hey grains this is a reminder that Friday is the release of my parrots movie let’s watch the trailer the life of a youtuber Parrot is not all glamour and fun though people think they know me and yet [Music] [Music] my name is angel [Music] hey grains welcome to another cash-or-trash the show where we review of multiple craft kits so that ours my money you don’t joining me today is my sister Sika who decided that she wanted to be a cherry today I never wear colors really you got pick on me now and say I’m getting undressed well at least now we’re not a channel to child today we’re going to be looking at four items from five below more specifically squishy DIY and squishy craft kits I love do you remember what I did to your squishy I know I’m still angry about that I turned her unicorn squishy into a creature oh yeah hey don’t you mistreat it no let me know which squishy makeover do you prefer you prefer my corset demon or do you prefer her speak absolutely adorable unicorn well I’m a unicorn Matt vote in the art card section here are the kids that were going to be looking at so satisfying make and destroy squishing the kit 3d paint and squishy kids let’s go is she skull wishy kids are you sure it’s good alright next one is make your own squish me not a squishy squish me don’t you dare thanks me a good boos looks like you and the last one is a squishy Journal the first kick we’re going to be looking at is a 3d paint and the squishy kit 3d paint apparently like it puffs up it should have texture the last time we did a squishy decorating kit it was terrible for you might squish better than yours so I remember yeah but the markers oh yeah markers are pretty crappy so I’m really curious about this specific kit because it says soft and slow release my question is isn’t really a soft and slow release kit or is it going to be just really bouncy and coming right back up like my Squishy from these smushy mission kit and another thing in the back when we look and it says instructions use paint to create custom design let it dry for 24 hours and then squish but more importantly it says do not consume squishy for squishing only I think if they really need to right don’t consume squishy there’s a problem either markers sent it or something like why would you want to consume a squishy not sent it all right time to see what we get inside oh no that means I got it No okay don’t squish it here before I squish all right so so first things first it doesn’t really look like a dinosaur it kind of looks like a salamander and it is really soft to the touch very smooth down your stairs yeah earlier today she slid down my stairs for no reason whatsoever I was just sitting there and I’m like wonder how funny would be to slide down I just really lifted my feet it’s been cleaned up sticks was it fun yeah the fact that the surface is really soft like this is usually bad news especially if we have to use paint because paint will not stick it to a soft surface let’s check the squish whew that’s pretty slow rising the other thing I wanted to mention is that we do have some cracks and tears already so the quality of the product itself I know it is $5 but at the same time if you’re going to sell something make sure that it at least is not damaged we get four colors of 3d paint green purple yellow blue but how 3d is it should we test them out yes one of the things that bothers me already is that we are getting painting tubes with no paint brush I’m pretty sure we can’t cover an entire squishy with just paint tubes but I guess we’re gonna test that up all right so I’m going to be testing blue and yellow now be testing green and purple the interesting thing is on the box it does say you can mix your colors to make new ones however as you noticed we did not get the primary colors go ahead take on the show okay so if they had given us red we would have been able already to make with yellow and blue the green and with the red and blue blue purple why you gotta do me like that you started it no it was very empty are you squeezing yeah okay it is pretty thick I don’t think this is gonna do much for the dinosaur because it feels very empty when I’m squishing yours let’s try the oh the blue one is a lot more liquidy and it feels a lot less empty okay at least yours has more it’s pretty dark the blue though it’s really nice yeah so far the colors are really pretty yeah they’re they’re very nicely pigmented it looks pretty nice okay that one’s pretty liquidy – well the purple I think is the thickest one so far and blue all right since with the tube is not good enough and their intention was for us to be able to mix colors I’m going to go ahead and use my own brush that way would have a better gauge whether or not the actual paints are good which means I need a pot of water Sika go fetch me some water yeah gopher so as I’m picking it up right here with the paintbrush it is pretty thick but it also feels a little clumpy then again it is 3d paint welcome back have a seat that’s it do what I say alright so I’m making him Barney color I don’t think we have pink though we make pink I need a pink isn’t these underbelly pink I don’t remember it’s been too long and oh no oh no no Frick man is it because he’s glossy I guess we’ll see whether or not the paint actually comes off I’m expecting to do at least two or three coats which is normal for actual squishies you need to do at least a good few coats of paint so let’s try that [Music] my me my pretty yes my child you have a heart of gold and only a face a mother would love oh wow so as you saw I really had to put really thick coats of that paint because even after six or seven coats of the offending piece it just wasn’t covering enough so this paint is kind of like a contradiction it is both thick and yet very thin how is like Sika is very dark and yet very bright today stop I quit one of the things I noticed while I was painting is that we’re starting to get some crusts and the paint seems like it’s starting to eel is it really peeling already and I didn’t even do anything so look over here ring oh wow okay come on from one piece okay that’s fine so this is pretty much the activity we did for what an hour and a half now yeah it’s been an hour and a half we’ve been painting this and look and it has nothing to do with letting it dry longer yeah I know do you want to peel oh my god so if it wasn’t going to peel off I would have said yeah I guess for five dollars even though you’re getting an extremely streaky creature for quality even for five dollars in my opinion you could send it but then again the paint that you’re getting is really poor quality you’re better off buying your own squishy and it’s your own 3d fabric paint sending it and you’ll probably get better results than this yeah I agree so this 3ds squishy a DIY kit for us is definitely going the next decorating squishy kit you seem like you’re discouraged Sica are you okay talk to me please present this before I talk all right this kit is called make your own squish me velvet that’s my question what’s your question what do you mean velvet like the texture velvet and more paint is a 3d Sika has some really valid questions what is the meaning of velvet my guess is that it’s going to be a very soft kind of Tex maybe like the previous one which was very soft and very your way saltier than I am right now here’s the thing normally it would seem fine however if you look on the package itself the actual squish knees that are on the front don’t even look like they’re painted with the actual paint if we look closely it looks like it’s digitally painted we get both a kitty a hamster cat I guess and a dog and even the dog is looking to the cat like what are you a cat or are you a hamster what is it look he’s got the head tail he’s like huh yeah he’s like luckily in the back though it does tell us that it is a hamster and it comes with Paint Pots so I think just for our our own sanity here we’re going to do little polka dots to test the surface and test the paint we will not go all the way are you happy with that yeah all right time to see what is that [Music] all right we haven’t touched it yet we just dropped it on the desk but seco really wanted to know why is it called velvet just by looking at it you can see it kind of looks looks like a velvet texture it does feel like velvet it feels like the leggings I have at home oh wow yeah it’s pretty soft but not when you do it that way feels like a makeup brush that’s what it is took Suzy English do you grains English number one on a regular basis cuz that’s a thing here all the time look oh so in essence it does feel like a makeup brush and it also has that density I guess of like when you use the makeup phone yeah so it’s going to be very interesting to see how the paint holds in this case my guess is the paint will because it’s fabric although it is weird here my animal doesn’t even have a face anymore they don’t have any eyes Oh your kitty cat doesn’t have a dog oh why did you go caveman on me it’s dope sorry Oh gross kitty has barely some little slits for eyes and our kitty hamster has a full face I don’t know if you can see it here there is a small pattern for the eyes but I don’t see it on the camera something we noticed really quickly if you have any allergies pay attention to the dust that comes out of this ready did you crane see that one let’s get a darker background there you go Wow and I actually did accidentally inhale it and I was coughing it’s pretty bad it’s tickling – be careful we also get a foam brush a regular brush to paint puffers puffer look at me I’m a babe above two puffs paints which is supposed to help us add a test rare six colors of paint so that what we’re going to do is we’re going to try and decorate our pieces I’m going to go for kitty I’m gonna go for a weird hamster kitty and let’s see what our experiences remember all the kids were checking out today our $5 it is a huge step up in terms of materials from the previous kit so as we’re painting these little velvety squishies the interesting thing is is that the paint is really opaque the colors are really vibrant and it was actually fun to paint it at least for me I don’t know about Sica yeah I enjoyed it quite a bit especially with the fact that the colors are stuck so it’s very motivating to continue right and and the paint really does stay now the question is is it going to squish as nicely as before or is it going to have a very crusty feel to it so here out here are our two creations and I kind of think C cos look like it had quite a few too many jump scares all right so see cuz the only one who tried the puff paint and what is your experience with it basically what it does is it kind of flattens out the surface so it’s not it’s not as puffy so if you can see here it’s not as raggedy basically that’s where I use the paint and over here I didn’t use as much you can see it’s it sticks out more here and that’s basically just a velvety area of it so it seems like it’s a Glee and it kind of pleased pleases it to make it up it makes it all you bone alright so you want to do the first squish sure and we did let it dry for quite some time and so good how does it feel well it’s a little crunchy but it’s not it’s not invasive all right my turn and yeah you can definitely feel that the paint is there but not much yes one basis yeah it’s not wet at all it just feels a little crusty err as though you took acrylic paint and put it on your regular clothing so my guess is that this is you’re making fun of my crusty wear yeah use crunchy and crispy kind of sounds dirty says the girl who uses the word hefty hey hefty is a good word okay so hey honey timeout which word is better crusty or hefty I don’t know I like the word crusty baby sounds dirty hefty sounds that’s what it is crusty sounds like a well bleep it all up four or five dollars you get a paint brush you get paint yet three velvety squishies or nobody’s gorgeous so for us this one is definitely worth your cash our next victim squishy journal I have salute loved the cover of this germ Journal this is Journal Journal is what I meant what I love about this packaging is that little cookie because look at it not only is it smiling it’s frowning smile kind of like salty crafter and the other thing that’s really interesting is that it does say cookie and it has those guns look at them guns and guns is another word for muscles by the muscles so the question is is that an actually fun Journal kit or is it just gimmicky but first things first let us touch the squishy fingers up ready keep that finger up I want to see how much determination you’ve got mmm too much I have a question for you what is it um is this part of the journal or does he come off it’s supposed to be sucking to the journal is that a question I think so ice fingers oh that’s enough get your finger on your lap that’s enough finger waving not on my lap here’s what we get inside three thicker sheets in mostly theme of food so it is right it’s foamy around C cos thing and I promise I’ll feed her she doesn’t matter B I took a picture before we started I’ll show you how much food is around her it was an apple and a protein bar and chips you’ve been exposed geez it does have cute little food puns like I do not care and look how happy is he’s like no cacao given no frogs given and then there’s this cute little hamburger that says true love but then really big it says Made in China is it on the sticker okay and then here I love you Oh cardio that one’s bad look at this sassy hot dog it looks evil it looks like you and you don’t get it no and then we also have little hashtags like squad goals we also get this not very nicely holographic pen when it looks like it’s been chewed by a cat it does let’s have a few seconds for the toy dear chewed-up pencil topper pen pen topper we send our respects for all your foil that you’ve mists we will greatly keep your memory alive now the inside of the booklet is it cute is it lying or is it sketch paper the answer is blank sheet I guess if you want to draw but it’s supposed to be a journal so in theory for a journal there should be some kind of lines yeah maybe some activities a little drawing usually they have like little cute drawings at the top of the page so I thought that they’d at least put that in there Luthan cute however this one here nothing Nana zero pretty black paint what I had done you’re gonna go into the areas right do you remember what why wala haga means vote let’s see a few grains remember all right so we’re going to test the pen and oh is it smooth very smooth oh it’s actually it feels like a Bic pen the only thing is it’s flimsy it’s super bendy look at that just don’t bend it too much because I can see it popping and you’re like getting ink all over the cameras do you wanna try sure oh so smooth okay that’s enough so for five dollars yeah the squishing and the cookie and even the details on the cookie the shading is really nice the question is is it worth five dollars the stickers are cute the pen works the squishy is cute if you’re really really stuck for a gift idea yeah I guess so but otherwise the booklet itself has no fun trivia it doesn’t have cute questionnaires like it had lines it doesn’t even have lines supposed to be a journal even the one I did with Scholastic had so much cute trivia inside and personality test and it was just so fun for me for five dollars a skeptical cash yes everything does work Elyse kept a little cash for me to skippable skip a book honestly it was all great until you opened up the book they would have added a little bit of something I think it would been a lot worth it and just to be clear this thing wants to come off very easily so even when we were squishing it this way it just ripped yeah so oh it’s non-consumable or 7lz okay it’s going to go into my candidate for squishy on makeover good pics like blue our last victim so satisfying DIY make and destroy kit so you make it and destroy it apparently so the thing that caught my attention is that it does say includes a squishy clay and squishy scent so how is this different from play-doh or any kind of modeling clay like gives it harden but still squish these are all valid questions and I have to say on the corner of my camera right on the on the top left I can see our little Dino you talking oh oh hello looking all sad still saying mama I’m uh pretty it looks so sad over there I feel emotionally connected to it no look at the other side of him he’s got like all kinds of peeling issues going on there I don’t discriminate he’s peeling he’s a bad kid – he’s a bad kid I’m sorry all right let’s see what we get inside [Music] so today we learned I have a pretty flat top of my head I’m pretty good at carrying stuff here’s what we get brown red yellow green end 10 squishy clay which we’re gonna feel the texture right now yeah play-doh that’s what my play-doh used to smell like it’s an old like play-doh Jackie take it from someone who’s used play-doh recently just squish it I didn’t know this mice feels harder look there’s this pretty stiff oh I wasn’t that malleable it really smells like an old musty a piece of wood broken what’d you do it just snapped all right so C cos piece seems to be pretty hard oh no crumbling it’s already hardened there is no way you can make anything with this I think mines dried out yeah whereas mine you can see the difference we have my clay what let’s test out the other ones how’s yours so much better red smush Brown smush and then there’s this huge tan one it looks like we get no lettuce when we make our burger ten smush all right so I guess the green one was that – yeah Bosh Arabic word of the day for garbage is the venom zabeta now you know and then we’re supposed to be getting that squishy sand but it looks dry really dry and crumbly what is this I don’t think I can pick it up though it’s pretty dry kinetic sand it’s not really holding a shape so yours is slightly more wet it’s very dry kinetic sand so what we decided to do is follow the instructions which they didn’t really give much according to the instructional sheet and made our own little hamburger is it going to be fun to squish and satisfying I guess we’ll find out time to squish it we decide oh you know what we can cut it in alright here’s here’s your half as you can see it just keeps breaking and falling apart already so now the question is is it as the box say so satisfying and the answer is it honestly just feels like squishing modelling clay yeah it’s kind of not very satisfying it’s very underwhelming very antique like I’m a anticlimactic the sign feels weird in my hands yeah and then here’s the thing that we just realized as we’re putting it together is this kit something that you can play with again nope so here goes your $5 you’re just putting a piece of modeling clay one on top of the other with some pretty dry kinetic sand does this squish it within an hour because after that well it’s gonna be too dry so you bought something for $5 to squish it once and throw it out that’s pretty much it which means that if we’re supposed to use this once and throw it out in our books this kit goes remember if you haven’t seen the a burb movie make sure you check it out I am so proud of this film it is pretty ridiculous but I love it anyways do you like your own movie human bird form I’m not answering the question without my lawyer nearby this week’s shout outs go to lay the in cosplay polka nerd 22:35 yuuki-san shewolf fox mill art Kelly Duckworth little boy monkeying around mint edit vapor trail and kalynn remember if you want a shout-out in my videos don’t forget – tag notification in the comment section well within the first 5 hours of the video release or hashtag nerdy crafts on Instagram Twitter or Facebook anytime with any of your creations and if you want to reach my sister you can find her on Instagram and nerde sister underscore Sica if you want to watch the previous cash or trash check it up here and if you want to watch a video YouTube thinks is perfect so you make sure you check down here until then we will see you grains in the next video