I thought I would do some revision
before the big test, I’m definitely gonna need it! *Intro Music* Hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel. It’s been just over a year since I finished my master’s degree, and I
thought I would test myself on my art history knowledge. And technically my
degree wasn’t in art history or anything like that, but art history is a big part
of it if you’re studying kind of art, you should know your stuff! I’m either
going to do very well in this, or I’m gonna embarrass myself online! I also
have no idea how difficult this test is gonna be, or it might be super easy. I’m
going in completely blind! But hopefully I’ll pass with flying colors! But before
we get into the quiz make sure to click the subscribe button and the bell icon
so you never miss an upload! Just gonna pop on my reading glasses so I can see… *ALERT* Yes they’re not real, but I look more
intelligent okay! Okay so I’m using the website ProProfs.com. By the looks of
things they have a ton of different kinds of quizzes and tests and stuff
like that, and I’m most interested in the art history section. This one’s almost
got five stars out of five, it’s got 4.8 so it should be a very very good test,
and hopefully it’ll be quite challenging… but not too challenging! There’s 26
questions and it’s by Jtscanlon…. I don’t know. And feel free to try at home
as well, and see if you do better than me. You probably’s will! Right let’s
begin! *Quiz Music* Right so question number one. What type
of photo is this?… I have no idea I don’t think it’s a lithograph, I might go for
one of those because it sounds the most complicated. *Quiz Music* *Incorrect Music* Aww, I was wrong, it’s an Albumen print. Question difficulty easy!? That wasn’t easy!!
Okay next!! What type of photo is this? I’m not good with photography! I have no
idea! I’ll go for a Lithograph…. *Quiz Music* *Correct Music* Yey!!! I got it right! Complete guess! Next. Why are they
all photograph ones? What type of photograph is this? Well I don’t think
it’s gonna be an Albumen print or a Lithograph because they’ve already been.
So I think it’s either gonna be a Calotype or a dagurarauuua…type. I’ll try Calotype, why not! *Quiz Music* *Correct Music* Yey!! I’m right! If in doubt just guess! Right
next question. What photo is this? Aww tell me about this for photo? I didn’t learn
this in art history… Timothy O’Sullivan, A harvest of death, Gettysburg Albumen print…. Do we think it’s man on horse
photograph? Allan Pinkerton battle of Antietam.. Union General…. I’m gonna go with the simple one.. A man on horse photograph, because it just…
I don’t know, I feel like it could be that. *Quiz Music* *Incorrect Music* I was wrong, it’s Allan Pinkerton battle of
Antietam. I’ve never heard of that before! Next question! What type of photo is this?
Is this all photographs!? I think it’s a Lithograph, because I’m pretty sure
with Lithographs it’s all to do with the printing technique.. I could be wrong though… *Quiz Music* *Incorrect Music* I’m wrong it’s a Daguerrotype. I don’t
know what that is. Is this all gonna be photography? Okay it’s not all
photography! Right next question, question number six. Pick one. It looks like a
Picasso.. I think… I’m gonna go for Picasso, Plant On Table… *Quiz Music* *Incorrect Music* Ahhh!! It did look very similar to a
Picasso, but yeah. I’ve never heard of Metzinger before
unfortunately. Right questions seven. Pick one. I have no idea who this
artist is. A print made by mistake. I don’t think it’s that, it could be
Picasso’s first print. It’s either that one or the Picasso one. I’m
just gonna guess and I’m gonna go for the Picasso one again… *Quiz Music* *Incorrect Music* Oh my god!!! Argh! I was gonna go for that one!!
I’m doing terrible! What!? Meis van der Rohe, Illinois. That’s
not even a question, it’s just a statement. What am I supposed to be
guessing? Home for Illinois, Farnsworth House. Glass House. I have no
idea what the kind of concept of this question is, it’s not a question. Ermm
Glass House? No I’ll go for Mies House…. *Quiz Music* *Incorrect Music* No I’m incorrect, I’m not surprised! What
was the Bauhaus? It’s not a Nazi run school in Germany, it’s not the best
school in West France. School about the creation of simple everyday, everyday
things. It was a house created by a famous architect. I know about the
Bauhaus movement.. was it the Bauhaus movement? It’s kind of like, it’s
something to do with architecture, I’m sure. I think it’s going to be this house
created by famous architect… *Quiz Music* *Incorrect Music* Are you for real!? That was gonna be my
next one, yeah bollocks! I’m doing shit! Pick one.
Picasso, Moving nude. Or Duchamp, Nude Descending a Staircase. The only kind of
work I know about Duchamp is that toilet, the urinal he did, that was Duchamp
wasn’t it? I hope it was, I’m pretty sure it was. It seems more Picasso like this,
so I’m gonna go for Picasso… *Quiz Music* *Incorrect Music* Ah for f*** sake!! I’m doing so bad!! Rhis is so embarrassing!! My scores 8 out of 100, that question
wasn’t easy!! Next! Who made this? I remember being
taught about Dada, and it was around kind of the surrealism movement and
stuff like that. I don’t think Dada actually made this because I’m pretty
sure Dada’s the movement, I don’t think there’s an artist called Dada, I could be
completely wrong, unless the movement was named after the artist called Dada. I
recognise the name Hoch, it’s definitely not Picasso, and I don’t think.. it won’t
be Davinci because it’s after Davinci’s time. So I think I’m gonna go for Hoch.. *Quiz Music* *Correct Music* Yes!!!! I got one right!!! Thank god! Right next question. The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelor and Fountain, (Porcelain urinal) were both by Duchamp. No fountain the
porcelain urinal, that was definitely by Duchamp. I have no
idea whether the bride stripped bare by a bachelor was. The image isn’t enough to
work off either. I’m just gonna say true.. *Quiz Music* *Correct Music* Yes!! Ah thank you!!
Question number 13. What did Jean Arp rely on to create untitled, torn and
pasted paper. I have no idea who this artist is. Direct placement, let a
child place them, did it blindfolded, laws of chance. I have a feeling it’s gonna be
something obscure, I think it’s either going to be let a child place them, or
did it blindfolded. I’m going to say let a child place them. I just, I don’t
know, it seems like something an artist would do… *Quiz Music* *Incorrect Music* Ah bollocks! Laws of chance. No never mind!
What type of photo is this? Again! I don’t know what type of photo it it! I’m just
gonna go Lithograph… *Quiz Music* *Incorrect Music* Yeah I’m not right, it’s an Albumen
print, I don’t know what they are. The person who made this quiz is clearly
very into photography, and I am not. So I’m gonna put it down to that, my
final score is gonna be because of photography okay! Pick one.
Oh this is… I know this one, I’ve seen this one. It’s not a fake, it’s not Davinci, it’s either Picasso or Braque. And I’m pretty sure this is Picasso…
Oh it might not be Picasso..Oh I don’t know!! I know it’s a really famous painting! Ah it’s driving
me crazy! I remember, I’m pretty sure I wrote an essay on this as well, or it was
part of my essay years ago, years ago mind, it wasn’t like a short time ago,
this was a very long time ago! I think it’s Picasso… *Quiz Music* *Correct Music* Yes!! Oh thank god!!
I know who this is, it’s not Picasso. No I’m sure it was Braque, but aren’t more
than one right on this? I’m pretty sure it could be this one, or it could be this
one, it’s not that, and it’s not that. I don’t think Picasso made this.. I’m
gonna click Picasso did not make this. *Quiz Music* *Incorrect Music* I didn’t, I didn’t fully understand that
question. I’m blaming the question okay! What is this called? Question 17. I don’t
think it’s Picasso, it’s not cut and paste bottle I don’t think. Since it’s
got the word ‘Suze’ on it. I’m gonna go Picasso (bottle of Suze). I
think that’s the obvious choice. *Quiz Music* *Correct Music* Yes thank god!!
Question number 18. There’s a lot of Picasso in this one. Pick one. Picasso,
Picasso messy table with cards, Picasso Daniel Henry. Well it won’t be that one
because that one was just before. I don’t think it’s Braque, or it could be because
I know he was popular with cubism as well as Picasso. I think it might be this
Braque one. I’m probably pronouncing that name wrong by the way as well. I’m pretty
sure it is.. *Quiz Music* *Correct Music* Yes! Get on! Number 19
What is Art Noveau? Thing is this art history test, it’s very kind of niche.
There’s a lot of Picasso, there’s a lot of cubism, there’s a lot of photography.
They know what they like. I was expecting a bit more kind of diversity in the
choices. Intricate linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms.
It’s not like cubism, it’s not arts and crafts. A strict way of creating art
using only basic tools. Yeah I think it’s intricate linear designs and flowing
curves based on natural forms. *Quiz Music* *Correct Music* Yeah! Who created this armchair? Glasgow,
Gimson, William Morris, Horta. I don’t think it would be William Morris,
because William Morris was the guy who did very patterned kind of wallpaper and
stuff, I can’t remember him being very popular for furniture design. And I have
never ever heard of the other three artists. I think I’m gonna go Horta, I
don’t know why, it’s just literally a stab in the dark. *Quiz Music* *Incorrect Music* Ah Gimson, okay I had no chance!
Oh! It’s Gaudi! I know that. I don’t know what Gaudi it is so though, why! I don’t know! The fact that I know that it’s Gaudi, is that not enough!?
I’m gonna go for the first one. I don’t even want to look… *Quiz Music* *Correct Music* Yes!!! Tell me about this photo. Well It’s Gaudi again isn’t it? Mm-hmm.
It looks like Gaudi, it’s not Davinci. I think it’s Gaudi. *Quiz Music* *Correct Music* Yeah I thought it was. He’s got a very distinct architectural design, it’s very kind of curves and
stuff, it’s the Cathedral in Barcelona which is kind of half finished. Gaudi
designed and made that. I’ve actually been there, I’ve been to the park in Barcelona
as well which is all Gaudi, and I’ve seen a lot of the stuff in Barcelona. I have
no idea who this is. Well it’s not arts and crafts. It could be
more… it doesn’t look like a Gaudi. I’m gonna go Horta, I don’t know why, I
just feel like it’s not a Gaudi. *Quiz Music* *Correct Music* Ah yes! Get on!! Right question number 24,
we’re getting there. This falls under arts and crafts. Mackintosh ladies luncheon
room Glasgow. True or false? I don’t, I have no idea. I don’t even know what the
question is. Urm true? *Quiz Music* *Correct Music* Yey!! Completely random guess! Tell me about
this photograph. Right well the last one was Allan Pinkerton, so it won’t be that
one again will it? Well he looks like he’s got an army uniform on, so it could be
the Union general Haupt. I’m gonna go for the top answer…. *Quiz Music* *Correct Music* Yes!! last question. That’s
William Morris, a hundred percent that’s William Morris. I don’t even need the
other thingy’s, that’s 100 percent William Morris. *Quiz Music* *Correct Music* Yes!! I did a lot of work on William
Morris, and I know a William Morris when I see one. Submit my answers, see how bad I did. *Quiz Music Okay I got 54/100 so technically I got a C. I got right in
the middle! I got average, I got 14 questions right,
and 12 wrong. But my result is fail! Yeah I definitely didn’t do as well as I
wanted to, but I have to say it.. it’s just all down to the choices, like a lot of
them were photography ones which I just I have no idea on. And a lot of it
was Picasso which I haven’t done or studied Picasso in probably’s around
ten years time, it’s been a long long time since I’ve done anything to do with
Picasso. But I was expecting way more of a variety in questions, you know
I was expecting more of kind of surrealism, a lot more surrealism questions, maybe some
Impressionism, maybe some questions even on pointillism, or like anything like
that, there’s just such a variety you could have done, and like way more kind
of topics to choose from. And it seemed very kind of narrow, so I’m blaming
that why I got average okay! It’s not my fault! Do you blame the test as well?
Okay are you on my side? Do you blame the test, because the test was awful. But
hopefully you did enjoy today’s just random little video for the week. I
just fancied it, I really fancied refreshing my knowledge on art history… even know it turns out I’m not particularly great but… never mind! But
feel free to let me know in the comments down below how you did, and give the
video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it! And make sure to subscribe the channel if
you haven’t already, and I’ll see you on Friday for a brand new video! Bye!!!