step by step acrylic painting on canvas for beginners step 1: paint the background using blue-grey and white on 9″/12″ canvas sheet step 2: spread the paint randomly step 3: use a dry flat brush or mop brush the softly blend the colors Step4: once the background is fully dry, draw a rough sketch. The concept is: fallen basket so the basket looks sidewise step5: apply darker tone ( burnt umber) for the basket and Prussian blue( for the flowers) as the base color acrylic painting let it dry step 6: use filbert brush number 8 or round brush to paint the petals. tip 1: apply medium tone as the first layer of the petals. Later we can add lighter tones follow the same stroke movement for the creation of flower petals tip2: 4 or 5 petals are fine. depends on your choice acrylic painting repeat the same process to create the flowers tip3: place the flowers adjacently step 7: Complete the flowers with medium colors first acrylic painting step by step step 8: adding a lighter tone before the underpainting is fully dry. If the underpainting is dry, no worries. go on with that. Apply the same strokes with the lighter tones tip 4: Leave a few medium and darker tones while applying lighter tones. step 9: apply lighter tones by mixing white on it tip5: Don’t apply too much lighter flowers, we need medium flower too. repeat apply the flowers with lighter tones acrylic painting on canvas step 10: Appy black color to the center using a scurfy brush ( you can use a round brush too) tip 6: Don’t apply center to the whole flowers, apply to flowers that are looking front. using white, give few details to the center. step11: Apply small leaves and greens using olive green. TIP: Don’t apply too many greens. The main focus of the painting is the flowers, don’t lose it with greens if you have any doubts regarding this painting please leave your comment acrylic painting blue flowers do you like this painting?? step12: using burnt sienna and liner brush add details to the basket. step13: add shadows underneath the basket. It will give the real feel of the fallen basket. I really appreciate your feedback. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING