Hi. I am Figure maker YH HA. Today, I made baby Yoda that many people asked for. This baby is another main character in the Mandalorian, a Star Wars drama series launched at Disney Plus. (Click the above card to see the previously made Mandalorian bust.) Yoda is really cute in the drama. I didn’t know that Yoda, the old man in a previous Star Wars movie, was such a cute baby. 🙂 I wanted to express that cute face and figure that many people like. 🙂 This is a cute baby stroller in the form of a round UFO. Please enjoy my work. 🙂 This is the printing process The stroller was quite large, so I printed it out twice. Yoda has always been a secret and mysterious feeling, and I wonder if this drama will reveal the origin of the Yoda race. Baby Yoda also uses Force to help Mandalorian defeat the mud horns. But he’s still a baby and he’s tired of using Force. But he’s becoming more powerful, so I’m looking forward to his next season. The head is so cute, but it was not easy to paint because it was small in size. We don’t know if this baby will be the great Yoda of the Star Wars series in the future, but I think it’ll be a lot of fun to watch him grow up. It’s done. Subscriptions and Like, please feel free to comment on how you feel and the which character you want. 🙂 Thank you for watching.
See you in the next video. 🙂