Balance is very important in life. When you can’t balance… It may happen that you sway,
sometimes from like to dislike… Sometimes you are egoistic,
sometimes you may go into a complex, Immediately, you should know
which medicine to take, This one is for a stomach ache,
that one is for a headache. By engaging in those
spiritual practices, Enrich the power of your thoughts
such that you can balance yourself. There was once a Chinese Emperor
and his minister, The Emperor said, “I have introduced 2 departments
for the smooth functioning of the kingdom.” “One department is responsible for
praising and rewarding everyone.” “The other is responsible for analysing,
and punishing if things are found to be improper.” “I shall head this department,”
said the Emperor; Which one?
The one that rewards. “You head the other department,”
he said to the minister. So, the Emperor gave gifts
to whoever came, praised them, He shared good news
with everyone; And in the other department, the minister
sentenced people to jail for the smallest of things. So, of course the Emperor
became popular; And that fellow was notorious. People did not even like
to hear his name. The Emperor was very pleased
and said, “See, how much everyone loves me.
No one loves you.” “So, I am doing my job properly.” The minister said, “Okay, then why
don’t you summon a meeting?” It was announced,
‘There is a general assembly tomorrow.’ ‘Everyone is requested
to attend it, if possible.’ No one turned up. They thought, ‘What will he do?
He is not going to punish us.’ And, when the minister summoned
a meeting, everyone attended. ‘What if he sentences us to jail for
not attending the meeting,’ they feared. The Emperor pondered, “That means, everyone
comes when you call, but not when I call.” “Let’s exchange.” The minister says, “It doesn’t work that way;
you have to perform both the roles.” “And you should know
how to balance it.” Be just as well
as compassionate. Be loving as well
as give training. You have to learn
how to balance. Because the mathematics
of the heart, is very different. When you have to play hot
and when you have to play cold, All that you have to learn,
how to balance. If the other is breaking down, at that time,
do not point out his mistakes, just support. Because when a person is disturbed
or is in stress, he needs love, not advice. Balancing your emotions… Regarding your emotions, you may wish, ‘I should not get angry right now,
I should remain calm.’ ‘I should not feel depressed
or lonely right now.’ It doesn’t work that way. You directly make an autosuggestion,
but nothing works. You need a strong thought process
to achieve that. And it is in those thoughts that we fill
the nectar of spiritual knowledge daily, From Vachanamrut. Everywhere accept what is appropriate
and act accordingly in every situation.