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  1. What the actual fuck?!?! That motherfucker pulled a gun on a citizen because he “couldn’t” identify the difference between a gun and a camera! He is beyond dangerous! He’s just itching for a reason to shoot someone! Bad cops don’t just endanger citizens they endanger good cops, if there’s any of those left!

  2. So the question remains when will all of us citizens unite and force these Tyrant police officers to quit their jobs? Or we can just continue allowing this shit to happen!

  3. Classic american cops. Every american cop should be ashamed of this officer right now. The fuck. Canadian cops are so much nicer and easier to get along with

  4. The best solution for the cop would have been a taser instead but no it had to be a gun. Not saying that the person that was filming should get tased just that cop choices was gun first but not taser, Dose not make seens why the cope did that.

  5. i think that american government should review the hirring process for cops , u can't let people carry a weapon and abuse citizen for no reason just because u wear a uniform that dosn't give you the right to treat people bad … an officer should serve the citizen and respect them

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