The way in which I work
in my art and music is very similar Once I start something,
I don’t start anything new until I finish I don’t work on anything else
whilst doing it I very much focus on one thing and it’s a very solitary thing for me which is something I like about it When I was about two,
we moved to Loch Lomond where I spent the majority
of my childhood and teenage years It was a very beautiful place to grow up I was really very into Polish poster art There’s something quite grimy about it,
and very, very surreal I’d been reading a lot of Kafka and I was listening to a lot
of Polish classical music like Penderecki So I was just kind of
in that world already and then I came across the art It’s taking care of normal,
everyday things putting things in places
that you wouldn’t expect to see them I was quite into an artist
called Pam Carter who’s a Scottish artist
who uses quite clean lines but with a very vibrant,
colorful paintings of countryside That really got me interested
in wanting to paint like that as well It wasn’t until I moved into Glasgow that I started to notice
the architecture of Glasgow and I started to realize
just how unusual a city it is and I started painting buildings,
and I thought okay, that’s why I like clean lines is because I love the way
that a building looks My artwork is very influenced
by the environment around me We have amazing architects from Glasgow Charles Rennie Mackintosh
being one of them and you see his buildings mixed with next to it there might be a high-rise and then next to that
there might be a church That’s just Glasgow.
It’s just a complete mix of things and that used to
always really fascinate me I realized what it was
about painting that I really loved which was straight lines and repetition the sort of patterns you can see whenever you look at a city from above It’s almost like a design,
as opposed to a painting, I guess I quite like the idea of merging both The architect’s artwork is very repetitive and very intricate which really reflects
what I was doing with music There’s lots and lots
of layers in the music and there’s lots
of tiny little things going on and so they kind of
merge together well It usually begins with finding a place
that means a lot to me so, say, the album artwork is a place
in Glasgow called Byres Road which is somewhere
that I know very, very well and it was somewhere
I was spending a lot of time whilst making the record The new album I have coming out I have decided to paint stairwells in particular my stairwell in the flat that I’ve now
lived in for nine years So many clean lines
that I can play around with and there’s great angles, as well particularly with the bannisters
and stairs going down Whenever I’m making music
I need to get away sometimes from the room that I’m working in but I don’t ever want to go too far because within five minutes
I want to go back to making music again Whenever I paint, because I’m… I use my mind a bit,
but it’s mostly my eyes I can listen to a lot of things and because I paint
for long durations, as well I can get through album after album I find new albums,
and find new things I’m influenced by both for music and for my art If I wasn’t painting then I probably wouldn’t listen
to music that much because I wouldn’t have time because I always have a pair
of headphones on making my own music As well as catching up
on all of the modern pop music that’s coming out, and alternative music I listen to a lot
of classical music whilst painting in particular French composers,
French Impressionist composers like Debussy or Ravel,
just because I really enjoy going into completely
different worlds whilst painting The goal for me is to express myself in a way that hopefully
others can understand as well and feel I like to put my all into it because that is the whole point
in me making art It’s not to pretend I am
something else, or someone else it’s to put myself out there