Abi: Did you go to a movie yesterday?
Aksharan: yea Abi: With whom?
Aksharan: With our Vicky Abi: U didn’t even tell me
Aksharan: He called me in the last minute Dinesh: Where’s Vicky?
Aksharan: I don’t know Dinesh: Which movie?
Aksharan: Singham3 Dinesh: ok where’s Vicky?
Aksharan: I don’t know. He left in his bike saying he had an urgent errand after a call last night Dinesh: HE’s got 100 girl friends
Aksharan: True that Akhil: I texted him last night, But he didn’t reply me Akhil: Ah? Abi: Hey Dinesh come here for a sec
Dinesh: Pardon me Abi: Vicky and Akhil are missing.Their parents are calling me, shall we search them?
Dinesh: Ok, shall we call Aksharan? Abi: No, let’s not include him, He’s an insomniac He’s taking medicines, let him rest..we’l search ourselves Dinesh: Ohhhh ok ok Abi: Bro have you seen this guy somewhere?
Kiruba: No
Dinesh: How about this guy?
Ganesh: No bro Abi: Bro have you seen this guy?
Dinesh: How about him? Kaushik: NO NO Abi: please inform me if you do.. Abi: Sir have you seen this guy?
Dinesh: Sir have you seen him somewhere? Watchman: This guy..? I Don’t remember seeing him…… Watchman: Ah!! I’ve seen this guy
Dinesh: Who? Him??? Watchman: Two days back…he came this way at night Dinesh: Did he go this way?
Watchman: No No, he went that way Dinesh: Did you see him after that?
Watchman: No i don’t remember seeing him after that Abi: Didn’t he tell me to come here? Abi: Hello Dinesh
Dinesh: What do you want? Abi: Come to our usual meeting place as quick as possible
Dinesh: What happened? Abi: Akhil told me to come here, but I can’t find anyone here
Dinesh: Akhil ah?? Abi: Yea bro! Come quickly
DInesh: Ok wait, i’m coming Dinesh: Hello police? Dinesh: YOU??!! Dinesh: Are YOU the reason behind this? cha!! Aksharan: Yea! I’m the one behind these doings! You won’t know my pain!!! Aksharan: DIVYA!! DIVYA!! All cause of her! Aksharan: I love you Divya: I love you too Aksharan: Come.. let’s go Divya: Don’t you have a bike? Divya: What a drag.. Dinesh: Wanna go for a movie?
Abi: No bro Dinesh: You bro?
Aksharan: I ain’t coming man Abi: You ain’t going? Ok i’ll come then
Dinesh: You comin’? that’s great Vicky: Hi Divya: Hi! Vicky: Whatcha doing here? Divya: I was bored at home… so came for a walk Divya: Shall we go somewhere?
Vicky: Ok shall we go for a bite? Divya: Hmmm
Vicky: OK Aksharan: That moment! I had a rage to burn her alive!! Aksharan:She threw me away for worthless money!! Aksharan: Then I let her be….I let her leave… Aksharan: From that day on, I became drunk and high day and night Aksharan: I finally understood this is the fate of poor guys like me when there’s a rich guy like Vicky Aksharan: That’s why i tortured him to death Aksharan: And that’s when i realized cold blooded murder is a more addictive drug than cocaine and weed Aksharan: So i decided to go on a rampage and kill people for the fun of it and started killing innocent people Aksharan: First Vicky…. then Akhil Aksharan: You shouldn’t have come here..cause you are gonna end up dead too Dinesh: Our friend Aksharan was diagnosed with “Paranoid Schizophrenia” due to his uncontrolled drug abuse His drug addiction let to insomnia, auditory hallucination, visual hallucination and paranoid delusions. Paranoid Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder in which the person looses touch with reality and does things for his own pleasure