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today’s video! Hello Everyone! 🙂 Welcome back to my channel! I hope you’re having a really wonderful day. And welcome back to another video! In today’s video i’m going to be drawing my Sims, Or more specifically drawing my OCS that I’ve recreated in The Sims 4 – and I am so excited for this video! I think this is
probably the most excited I’ve been in a while for a video and that is mainly due
to the fact that it combines two of my favorite things – which is The Sims and
drawing – two things that I have grown up doing and enjoy! So yeah, I’m really
really excited for this one you probably can’t hear it in my voice because I’m
actually a little bit sick at the moment I’ve got a really terrible sore throat
I’m actually putting that down to fresher’s flu probably because I’ve just
moved back to university and if you don’t know freshes flu is like a thing
that goes around every year, because you have a bunch of like new students coming
in and people just spread like colds and yeah you’re gonna end up with a cold so
yeah it’s a bit annoying but we’re living with it! *laughs* and I still wanted to get this video up for this weekend. before we get properly into the video I
want to give a big THANK YOU to Canary Witch! (for the idea) because she was the one who actually inspired me to create this video in the first place! I’ll have
her video linked down below in the description but she did an absolutely
amazing video on drawing her characters in The Sims 4 and it was just great. If
you don’t know who Canary Witch is, I 100% recommend checking out her art, she is just incredible and the amount of effort that goes into her
characters designs and backstories it’s just incredible. So the two characters of
mine that I’ve chosen to draw today and also to create in the sims 4, are Ember and
Lila and I chose these two characters because in the story of Ember they are
best friends, Ember is the princess and Lila is a blacksmith so she makes all
the weaponry and stuff like that and yeah I I think about my comic a lot
what I want to do with it and I know I’ll have people commenting “WHERE’S THE COMIC!?!?!” and the thing is it is nowhere near out yet because I’ve been working on this
for years I always get really close to releasing the first like episode of it
and then I get too scared I feel like it’s not good enough and I feel like I’m
also constantly redesigning the characters… I don’t know if anyone else
does this with their original characters? but I like I end up redesigning mine a
lot but anyway just for the purpose of this video, the first character that I’m
drawing is Ember who is sort of like the main protagonist of my story and in this
sort of story the world that is set in is like a medieval kind of alternate
universe where there’s a fantasy kind of stuff but it’s sort of that kind of
setting and the clothing is very much like.. well she’s a princess so she’s got
a big like poofy dress and I actually originally had intended to sort of
download some Sims for medieval-looking custom content and put her in a dress
but then I stumbled across like this really beautiful shirt from… I can’t
remember the custom content creator who made this shirt, I will try and check in
my game and put it in the description! but I stumbled across this shirt
which was quite ornate but also like it’s like a crop top so it’s quite
modern looking, that gave me the idea to recreate my OCs in The Sims 4, but
re-imagine them as if they were living in the modern day and I really really
enjoyed this it was a lot of fun and it was really cool to sort of visualize
these characters I’m used to seeing in sort of medieval clothing, it was
really cool to visualize them in a way that’s a little bit more modern, a bit of
more of a modern spin, that being said her shirt is still quite ruffly and I
feel like it still is like a homage to her original design it still is sort of
like a nod to the medieval kind of design because you’ve got like that
ornate detailing on the shirt and honestly, just looking at this now, I’m
looking at that shirt I’m like I wish I owned a shirt like that! like that’s so
pretty! Do you ever just look at custom content for Sims 4 and be like “why can’t I find those kind of clothes like anywhere I go
shopping?” *laughs* but anyway yeah that’s basically the
sort of reason I went for that kind of outfit for ember and then as for her
hair, normally the way I draw her she has her hair down but sort of like half
up half down with some braided parts and it’s quite curly and wavy and then I saw
this hairstyle and I thought that looks a little bit more casual and this works
a little bit more for sort of modern spin so that’s kind of why I went with
the hairstyle that I’ve given her in this video, and I actually was drawing
this on my iPad in procreate while I was waiting at the airport to go on
holiday, and this was like way back in June so that basically gives you an idea
of how long this video has been in the works for, like I’ve been working on this
video for a very long time because I wanted to make the drawings exactly
right and make them look good also I’m really really sorry if you can
hear the road outside if you can hear any cars I’m living in a flat that’s
right near my university at the moment and it’s not really the best location in
the world so you might hear a bit of the noise of the cars, I really hope not but
if it is there I’m very sorry! So yeah I was drawing this on my iPad at the
airport and yeah I just… it was very very nice to be able to do digital
art in the airport like that was something I never thought I’d be able to do before
I managed to get an iPad and it just makes life so much easier and yeah I’m
really happy with how Ember came out I think it looks very much like her
character but it’s really cool to kind of see her in this modern spin and you
know I was really happy with it and to talk a little bit more about being at
University at the moment that is actually the reason why I was kind of on
a bit of a long hiatus, it’s the reason why I haven’t uploaded a video in a
while is because yeah I moved back into University it’s my final year of
university before I get my degree for those of you who don’t know – I study
3D animation so in our final year we actually have to produce a short
animated film and a lot of people are in these like really big groups for their
films but I’m just in a group of two so we’ve got quite a lot of work spread
between just two of us it’s actually me and my boyfriend working on it together
we’re sort of making like a short animated kind of spy film and the main
character is sort of like a James Bond kind of esque character so a lot of my
time is spent doing University assignments and also doing like concept
art for this film but it got me thinking like I was wondering if you guys wanted
to maybe see the process that goes into creating the concept art and the test
animations and all that kind of like pre-visualization stuff for our film if
you were interested in seeing that I could definitely kill two birds with one
stone and make that into a video and that would be incredibly convenient for
me and I’d love to do that if you guys would be interested in seeing that kind
of process so yeah I’m in my final year and it’s incredibly stressful it’s also
a bit annoying because like inktober falls on basically at the start of
semester, so because semester is starting and everything’s all so busy and hectic
I just don’t really have much time for inktober. I’ve managed to do one inktober
this year so far, I just knew this year was not going to be a year where I managed
to do like 30 drawings for the whole month. So yeah that basically explains
why I’m not doing much of inktober and why my uploads have been so sparse but I
just wanted to let you guys know that I actually have three videos upcoming over
the next few weeks so don’t worry I will be basically back and uploading semi
frequently so that’s good at least and anyway moving on to the last drawing I
did for the last speedpaint I was doing my character Lila, I love Lila like I’m so
fond of her character I’m actually working on developing a bit more of her
backstory at the moment and possibly redesigning her old design because
actually what inspired me to do that was when I put this yellow shirt on her I
was like oh my goodness like it looks so pretty on her (the color yellow) so I kind of want to incorporate that kind of yellow color in
her sort of original design so I’m definitely gonna look to hopefully do
that and yeah I had a lot of fun drawing Lila
I gave her this kind of like space buns kind of hairstyle because in her
original design she has like a bun on the top of her head and her hair is
pretty curly, so I wanted something that would also be curly but sort of the similar to
the bun look she has so I was like these two like space buns are really cute, so
I’m gonna give her that and she has like a little sort of clam seashell necklace –
there isn’t really any reason for that I just thought it looked nice because if there was like a little necklace of like a little sword on it because she
makes all the weaponry that would have been a lot more relevant but I didn’t
really have any custom content necklaces which was a little bit
annoying, but yeah I had a lot of fun drawing her, I had such a hard time doing
the hand on her hip like that gave me so many problems it was so difficult but
luckily I managed to sort of figure it out in the end and yeah I’m really happy
with how she came out I’m actually really happy with how all this came out
because yeah like I was saying I absolutely love the Sims
I’ve grown up playing it since Sims one all throughout to Sims 4 and although I
admittedly I don’t play a lot of Sims 4 I play a lot more of Sims 3 just
because I prefer the gameplay but I did Sims 4 for this video because I much
prefer the create-a-sim aspect of it it’s just you have a lot more freedom in
terms of like facial features that being said… limited color palette for the hair
and the clothes which I’m forever angry about and I everyday miss the create a style tool from sims 3 but you know what? it’s fine! but yeah that’s
basically why I use Sims 4 for this video and not Sims 3 and yeah I’ve
been playing Sims through… it’s when I think of Sims I just have such
incredibly fond memories from throughout my childhood to throughout my teenage
years and definitely during the hardest points in my life which was when I was
being really badly bullied in school knowing that I could go home and
play Sims was just such a nice feeling so it has a really special place in my
heart and yeah that’s why I love the Sims so much! It’s
just always gonna be one of my favourite game franchises ever. Let me know if
you’d like to see something like this again because I would happily create
more of my characters in The Sims and then draw them for you guys again,
so yeah just let me know what you’d like to see, let me know what you think about
seeing the behind the scenes of the Previs, and yeah I really hope you guys you enjoyed this video and I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll see you again in
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