My name is Dominique Martinez owner of Rustic Steel Creations in Tampa, Florida Purpose of this is because we have created the biggest fish In the state of Florida That’s about to be delivered to its final resting place On Anna Maria Island, and it’s the ugly grouper You know this fish weighs 4,000 pounds it’s 20 feet long 10 feet wide 14 feet tall This took us about two-and-a-half to three months To build and it’s composed of all Different found objects. The most important thing about what we do is that There’s movement to all and any of all the pieces that we that we create Over here you have a clutch plate Over here you have pistons. Over here you have motorcycle rotors, you have motorcycle shocks. There’s a foot pedal from a motorcycle the bottom lip and the top lip is made out of Harley-davidson exhaust pipes. Definitely something to be reckoned with it’s definitely Something to be appreciated and we’re gonna be sad to see it go We work with a lot of found objects Found objects are stuff that we find literally At the junkyard. We do all sorts of fabrication And all different types of metals whether it be Aluminum, stainless steel, steel, copper, bronze But everything that we create is our own designs And it’s something that’s very unique, you know I love what we do.