The first battle that Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji and his forces fought was the battle of Bhangani When the sikhs came to congratulate him, they said, “We are victorious, Guru ji” Guru ji told them that we have only been able to win this battle because of God’s grace He said, “Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh” which literally means that Khalsa Panth(the global community of baptised sikhs) belongs to the creator, accordingly the victory is of the creator too. God blesses the ones who work hard. And if someone makes Rs.1000/ day and donates 10 percent of it for a cause If one can actually be able to donate a part of their income for a noble cause, this transaction wont cause any loss to them What this does however is that it gives us the opportunity to follow our Guru’s principles Our tenth Guru has asked us to work diligently and share with others So it is our obligation to follow suit When you feel someone needs it, help the needy, feed them buy them clothes, fund their education, help however you can My grandfather, Lala Kesar Mal was a hindu gentleman When he came to India after the partition, he started selling parathas at the railway station. In 1954 we started this shop which was close to Naaz cinema He used to believe that there’s nothing more significant than ‘Satnam Waheguru’ (The Creator is the everlasting truth) He had a rule, he only used to serve his customers when they used this phrase before placing an order. With God’s grace, people started following this rule. Everyone used to say “Satnam please serve us tea” Eventually people started calling this shop Satnam tea stall I was a school going kid when my father told me to join him and help him with the business I used to study in the 5th grade when I started helping my father at the shop Some people used to have tea and not pay thinking that I am kid and I wouldn’t question them But as I grew up I learnt the tactics and now everything is going great by God’s grace. Deg Teg Fateh is a principle of Sikhism. According to this principle, That saying isnt just a poem When we say deg, we mean food or prasaad And Teg has been given to us by our Tenth Guru When both Deg and Teg are satiated Sikhs are obliged to provide food and protection to the needy and oppressed If we are strong and healthy we will be able to protect the nation, the community and the oppressed