– What the hell? – Are we going fishing? – Welcome.
11 artists remain. Four in the West,
three in the Midwest, three in the East, and only
one artist in the South. The teams are definitely
getting smaller, but ten artists still stand in
your way of $100,000, a feature in “Inked” Magazine,
and the title of Ink Master. – This week,
we’re testing artistry. – Nice.
Hell, yeah.
Artistry is what I live by.
It’s tattooed on my jaw.– Artistry is what makes you
a unique person.
If you don’t have artistry, you’re most likely gonna work
at a used video store. – Today, you must create
an incredible work of art that is literally suspended
in thin air. – What the [bleep]?
– Well, this’ll be fun. – Using nothing but
hundreds of thousands of multi-colored buttons
and transparent fishing line, you must strategically string
button after button to bring a mind-bending,
suspended masterpiece to life. – What the hell? – This shit just keeps
getting crazier. – Yeah. – I can’t even sew a button
on a shirt.We’re literally sculptingon a million different pieces
of string,with thousands upon thousands
of buttons.
Does that not sound insane
to anyone else? – A single button out of place
can destroy the entire effect. – [bleep] buttons, bro. – There is one more thing
you should know. – Of course.
There’s always one more thing. – In times of war, sometimes
you must cross enemy lines. – What the hell? – For this flash challenge,
your team will battle alongside another region, and together, you will
win or lose the advantage. – So much for being
just a team. – I just like our core four.– I was looking
at these buttons,
thinking there’s no way that
I’m gonna be able to pull this shit off,
so I’ll take some extra hands. ‘Cause it’s just me. – To determine which regions
work together, you’ll draw skulls. On the bottom of one
of the skulls is an X. Get the X,
and you will get to pick which region you want to work
with this flash challenge. – Better get that damn X. – The picking order
has been randomly assigned. Midwest, you get to draw
for the X first.[tense music]– Come on, big daddy,
get that X.♪ ♪– East, you’re next.♪ ♪No X. – You had one job.
– I know. – West.♪ ♪– Damn. – All right, obviously the X
goes to the South. Jason, come on up,
do the honors.♪ ♪– What region would you
like to team up with? – [sighs]
I can pick West.
It evens the amount of people
facing off against each other.My other choice would be
to pick one of the other teams
and sabotage their project,
but that guarantees that there’s no way
that I have skull pick. I’m gonna go with West. – The West it is. All right, South and West, you will be working together
as one team, and that means, Midwest and East,
you’ll form the second team. – This is gonna be dope.
All right. – The winners of this flash
challenge will have the power to assign all
of the human canvases in the elimination tattoo
together. – You have seven hours,
and your time starts now.[rock music]This week,
we’re testing artistry, and for this flash challenge,
just to get a concept and a strategy is gonna be
the hardest part about this design. – So I was thinking, like,
a volcano, with like a smoke ring, ’cause you could suspend that,
with lava, with lava just shooting out.
– I also thought of jellyfish. – I do like the idea
of a jellyfish. This one is so organic–
– And moving. – That it’s gonna be
kind of harder to mess up. – I love this idea. I’m gonna color organize
the buttons. – All right, cool.
While that happens, I want somebody, if we can,
just to put a couple on there and see how it goes. Jerrel’s usually really
efficient with that stuff. – Tougher challenges like this really push people
to the limit. – I want to see here, I want to
go around and hear everyone’s. What are you thinking? – I was thinking
about jellyfish. – Jellyfish would be cool. – Would jellyfish be
recognizable, though, as a jellyfish? We could have
a Jack in the box. – I like the fact
that they’re boxes, and I got an idea
for that in a second. Jerrel? – I haven’t heard
half your guys’ ideas. – Cool.
What are yours? – I was thinking about a hand,
like a 3D printer, like going like this.
– Not a hand. – Yeah, so.
We get an artistry challenge,
and my opinion
doesn’t matter to ’em.I have artistry tattooed
right across my jaw
for a reason.
Come on. I work fast, so just lay it
out so we can [bleep] do it. – I’m going to get everything
else out of the way. – You have to work up
and then down, out, and then make the shape. – We need to know the grid,
so we can figure out the grid, and then we can slide
and remove things at will. – I mean, it’s one of
those things just gonna– we have to freehand.
– I think Jason’s right. This has to be more, like,
eyeballed and freehanded. – Exactly.– I don’t trust Jason
by any means.
Any opportunity he has,
he might [bleep] us over. They’re literally
making a grid. – But do they have
any buttons on yet? – No.
– Nothing. I think that they’re gonna
greatly underestimate how long it’s gonna take
to put any kind of buttons on.♪ ♪We got four feet,
it’s 48 of these [bleep]. If we were to use ten of them for the circumference of the
thing, that’s almost a foot. – Well, let’s call it 18, because that’s relatively
divisible in the same terms. – Where do you get
this mathematician from? He’s a genius. – I have a state medal
in the mathematics competition. – You what?
– It’s dumb. – I wouldn’t say that’s dumb,
I think it’s impressive. You want to talk about dumb
things, I’m your guy. – Five hours to go, everybody.
Five more hours.[suspenseful music]♪ ♪– Okay, wait,
what’s going on here? – We’re putting on a few.
– Uh, don’t do that yet. – What do you–
– We don’t– I don’t think
we have one on yet. Wait, hold on.
– Just do your thing. Let’s be mathematical
about this shit, and take our [bleep] time.
Let’s do that. – Something seems up
with Jerrel.He’s showing signs of
not being on the same page
as the rest of the alliance.
We need to stick together. How you feeling?
– [bleep] irritated. I feel like everybody thinks
I’m, like, [bleep] stupid. – This challenge
is very mentally taxing,and I’m trying to
help the team
and make sure that
they all feel good. I don’t think
we’ve talked about it yet, but I also have
anxiety sometimes, so I’m going to take
a step back for one second.♪ ♪– This tentacle’s, like,
almost not making any sense.
They’re all [bleep]ed up. That’s all tangling
up together. – I guarantee
this is a huge knot now.– We get to the point
that we don’t even know
what we’re doing.– Oh, my God. – The more we try
to rush through it, the [bleep] messier it gets.♪ ♪– I can’t imagine
that this is the way
that the Midwest
usually works with each other.Jerrel’s ready to flip tables.
I mean, this is insane.
– How we doing? – Just trying to, like,
tie it and hold, you know? – [sighs]
Okay. – Daddy Snaz is gonna
have to get in there and get some shit done. [imitates child] Ooh, buttons!
[laughter] – Okay.
– Here comes something. – Wait, is Squishy back? – I like buttons.
– [laughs] – What kind of things
do you like to button? – No, not that again.
My God. – [laughs] Daddy’s got the sauce! – This is your final hour,
guys. Final hour.♪ ♪– How many idiots does it take
to make a yellow ball? – Mm-hmm. We already have
more art than they do. Let’s not make it today
that they do.♪ ♪– Five, four, three, two, one.
That’s it, time is up. This challenge is over. – Well, I had to work
with team West today, but– – I definitely hate you guys
less than I hate those guys. – Yeah, yeah.
– We’ll take it. – Yeah.