Hi everyone! This video is going to be my second video
in my personal tidying journey series where I’m showing you how I’m actually going
about tidying my life the KonMari way. So after clothes, the next categories are
books and papers. And if you guys haven’t checked out my tidying
categories cheat sheet, you can check it out: PDF link is below. The first step when tidying books is you have
to take off all of the books off of the bookshelf or wherever they are,
and put them all on the floor. And so what I did was: I used this dolly to
kind of load all my books into so I could move it into the central living room area so that
I can sort them out there. This dolly made it super convenient to transport
books. I think, without it, I would’ve been a lot more tired in this process. Here’s my bookshelf before I started tidying. I haven’t really organized this bookshelf
in years, and on the bottom I have a bunch of children’s
books that I just kept from my childhood and we had no reason to throw it away until
now. I also keep photos and mementos on my bookshelf so I had to sort out the mementos
and keep them for tidying later, and just focus on the books. Do not get distracted. Here’s my dolly and I also had this box for
recycling whatever I find. The dolly wasn’t big enough for all of my
books so I had to make multiple trips to collect all of my books. Also I made sure to check all around the house for any random books lying around, because
we keep books in separate areas. So I made sure to gather all of the books
from different areas of the house onto the living room. Here are all of the books that I’ve laid out
on the floor. After sorting for a few hours, I came up with
three piles of books in the end. The first pile is for the books that I’m going
to discard and recycle. The second pile are books that are in better
condition and I’m going to try to donate to a local library. And the final pile are the books that spark
joy and that I’m going to put back on my bookshelf. Books that I like. Reference and some other books I like. And some yearbooks and books that remind me
of childhood. Yay! Alright moving on: the next category is papers,
and I think I tidied papers about a week after I tidied books. Papers was an interesting one for me because
I am sentimental about things and I like to keep my old notebooks
and things from high school and college. Here’s my bunch of papers. Most of them are from high school, college,
internships, studying abroad, and miscellaneous. The process begins with picking one up and
asking, “Does this spark joy?” Obviously I have to look inside to see what
it is. And every time I look inside I kind of get
lost and if it sparks joy, I know immediately because the notebook brings back good memories,
and if it doesn’t, I know that I can easily let it go. I found blocking for my dance team which makes me really happy so I’m going to
keep this notebook. Look at all this blocking. What was really helpful for organizing loose
papers was getting this accordion file folder, and it also helps me limit the amount of papers
I could keep because there were only so many tabs. In the end, here is my recycle and discard
pile. And here are the papers, folders, and notebooks
that I’m going to keep because they spark joy and make me happy. Alright, I hope that video was helpful. You get to see my process in tidying books
and papers. To be honest, clothes was probably the most
difficult category for me because I had so many clothes and I just don’t
like to discard my personal things. Clothes feel very personal for me. But books and papers were easier to get through. I feel like the rest of the categories are
a little bit easier until you get to mementos at the end. So hopefully by mementos, your intuition is
strong enough that you know what you want to keep and what you don’t want
to keep. I will let you know when I get there. So next video will be on the miscellaneous
category. I’ve already started tidying miscellaneous so I will keep you guys updated
on when I finish it and post the video. In the meantime: happy tidying, good luck,
and I will see you guys in the next one. Bye!