stop Righteous father Vantage Vantage What a ghost? Old grandfather Show you a good thing It turned out to be the Virgo Caves. The king has a long way to welcome Old thirteen Let’s go on. Yes She is a karst person You also know the venomous cave Old grandfather We can go now The Virgin Golden Pass is open The king does not dare to stay strong But this king has something unknown. I want to ask someone in person. I can’t teach you anything. If you have anything, just say it directly. Wanxue Cave has not been involved with the Central Plains for many years. Dive into Sanjin I don’t know why. Grandpa, you forget the sex I didn’t say it earlier. Is it for Zhang Zifan? Zhang Zifan is also a person in my library. I don’t know what the saint is looking for him to do. Grandpa, you have more problems. I don’t have time to spend time with you. Leave a message Old grandfather You will change the spell. As long as the saint answers the question of the king Ben Wang Bao, you will not get lost when you go down the mountain. Ok Since you want to know this I told my dad to tell you. Your father Right, old grandfather I haven’t told you what my name is. My name is nightmare. Nightmare Is this name very good? It was my father who took it for me. Your father is You mean He also came Of course Would you like to tell him to talk to you? I called him this. wait Old grandfather Why are you laughing Since you don’t want to say This king does not want to be strong. The old grandfather, you stopped my way. What does it mean? This king is just thinking of returning to the original owner. Little brother Miss sister let’s go did not expect Van Gogh actually found Li Xingyun Father I have already explored it. There are no people around the library. understood You hurry to find Li Yuyuan and Zhang Zifan. These few people Let me worry about it. Master We are just Muslim today. You are in a hurry This is where you are going. You will not know where the king goes. I ask you Chang Lingling he Black and white impermanence has always been inseparable Since you are looking outside Your brother is not you What are you doing here? Big brother Master asked you what? You are doing here What are you doing? Master has just returned to Xuan Ming The squad rushed to inform the entire congregation Welcome Master in the hall But a blink of an eye You are gone I want to come You may be practicing in the secret room. So I’m here to welcome Master’s clearance. Master How are you old people? Was it not inside? Master Our brother and sister are your dog. It’s up to you to kill But you have to let us die. If I find out that you are playing tricks Don’t you like to lie in the coffin and pretend to be a ghost? Then lie in it and never think of it. roll Big brother Become go so close Just scared me. Little sister Now just find the lower half of the volume You’re done But where are we going to find it? Zhu Youwen said The next volume should be on the emperor Zhu Youxi Jiao Lan Temple was killed in the battle of the Emperor His body must have been handled by a bad person. Will it be Meng Po? very possible Little girl, you said If she knows She has been looking for “Nine Secrets of Heaven and Heaven” Just on Zhu Youzhen’s body What do you think she will think? Then she can’t breathe back to the original look of the old man. Small sound Lin Xuan what happened Teacher You and her How did you know it? This one She is the saint of the karst cave. Vantage What is it? I heard that I said The 10,000 caves are among the 100,000 mountains. a sect that can’t be hidden They are good at poisoning Gangster You have such a cow. I said On the means of killing They are compared to the mystery Have been there Nothing I also said He said What are you talking about? He said that if you encounter Xuan Ming in the future Or the people of the venomous cave Must kill the people Miss sister Then what you mean now is to kill me. Teacher Man of the gulf Non-traitor Let’s stay away from her. Do not I can’t leave her Teacher This is something between me and her. Nothing to do with you I can’t bring you in. Let’s go but Nothing but nothing Zhang Zifan will not leave the library for too long. You can find him Advise him to look back She wants to be kind to me. Some are opportunities to do it. And She wants to find bad handsome Only rely on me rest assured I won’t be in trouble. and also Waiting for Zhang Zifan Don’t forget to take a slap for me. Little brother Why don’t you tell Miss Sister? I have given you something wrong. Want to know? Tell me if you give me a solution. Think beautiful Where is the bad handsome? Anyway, I didn’t stay with Zhang Zifan. You lied to me again. Miss sister, but said Our people in the venomous caves are killing people without blinking. Cramps without frowning If you want to live Just take me to look bad Witch You are looking bad What are the bad things to do? Will the drug caves be harmful? I am looking for him. Just want to ask him to help save people. Save people Who to save Then don’t worry Anyway You hurry to help me find the bad guy. otherwise otherwise How else? What are you doing? Otherwise, I will call the worm to bite you. Go fast I will be amazing. I will play with bugs. What are you saving? Have to find a way first Save myself Stone 蛊 Stone 蛊 Have Come Fruit, fruit do you know You are a cat Why do you prefer to eat apples? Wan Fu Jinan speak Enlightenment Many issues have been arranged Leave time Feng Xiang will be able to restore the original appearance understood Go on Enlightenment There is news that Li Xingyun appeared in the Tongwen Museum recently. what What is he doing there? This I don’t know you guys Why did you suddenly say that he came? Last time you didn’t say One has his message Report anytime? Is there something about this? Not what I said You must be mistaken. alright, alright What else? Any news about him? Have Say it Enlightenment It is said that Li Xingyun is around There is a Miao Xinjiang girl Two people are inseparable what Miaojiang Will it be a karst? Under this, I will send people to explore the origins of this person. She wants to dare to play the idea of ​​Longquan sword. Is she pretty Is it good? Ah for what talk This I don’t know I don’t know if I don’t know. What do you know? Yes How come again? How come out again? My five thunder heart is still short of regrets On the road Still don’t know what dangers will be encountered You still don’t follow me. do not worry Unless life and death I won’t shoot Twelve uncle Why are you taking your life? Come help me you are wrong I am not helping you But you help me Li Haoyuan betrayed me I happen to kill him. Have a master of your mid-day position Blocked in front I am more effortless What are you doing again? Seems to want to follow you Not only me alone Lin Xuan