to enter. The brothers were gone for no more than ten
minutes, and when they returned, they found Cyle passed away on the floor. VanKomen’s mother, Ranae Finch, said of
the footage: “I think that it’s creepy that they’re out there watching,” adding
later, “We’re very thankful we didn’t lose all three of our boys that night.” Nelson’s nephew, Ralph Nelson Jr., also
said of his uncle that he was “in the wrong place at the wrong time,” a feeling echoed
by Finch, who doesn’t know why her son might be targeted. There was no clear motive for the double LIFE
TAKING, which is likely why the trail remains cold today, despite over 70 people being questioned
over the past three years. Unsolved mysteries are inherently terrifying,
and the coldness of this case compounds that fear. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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we upload every Tuesday. 1.Nursing Home Ghost Nursing homes are rife with elderly spirits
that just cannot move on. This surveillance footage may have caught
one of them. Posted to YouTube by ricerv4 in September
of 2012, this clip is surveillance footage of the Niles Nursing Center, as indicated
by the sign in the hallway. The clip shows the elevator door drawing open
with no one exiting. Then, off to the right, what appears to be
a cane slides across the floor in the hallway. It also moves to one side apparently on its
own, before several people are seen passing through the hallway, and someone finally picks
the cane up and places it out of harm’s way, leaning it against the wall. The cane then disappears altogether, without
anyone again making an appearance. YouTube commenters suggest that the ghost
may have been trying to trip people up with the placement of the cane. One commenter in particular, Siege Crowse,
suggests that they have some inside info on the case. He writes, “Super surprised this got out
after how hard the nurses and people were trying to keep it a secret.” In response to this, YouTuber Silent Night
Crew states that he was an off-duty cop working security the night that this happened, and
the man who leaked it was fired. Whether or not this is true, I think it’s
safe to say you wouldn’t want to be working security when something like this happens.