Start by undercoating in ‘Abaddon Black’ and then base coating the top with ‘Leadbelcher’. Now coat all the silver areas with ‘Agrax Earthshade’. Using a damp brush, remove the excess from the top surfaces. Using some ‘Brass Scorpion’ pick out some details to add some variation. Make a small piece of sponge ready to start adding the rust effect. Dip the sponge into some ‘Doombull Brown’ and dab off the excess. Stipple the brown onto the base where you want the rust, be generous at this stage. Remember to wash your sponge between paints. Repeat the process using ‘Squig Orange’ going over the areas you have already done using slightly less this time. Once again, stipple the base, this time using ‘Wild RIder Red’. Apply it sparingly on the areas with the most orange to act as a highlight. Stipple some ‘Leadbelcher’ over the whole thing to give the effect that rust has flaked off to expose the fresh metal beneath. The basic surface is now finished and the next stages are optional. Now using ‘Troll Slayer Orange’ Pick out some rust highlights. And you are done, the next stages are optional. Add some weathering with watered down ‘Nihilakh Oxide’. Mix roughly 50:50 water to oxide, I’m using the water on the surface of my palette. Just run a line around the deep recesses. Next up, slime! Any colour paint will do, just mix it with varnish and water it down. Add some water. and some varnish and of course, blood splatters! Using a sponge again, stipple it onto the base where you want. You can use this to hide mistakes quite well. Let it dry a sec, then pull it to one side to give it a more dynamic look. Now touch up the edge with some more black. …and there it is, all done ready for your gang to strut their stuff in style!