It’s rigorous…and we read a lot and we think a lot and we talk a lot and we make work. It’s really just changed the way I write. I’m writing in ways I never really even expected. The root of poetry is poiesis, which means making. There is a lot of emphasis on the doing of it—on the process. It’s like a process of like ping ponging off of what life puts your way. We have an intergenerational community. We have students from all kinds of backgrounds, all levels of experience with, you know, the creative process. And really work together and also make a
difference. Allen was a major proponent of bare knuckle warrior poetics. That means you hit the ground running
you see what it is and you do something about it. What is going to be your role here? You’re there. You are there to see it. You are there for a reason. So get busy! We’re talking about the world’s
social issues. What we can do as artists. It’s like swimming your way up from the bottom of a deep ocean and trying not to have the nitrogen in your body explode before you get to the top. You don’t really know how you are going to do it—and keep going and finally something happens to help you with it. Like you find poetry. Having found poetry – you got to find some poets. Over the years, we have cultivated these various poetry communities poetry cultures and lineages and of course at the roots of Naropa are the practitioners in the new American poetry. That includes Black Arts Movement… Ethnopoetics. It includes the Beats of course. I came into the program more
focused on prose but because of the lineage and Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg writing poetry as well – and it’s just really helped me to become a more concise, more uh clean writer. This is one of the most welcoming places for young artists. I’ve learned so much from the
professors as well as so much from my fellow students because reading their work sparks creative ideas and they always have great suggestions and ideas. They have taken my work to places I have never even really expected. There is tremendous appreciation and respect for uh individual talent and imagination and consciousness. And we’re here to help wake you up! What makes this experience beautiful is the energy that is this place. The people you meet. The dharma talks the talks of anything that you can think of – makes it a very warm place that is accepting and powerful to become exactly who you want to be. [MUSIC]