This is the nice consistency. So, when I brush on this you can see it’s really, it’s not liquidy. It’s just really gotta nice,
I’m able to put a mark on it and cover pretty well. It’s all about saving time
and we wanna make a mark that covers this board in the beginning. We wanna be building up the paint. So, right now this is really dramatic because it’s like a big old
covering on the white board. Now, if my paint is a little thinner, so let’s say I’m not
paying attention too much and I’m trying to do this painting and I’m starting and I
have a lot more water, you can see I’ve got a lot of water, maybe there’s water from the palette and I’m trying to paint and it feels like this mark here, but do you see how it just feels like the board? This has more impact initially. Again, we’re trying to build the paint up so you know, when this dries, I can put another coat
of paint on top of that. So, if I come in now, let’s say this was dry,
it’s not quite dry, and I come in with a
nice thick body of paint, and there’s no way to figure
out exactly how thick it is but you can kinda tell,
like if you’re coming in and it covers something up really well, like that’s really nice, you can’t be too opaque with this stuff.