Hey everyone, Jason here. Last week I posted this small kinetic sculpture
of two planes soaring through the air, and in that video I said I was going to explore
some other themed versions of it, and this is the first one, which, of course, is Luke’s X-Wing being chased by Darth Vader’s
TIE fighter in the climactic trench run scene of A New
Hope. And I even added a couple of laser turrets
here, which sweep from side to side to track the X-Wing. And let’s take a look at how that works. I won’t go over how the planes are controlled
again, as I explained all that in the previous video, which you can go check out if you missed
it. I did shift the pistons controlling the planes
a little bit, so that I could add a third piston in between, which is the one that controls
the rotation of the turrets. And the way they work is pretty much like
a primitive steering system. Each turret is mounted on an axle, which passes
through the top of the base using some Technic plates with holes in them, And underneath they are connected using
a series of liftarms, so that as this liftarm moves from side to side, each axle rotates,
which rotates the turret above. Then, inside the base, we just connect the
end of that third piston to that liftarm using some connector pieces, and that is pretty much all there is to it. I decided to leave the base for this model
open, so that you can see what is going on, and I even detailed it a little bit on the inside
as well, as I imagine the inside of the Death Star was full of all kinds of machinery and piping. I thought it would also be cool if the actual
mechanism that drives the model kind of represented some of that machinery. And of course if you would like to see something
like this model become an official LEGO set, I have posted it to LEGO Ideas. You can find a link to the project in the
description or over at jkbrickworks.com. It is free and easy to add your support and
we still have a long way to go to get 10,000 supporters. I had a lot of fun building this version of the model. I really enjoy building micro scaled vehicles,
it turns out, and decorating the base was super fun too. As always, I hope you enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching, keep on building, and
I’ll see you next time.