(birds chirping) – [Anthony] Aliens. Jellyfish. Bursting suns. That all is immaterial to me. I don’t really want them
to be like anything, I want them to be like nothing
else you’ve seen before. My name is Anthony Howe,
I’m a kinetic wind sculptor residing on Orcas Island, Washington. The unifying element to all of my work is that the outdoor stuff
is all powered by the wind. (gentle chiming music) I don’t have a gallery and haven’t had one for about 30 years. My wife and I have run the
whole business ourselves without agents or
galleries or consultants. Most of the people that see my work, see it on YouTube videos. A large scale piece will
generally start at say, $45,000, $50,000, and go up to, um, $400,000 if it’s a really big sculpture. But that’s the kind of piece
that takes a long time to make and extracts a lot of
physical ability out of me. (upbeat gentle music) What I’m trying to do with the work is cause people to stop
whatever thought process they have in their head and just for a moment experience a different kind of reality. Maybe more meditative. They work, they take people
out of whatever nonsense is going on in their heads. Puts them in a different place. It’s a feeling you get
when you see something that is very beautiful or unusual. That’s what I’m trying
to do with the work. (gentle upbeat music)