Hi. I am Figure maker YH HA. Today I made a mandalorian!
(Click the above card to see the previously made Mandalorian bust.) I made his bare face. In the show, Mandalorian is a character who never takes off his helmet in front of others. In the final episode, after the injury, there is a brief scene of taking off his helmet for treatment by a non-human Droid. The face inside was very impressive. Unlike the cold and cold helmet, the sweaty and bleeding bare face furthered his humanity. I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂 This is the printing process Today, I used a new program called Chitubox to attach a support. When 3D printing, it is very important to attach a support. Without the supporter, you will have difficulty with the output. I’ve tried this new program, and I like the more intuitive and sophisticated UI. Recently, green resin is mainly used, and it is coming out well. In the future, I’ll try to show you more various resins and printers. 🙂 Mandalorian is now waiting for Season 2 after Season 1. Season 2 is coming about this fall. I’m looking forward to the story with the new characters. Oh!!! I think I poured less silicon … I poured it again. I look forward to the performance of the baby Yoda in Season2. (Click the above card to see the previously made Baby Yoda sculpture.) I wonder if there will be many scenes of Dyn Jarren’s bare face next season. Actor Pedro Pascal has also shown fascinating performances in the game of Thrones. He also did a great job in voice acting this season. And the impact from the bare face that came out last minute of the season was amazing. I tried to express his humanity. It’s done. Subscriptions and Like, please feel free to comment on how you feel and the which character you want. Thank you for watching.
See you in the next video. 🙂