hi everybody its Christina from pretty
distressed welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to be building a
bed from scratch using lumber from the hardware store and I’m gonna be painting
it for my daughter’s room so if you want to see how I built this canopy bed and
got this look just keep watching if you are new to my channel I am a furniture
painter and refinish her and you will normally find me on here doing tutorials
on how to refinish furniture things that you have or things that you find on the
cheap but I also do some DIY builds along with the help of my husband if you
follow me on instagram you probably saw us working on this bed over the holidays
and I finally have got it completed and all of this filmed to show you guys the
details of building your own canopy bed so let me zoom you in there’s lots to
talk about and we will get started this video is being sponsored by a hunter fan
company it was actually their low profile Cranbrook fan that inspired this
whole bed build and room makeover it comes in four different finishes but for
my makeover I selected blush pink and I am proud to tell you that I actually
installed this thing on my own the instructions were really straightforward
and easy to follow I chose this fan because it has a really modern look but
at the same time it has a vintage feel her room used to be really shabby and
fancy and as she’s growing up I think she’s just a little bit more
sophisticated so I wanted her room to reflect that she is still really girly
so I loved that they have this new a finish extension option in the blush
pink I will link this fan down below and the hunter a site so you can go check it
out so I knew I wanted to do a canopy bed I’ve had my eye on this one from
Restoration Hardware but you guys know me I’m not gonna spend this much money
on a bed I’m gonna try to dupe it myself so I went to Pinterest and Google to see
if I could find any DIY plans for building a canopy bed and the ones that
I liked the most that I found were from Anna white if you guys have never
visited her site or heard about her she is a building guru and she has tons of
free plans up on her website so we decided to tackle her canopy bed we got
our lumber from Home Depot it was mostly pine and common board and we bought a
Kreg jig as well to do the pocket holes for the bed build I’ve wanted to get one
of these for a while and I know that Anna white uses it a lot so hopefully we
can build some more stuff with pocket holes in the future these plans are
amazing and really easy to follow so I’m not gonna give you a step-by-step of
each process because you can print these out for yourself I’m just gonna show you
how we did it here is my husband I know you guys have seen him before when he
built bunk beds and did the shiplap on our fireplace it’s fun working in a team
I’m the one that finds the inspiration and asks him to build something and then
he builds it and I get to finish it so here he’s just making all the cuts from
the cut list and while he was cutting I was just taking the boards and sanding
them with my orbital sander I’m using a 1:50 pad and just kind of smoothing out
if there’s any gouges or stuff like I said earlier we tried to just pick
common board and stuff that was really affordable at Home Depot so I was just
smoothing out any gouges or imperfections in the wood after we made
all the cuts he started drilling in the pocket holes and this is just really
gonna aid in the construction to have a solid bed with hidden holes there’s a
little bit of a learning curve but with this jig but I know Craig has a youtube
channel if you want any tips or tricks on how to use this thing so this is the
bed that we’re replacing today it used to be a crib and we got it off of
Craigslist for really cheap I think like 50 bucks or something and the box
springs broken on it so it was just time to change it up and this was a great
opportunity to get all those Legos and trash off the floor we assembled the
headboard portion outside and I did film that but it was just all our backsides
so I didn’t think you wanted to see that but we brought that inside and then
assembled the rest of the bed frame in the room Craig tools that makes their
own screws to use with these pocket holes you can use regular screws but we
did go ahead and buy those because they recommend them and that they’ll give you
a stronger hold we used a miter saw
to make all our cuts but the plans actually only call for a circular saw so
if that’s all you have you’ll be in good shape the plans also called for taking
that circular saw and kind of shaving down the posts a little bit I think just
to give them some interest and shape I wanted mine to be boxy like the
Restoration Hardware one that I showed you so we took that part out of the
plans as you can see assembly in the bed was definitely a two-person job but
everything I have showed you actually took place in one day we got everything
assembled we did have a little bit of problem on the last two pieces on the
canopy but not to worry the next day we went to Home Depot and got two new
pieces and then this time put them on correctly the last step of the build was
to get the cleats and slats on that are gonna actually hold and house the
mattress and we had a ton of scrap wood in our garage from other projects and so
while these are all different sizes they are the same width so they’re all even
and level across once the build was complete my husband walked on top of
these just to make sure they were going to support weight and we even tested the
mattress on there too to make sure that it fit with the build complete it is now
my turn to start finishing this piece off so I just grabbed a little bit of
wood filler to fill in all those holes we made with the screws and that correct
jig actually came with these cool little inserts you can see there they’re kind
of like pre-cut dowels that you put in there to fill up the hole which is
really nice and then I’m just taking a little bit of that wood filler to fill
the remainder of that hole I’m just using my finger to put this on but if
you don’t want to touch it you can use a putty knife to do this so I filled up
all the holes that you could see and then once they dry I just went back in
with a medium grit sandpaper a 150 and a tack cloth and made it real nice and
smooth and wiped away all that dust next up is painting and I’m gonna be using a
Dixie Belle’s dried sage today I’m actually gonna make a wash of this paint
and it’s gonna act a little bit more like a stain versus a troop
so to do that I’m putting four ounces of paint in my spaghetti jar here and then
I’m adding the same amount of water so I’m doing a one to one ratio and I love
using containers like this because am reusing it and B it has measurements on
the side so it makes it really easy to make sure that I’m doing the same amount
of paint if I need to mix up more for this wash technique you’re gonna want a
pair of gloves any type of paintbrush will do I’m using a chip brush and some
wiping rags I work in two to three foot sections at a time your paint is going
to be really watery and drippy so make sure that you have some covering down
some drop cloths down to protect your fluorine and painting it on in the
direction of the grain and once you get your little section done you’re gonna
take your clean wiping cloth and just wipe back the paint and this is gonna
make the grain come through and make it look a lot more like a stain versus a
thick coat of paint on there the rags I’m using are those Intex rags
that I talked about I think in almost every video I love them because they’re
great for staining and painting and waxing so I can get a lot of use out of
them and they really absorb that paint they’re not gonna just push it around
and that’s what you’re looking for so I will link those down below so you can
see them let’s talk about why I selected doing a paint wash versus a stain the
reason is is that we got all different kinds of wood and there were some
imperfections in the wood this is a DIY project so I wanted it to be affordable
so common board is the easiest type of wood and the cheapest wood to find and
buy at Home Depot I think it’s typically gonna be pine that’s what we’ve found
and we spent about $100 on our lumber we did have some scrap pieces for the slat
so that saved us a little bit using the paint here is gonna make it look the
colouring look uniform across all these different types of wood but I did pick a
color that kind of looks like a stain that’s natural it’s like a taupe with a
green undertone so I’m kind of faking that stain look by using paint this is a
really easy look to achieve and doesn’t take a lot of skill or technique you
just want to work in those small sections so your paints not sitting on
there too long for even finish your rags will get
gunked-up and you will need to switch out and get a new rag every now and then
once it’s all loaded up with paint and once I was done I loved the way that it
looked it was like that raw kind of natural wood and so I decided not to
seal it I’m gonna see how that holds up if that terrifies you you could
definitely seal it with a topcoat or wax or something like that I would just
recommend using a water-based one so that you don’t get any yellowing of your
wood and that’s it I can’t believe we built a bed from scratch in like two
days so here is the big reveal I can’t believe that we made this bed it is just
beautiful my daughter loves it and of course I had a lot of fun completing
this with my husband this hunter fan truly inspired this whole space I
finished it off with some bedding from Betty’s this is the pink sugar set I got
the flowers you see on the wall and the little unicorn lamp and these cute
little throw pillows from one of my favorites Hobby Lobby and of course I
want to give a shout out to Anna White for providing these plans on her website
thank you guys for watching this video all the way to the end I hope you
enjoyed it I hope you feel inspired to maybe take on a DIY build of your own
thank you again to hunter for providing this fan and sponsoring today’s video if
you’d like this video don’t forget to give me a thumbs up if you have any
questions you can leave those down in the comments below I will be back with
another project soon thank you guys for being here and I’ll see you next time