Hey guys we’re getting ready to start
things up here in the COMMUNITY TANK! We got John and Lisa sending all of those
great folks at kGTropicals over. Going to eliminate that echo, there we go.
John and Lisa KGTropical so kind sending over their folks from their
live stream. They’re lining up your #1M. That’s for 1 million,
they’re winding down over here KGTropicals. 1 million, I think that’s in
reference to John and Lisa’s channel KGTropicals achieving 1 million
views in one month’s time! Amazing! That’s amazing! Hello Daniken good to see you!
PeplinCreek is in the house! Rum Balls Fish Room hello there! John Larson, Sand
Creek Aquatics present and accounted for! I saw your super chat and KGTropicals!
That was cool, okay thank you guys! they’ve signed off over here thank you
John and Lisa at kg tropicals we’re live welcome to the river life community tank
cichlids aquarium in the house Darrel Deemer number one crossing the goal line
first with the hello in the chat welcome aboard rails tanks also early got dragon
lair dragon liar in the house is Eric farm hello I don’t know if I’ve said
that name before welcome got lookout the Retriever in the house welcome lucky are
you starving for a treat already we’re just saying hello
you gotta get on camera if you want the treat got to work if you won’t pay there
you go oh look say hello say hello to the river lifers the tankers are here to
see lookout named for a lighthouse not a mountain in Chattanooga add in the house
yet good girl lookie let’s look out the Retriever queen of angelfish is hey mate
great to have you here hyung Chao holy cow what a special night
welcome home Chao yeah you have missed a lot I mean it’s like Rip Van Winkle
waking up for a long nap we’ll have to get you caught up but we’re glad you’re
back Chattanooga ed says yes hello Rach all right
great having you guys here Cina Annie hello fish room fever there’s James the
fish room fever James is gonna have me on his livestream he invited me before
and I declined he but he had he had Bob Steen fought and John of cagey tropical
zone so it was a great show and I look forward to being on one of James live
stream that fishroom fever I’ve got some fish room fever stickers I’m giving away
in the sticker jam you guys send me a self-addressed stamped envelope you get
some of those some Chattanooga edge stickers some project piaba stick
there’s some Kaler aquatics that’s beautiful that’s beautiful
that’s a red goby of some type of scarlet dragging that or something Bob
can help me out with that Laurie bankers in the house and of
course river life stickers self addressed stamped envelope I’m jamming
those envelopes full they need some stickers if you want them I love them in
my fishroom my live stream studio on my desk I’m a
sticker guy yeah the laptop you can’t even tell what color it is because of
all the stickers but I’m glad all you guys are here punchy paints is in the
house Pam how are you kandi did you make it hello thank you for posting that link
better times story it’s great to see you check out miss fever in the house as
well däniken Aquatics mark sportwear screen printing and embroidery in the
house hello Chuy’s telling me to be prepared for an
aussie raid well the more Aussies the merrier is what I say good a bring on
the Aussies I’d ask him to put a shrimp on the barbie for me but I don’t think
that’s actually Australian culture we were just sold that as Americans and TV
advertising jace bedrooms in the house GRB aquatics
recon 338 pretty sweet cycling video cycling the aquarium on
your channel good to see that recon not missing gone fishing here yeah sweet
Kenny Schindler’s in the house neither Kenny tonight we got zero
calorie carbonated water melon flavor the old fresh want fresh market melon
flavor san-craig aquatic said the shirts been son yes right here Corey McElroy
signed to my aquarium co-op shirt he also altered the put a little stash and
an eye patch and it says yar matey so so yeah there’s a customized shirt
only one like it in the world and I’m gonna have to get some new shirts out
I’ve gone through the whole stack of fish FEM shirts on our live stream I
asked you last week how many shirts I wear I guess it’s 16 or 18 and I’m out I
think I’ve even warned the Bob steam fox teamfight aquatics hoodie during the
livestream so I’ve got to get some more shirts and I’m not going to the big fish
deal as John mentioned in kg tropical stream because you know Murphy was a
pirate and where’s Chattanooga ad Chattanooga ad on it like that because
he was Murphy for Halloween oh he’s looking for his glasses that’s okay yeah
take your time I feel yeah I know what that’s like but River wife and I are
going to the Central Florida koi and goldfish show where the river life
YouTube channel has sponsored a Best in Show fancy goldfish award so we’re gonna
we’re gonna enjoy ourselves down there can’t wait to see what the judges select
for our award that we’ve sponsored and it’s just wow there’s just not enough
days in the calendar right so we couldn’t be two places at once this is
something we’ve wanted to do you know I set up 75 gallon goldfish tank got a
nice playlist of videos on setting that tank up and I absolutely love it I think
the final outcome and the video that I was a
to make it just kind of lets you know oh wow he must really have had a good time
doing that because you can tell there’s a lot of time invested it looks great so
relaxing and obviously I’m a dog person we used to have a cat as well but these
I said that because these goldfish are like puppies and they get called names
like babies and puppies and they’re just as a very interactive as far as fish go
we love them big fat personable fish that interact with you every time you’re
near the tank so we’re going to go check that out and unfortunately it conflicts
with the big fish deal I’d love to go to the big fish deal $2 super chat Hong
Chow was I gone long enough to hear you bought a Tesla no no but I did stop by
the Ford dealership to check on the new Mach II Mustang not gonna actually be
available for another year another year model okay I haven’t missed any Super
chats okay although I’ve not kept up with chat hey ginger graves get on in
here ginger yeah let’s see river wife says that steam fought war both of them
where’s huh it’s true I do one time I was in yeah I found that Bob at us at a
yard sale around here or something like that I don’t recall I’m just teasin I
bought it off T spring and I told you one time Bob that I got more subscribers
on my youtube channel when I wore that shirt and you laughed and said so do I
it was pretty cool Keller’s aquatics says those Mustangs
are pretty cool yeah I’m sold I’m an early adapter I’ve been driving the old
2015 Nissan Leaf for several years kicking around not burning any gas
haven’t bought gas in a number of years and I like it that way
and we’re just chatting away we’re just we’re live here at 10:38 and we’ve got
96 people here watching thank you so much for being here
got some awesome mods in the house tonight just looking at my chat I see
killers Aquatics Daryl Demark Andy overhauls interacting with everyone in
the chat I know earlier just few minutes ago I saw punchy paints fish room fever
got a great group Chattanooga ad wonderful group of people in here thank
you guys so much for hanging out better time story says Rack is the biggest on
building up the fish keeping community he is the heart well thank you for
saying that I certainly understand the benefits of building a community so we
can share and have time to hang out share information share life with I get
it and it’s worth it and it’s a really good use of our resources so I’m happy
to be here to do that mr. Fisher says hi Rach hello how are you Cina Annie says thanks to River wife not
to mention a great hard-working mod in the room tonight angela cross also known
as river wife thank you so much for all you do river wife my number one
Supporter for sure all right still got 96 watching I want to try
something here 55 likes Wow thank you guys very active I appreciate that I’m
gonna try a few thinks here the technology sometimes works and sometimes well looks like we got the lights turned
on here in the community tank caylor’s aquatics says RAC is a huge
pillar of our community well right back at you Bob Kaler of Keller’s aquatic –
you sir are a huge pillar of the community also so you guys know Bob
Keller was shouted out moments ago in the K G tropical live stream for being
one of the biggest supporters in the fish fam a huge supporter of K G
tropicals and river life and I think I’ve heard you say Bob and other streams
that you moderate over 25 different channels very giving I’ve never heard
you or seen you ask for anything you’re just there to help us all out and the
fish family be at a deficit without you so privileged for river wife and I to
meet you at the Knoxville meet up the East
Tennessee fish tubers meet up at aquatic marine that was such a blast to get to
see people to meet people in a fishy environment it was really cool mad tanks
in the house how’s it going good to see you in there buddy fishy fund 57 rocky
kicked off my channel I had no content and 25 subs after hanging out now I need
to upload content all right glad to hear at fish fund 57 let us know how we can
help we’re here for you let us know how it works out if you try it says river
wife okay we’re gonna move on down the show here we got some content to get
through tonight and we do 101 watching we made it way to go guys okay 101
watching I’ll make an announcement super chats are appreciated
they’re never expected always appreciated thank you so much for your
consideration this is a free show you don’t have to feel like you owe me
anything you don’t have to keep us on the air by super chatting they are
appreciated and we do use your support to help support things that go on as far
as the YouTube channel goes that said got a couple things going on
you see some new decor behind me these are a couple of my prints that are
available on the new river life art Etsy page the Etsy store is open I’m selling
art prints for those of you in the community tank if you buy one of those
prints from the ad see page mention in the notes which other one you want and
I’ll send you an additional one free so we’ve got a buy one get one going on the
Etsy page so I’m and I’m really excited about that I can talk about my art I’ve
had a long break from painting and now I’m painting again and it’s pretty cool
I’m really enjoying it but here’s what we’re gonna do for every time there is a
super chat on the board or sticker there won’t be any talk of the Etsy page
that’s enough support for one minute so super chats and stickers turn off the
Etsy talk and then if we ever happen to get to $100 of super chats in a in one
stream I’ve written a poem titled the fish tank we get to $100 I’ll read a
poem and I before I do I may I may put another offer out there if we if we
reach this goal then I won’t do it so you can turn it off if you want to those
are just a couple of things that if then I’ve been watching some videos on
YouTube and how other channels do it and sometimes it’s more interactive if you
throw out and if then for the the great people in your chat to interact with so
there you go and get no pressure not an ass not a sales pitch just just things
that are in play so you know we got Jeff shrimp granny in the house who is
bragging about having a river life original I think right now just rent
granny you’re probably one of three that do home child’s recalling a two hundred
dollar super chat in the past and I recall that too and at that time I
didn’t have the offer in play I didn’t have the poem written I just wrote it
yesterday just rent granny with a $5 super chat working toward the hundred
turning off the art talk for now we’re on our way to 100 and I think
hyung chow super chatted 2 bucks so we’re at 7 yeah 93 dollars to go to the
poem san-craig aquatic with two dollars oh my gosh we’re almost there we’ll see
we’ll see how this thing lines up Tiffany whites in the house hello
Tiffany how are you doing also present at the East Tennessee youtubers Meetup
man that was fun Matt Rondo talking about is 40 gallon planted tank that’s
cool got Chattanooga add-in I’m gonna have to start writing this down you guys
you’re gonna do it aren’t you $2.00 my aquariums maintained by and he says cool
yeah man cool thank you so much for the super chats you guys are amazing Sand
Creek to punch out to la la la I’m scrolling I’m gonna keep him counted
same Creek was first then hung Chao thank you guys again active chat so
that’s 2 to 5 just shrimp Grande he just wants to hear the poem 5 bucks
same Creek with another two he wants the poem China new guy had bam 10% there
with a $10 boom and then aquariums maintained by Andy dropping the tude oh
you guys $14.99 from Daryl Deaver that’s a 99 cents just call that 15 we’re not
keeping the money now and he’s on his cell phone checking in Thank You Daryl
yeah that meetup was fun yeah and we made off with some great fishes you guys
you guys we made Hall Bob Kaler several bags of fish ginger graves Tiffany white
I was walking by doing a live stream and river wife was at the cash register
checking out we were getting fish we’re bringing fish home to the fish studio
let’s see yeah we’re over 20% there to the poem
candy overhauls posting a link up Angela cross river wife River wife was a twenty
five dollar super chat laying it down we’re over halfway there
oh my gosh it’s gonna be and that’s how it’s gonna be okay yeah woot lady cross
that’s right you’re awesome science gal aquatics up in her game I can’t wait to
see what you’ve got accumulating for your YouTube channel
science gal we’re with you or for you we’ll help you any way we can good luck
with that we got our eye we’re following everybody check out science gal aquatics
if you’re not already she’s got some things in the pipeline you’re not gonna
want to miss okay we got the lights on we got acclamation going on I’ve seen
several new names caylor’s aquatics there he is with
another $10 super chat and that cheerleader saying go go go just like he
does that’s the way he is the 35 45 50 60 68 73 73 over 70% there another $5
from JD Chico thanks for always being an example of humility and love towards
other why I love you JD Chico and thank you it takes somebody that feels that
way to notice that thank you so much JD ginger graves with the $5 super chat oh
my gosh 83 dollars were over 80 D max with Canadian $13.99 puts us within
about $2 of the poem they’re wanting the poem to carve out Tom Scott backer says
they were not even gonna make it close here’s 25 bucks 25 bucks son I won’t
hear that poem he doesn’t even say anything san-craig aquatic $10 no temp
we’re over the hump we’re over the hump I’m gonna have to read the little poem
10% at a time 25% you guys are awesome thank you so much
for that I’m gonna read you guys a poem now you know I’ve started painting again
I love it I used to have a newspaper article here from years ago where I did
one of my one-man shows involved hanging art mobiles kinetic art now started the
minimalist abstract series of fish tropical fish related paintings and that
I tell people whenever life gets emotional I’d go to paint I don’t know
what it is the paint is my creative outlet
it just gets my head right so we’ve recently you guys thank you so much for
your thoughts and prayers we’ve recently placed my dad on hospice care and one of
the premieres I did a couple of weeks ago was actually from his hospital room
and it just made him smile when I told him that you guys in the chat were
saying hello to him on the internet and he said hello to you guys back
he was really encouraged that I was interacting with the group any group
this happened to be on my computer which he doesn’t completely understand but
I’ll tell you that man taught me the value of community and building
relationships so it’s been a little emotional I’m back in the paint I love
it and man it got a little hectic last week the paint wasn’t enough so I
picked up the pen and I had to write a little bit too so it’s just a little
poem I’m gonna be happy to share it with you thank you so much for your
generosity and I hope you enjoy it I think you can relate to it I had all you
guys in mind when I wrote it so here goes thank you reels tanks god bless you
appreciate you yep caylor’s Aquatics hashtag over the
hump absolutely and here we go but the title is the fish tank a box that holds
water like it holds my attention a window with a view I see a world where I
belong a reflection like a mirror this one makes me smile
a box that holds water in life and courage and hope
that’s it that was my little poem moonstone KK welcome back from exit Etsy
and later on if you missed that point it’s a short poem I may read it again
later for anybody who missed it red fish blue fish just dropping in aquariums
maintained by Indy says thank you well thank you sir I appreciate that
Matt Rondo very nice Roxana hello says excellent that was great since Jessica
spayed Matt Rondo nice again NOLA Jane Fisher it’s beautiful
Tyler lot applause fish tropics the thumbs up lori vinkor beautiful you guys
are awesome how could you not be inspired and
encouraged with the last 20 comments and your chat just saying thank you
amazing China they add good job rack thank you brother
Chattanooga edy Jo coffee with the finger snaps I get that I dig that yep
that encourages me to the core very nice excellent punchy paints love that I love
you guys what can I say thank you so much better times stories prayers for my
dad always appreciated I do thank you guys so much again we’ll do that again
later in the show for anybody who missed it thank you so much for all of your
your super Chester still on the board I’m looking at him up there it’s amazing
to support you guys offer new people still coming in still 90 for watching I
want to take a peek here before we move on sixty-eight likes man guys thinks you
know JD Chico says a great poem to inspire people to smile and reflect I
hope so I hope so that even though it was very chaotic and emotional the place
was very happy and I hope that came through I was that from a happy place
and was just thinking about our engaged with our hobby and how much more it is
to us than just a hobby and how we have a platform like this to share it on and
I want to I want to do two things quickly here I want to throw some Chum
out there and Heather’s aquatics we love rack I love you more Bob Kaler thank you
very much brother I want to throw some Chum out there for you guys to consider
kick around make some comments if you want to in the Chum is what’s your
favorite aquarium background favorite aquarium background could be a solid
color could be a print could be a particular item but I’m interested to
know in the Chum what you guys use as a something you like as a background you
know Matt Rondo’s giving me a list mm-hmm I’m gonna go back what’s gonna
happen Matt Rondo is I can’t not consume that I’m gonna have to go back and watch
the replay and write that down and put it on a list and you never know when
those fish are gonna are gonna turn up but we can’t talk about it right now we
still got super chats on the board so we’re gonna move along we got the Chum
out there we’re gonna go to one more section here we’re gonna try out the
gonna go with the technology again see if we can get some cooperation okay we got a feeding frenzy going on
here in the community tank and we got the lights coming back on again technology is how smarting us there we
go okay no worries no worries just a little bit of excitement that’s all we
got a feeding frenzy going on concerning the video that we released
how to aquascape and that you guys gave feedback on that you said not only was
it lifelike but you loved how it came out you really enjoyed the video it
looks lovely looks good beautiful amazing on and on you guys didn’t stop
you know how you all read the chat there’s so much of that because of this
aquascape that we built and it became a series you know two videos ago I took
you to the rock garden where I got the inspiration to build the how-to
aquascape nano scape in the Oliver not flexi am 4.6 gallon aquarium kit premium
all premium listen that thing has cleared up and it is so gorgeous it’s
absolutely stunning fish from Fever five bucks missed the Super China thong
awesome poem awesome art awesome guy can we get some more likes in here please
thank you very much James I appreciate that awesome thank you for the $5 saying
cricket quarter another two dollars thank you right for
all you do happy to do it for you guys same Creek thanks for letting me be a
part of your community I’m gonna look for a picture really quick here now that
aquascape until you can get a chance to go over and check out the the video can
you check I don’t know if you can tell much about that or not man I love that
thing turned out great and we’ve got to stock it we got to get some fish in
there I don’t know what’s going to be but on that video before we went on air
here it had 222 views 52 likes a little below average performance after a
fantastic premiere that was above average so it’s an anomaly this is one
of the first videos that I’ve had that launched above average and then tapered
off to below average I don’t know exactly what went on there I’ll tell a
story here that I kind of revealed in the kg
tropical chat if you were watching I became a
member again in the kg tropical livestream of the kg tropical channel I
had been a member and you guys are familiar with what the memberships are
you pay monthly support and then you get members only content and recognition in
the chat it’s for larger channels over 30,000 they can have members so anyway I
lost my credit card turned up later I hadn’t lost it I’d misplaced it but in
the meantime I went to the bank and had the card replaced but I didn’t think
about was all of my automatic withdrawals being cut off and not
automatically started back again so I had to restart my membership with kg
tropicals so that happened and I don’t even know why I told you
that I don’t I don’t know where I was going with that maybe it will come to me
later anyway it was a great story I lost my card I found it and messed my
membership up with John so kandi take your time thanks for being here my skiff
I saw you drop in thank you yeah my mind is loose I had a point there it’s gone I
can’t find it not not even if I think about it a minute it’ll come back to me
it’s gone you keep missing the premieres better times stories well it could be
the notifications are erratic sometimes on Facebook lots of times I miss
notifications myself but anyway moving on to the studio what’s new in the
studio now that we’ve got that aquarium scaped we’ve got to stock it we’ve got
to get something in it Bob Taylor’s already given me an idea
caylor’s aquatics had a great idea it’s 4.6 gallons you saw the kind of
color schemes aru stone and fluorite which is a kind of a clay a red clay
substrate with some green plants so what are we gonna put in there well
you guys think what are some good nano fish for this plant that aquascape tank
I’m gonna again that’s patriotic Kennish in where I’m glad to hear that American
flag with all the names lost during 9/11 behind his 180 that is an awesome
backdrop man I was a full-time firefighter on duty at station 1 on 9/11
never forget that day ok shrimp tank I heard that
yep you can’t go wrong if it’s a shrimp tank it’s absolutely perfect and ideal
for a shrimp tank but anyway load up the chat with your ideas nano fish
inhabitants for a 4.6 gallon you’ve seen how its scaped I’m gonna go back read up
read them all take some notes we’ll see what happens and that maybe if I can
skip down to the spawn that maybe that maybe the video next week okay we’re
going to do a water so so the studio update is new fish to come and the Nano
you guys helped me decide what they are when I get them ember tetra punchy
paints that’s good yes I agree good contrast neon Cardinal tetras my skiff
cannot go old CPD’s shoot BCF are aquatics man I’ve been looking for a
reason to get me some of those fish Chile or Phoenix raspberries absolutely
every time all day jillion cannoli Connolly yeah those are good chili rides
Borah dmax cheerleader fish whatever fish they are
sand creek they’ll be cheerleader fish okay I’m going to mention now we’re
going to talk about there are no super chats on the board so we’re going to do
a water change I’m going to tell you about river life art pouring straight
out of my heart I love minimalism I love the abstract art I’ve been doing it for
a number of years River wife posted in the Facebook group
which now has before we went live 249 members in the Facebook group can we get
to 250 can we not 87 of you still here if we
could get to 250 in the Facebook group river Life YouTube channel community
tank live Facebook group that would be outstanding 249 I mean we’re knocking on
the door which by the way I did my first Facebook live Late Late gosh I want to
say two nights ago which would have been like yesterday morning something
something crazy had people had Alaska Germany East Tennessee Oregon it was
crazy the people that were up it was late here in the east nuts not so late
in the West we were just talking about is this gonna be a good venue to talk
about this river life art that I’m doing the originals I’m having prints made
I’ve been contacted by major fish Tube channels for Commission’s
and we’re in talks with aqua Shella about a vending booth so it’s really
taken off 92 and 80 thank you for that I appreciate you keeping me posted on that
colors of products caylor’s aquatics that eases my mind a
little bit takes a couple things off the checklist it’s moving right along I’d
love to share it with you I think it’s a little bit forward I want you to hang in
there with me if it’s not your style that’s okay I’m not trying to convince
you to enjoy my art if it’s not your style
I understand but if you’re if you like art and this is a different style of art
I will ask you this please allow it on your buffet of options if it’s something
you don’t want right now just leave it there walk on by don’t spit on it maybe
what the next guy wants and I think I think there’s something in here for the
fish fan I think we can learn perhaps even a different way to look at our fish
I’ve been doing that for over 50 years and using this
this abstract minimalist lens I’m picking out different details about the
fish that I keep about the fish I watch on YouTube about the fish I see in the
local fish store or in Knoxville when I go to a fish meetup and it has expanded
the field of view so to speak it’s enhanced my quality of life and if there
if if this can be a gateway to help someone enjoy their fish more because
it’s a little different even after all these years then it’s a comp it’s an
accomplishment so somehow that’s woven into my artist statement but it’s also
it’s very minimalist no gotchas no hidden features just is what it is and
and if I were to quote my and no one has posted a super chat so I’m guessing I’m
not boring you to tears people aren’t filing out of here we’re back up to the
95 watching if I could share a little bit about my and this is a little
tongue-in-cheek this isn’t serious of course but as
you’ll see a little bit about my artist statement you know every artist has to
have a purpose my artist statement would go like this
bla bla bla bla bla bla bla for about two paragraphs and in conclusion my
paintings tell it like it is and that’s all I wanted to be I just want them to
be representative of what they are a few colors a few limited brushstrokes on a
canvas I’ll give you some direction with the title but the viewer is the boss
san-craig aquatic so that’s enough shut up $0.99 and I said I would good deal
we’re done we’re moving on Taylor’s aquatic said what about that project
beaba project Villalba doing great we love them they’re protecting a fishery
that’s preserving our hobby hobby wide in a sustainable manner they’re an
all-volunteer organization please do check them out the link posted in the
chat and we can move on you know we did a live stream last week that was titled
major milestone and we didn’t spend any time talking about a major milestone I
may have mentioned it I don’t think I did I don’t think I mentioned the major
milestone hello Priscilla welcome moonstone KK with a $20 got you twice
thank you so much moonstone KK appreciate you being here tonight thanks
for the $20 super chant a hundred thousand views on the river life YouTube
channel that happened last week a hundred thousand views so kg tropicals
talking about a million views in a month that blows my mind Paul when I was on
the kg tropical live stream I was up there with John and Lisa and we were
talking I think I had like 50,000 views and John thought that was for one video
he said yeah but that’s not for your whole channel I put my head down well
actually yeah it is he couldn’t believe it it’s like oh my gosh what is up
nobody’s watching these videos so I did a video with John wall was up there in
love I old and a couple months I had over 10,000 views one video yeah so it’s
a different world he’s in a different atmosphere I guess a hundred thousand
plus views things happen differently a different scale that’s what I tell John
it’s a different scale but what we agree on is it doesn’t matter what the scale
is what matters is if you do what you love because you love it if you can find
a group of people that you love doing it with all the better and it doesn’t
matter the numbers they’re kind of important you kind of look at them it’s
not like you worship them but you focus on them a little bit but you bring your
best game you just do what you can do you put it out there put it out there on
the buffet let the people decide and you keep doing it you do it because you want
to you bring your best game and I’ll tell you after over 200 edited videos
the game gets stronger you learn things by
doing and I would consider myself a slow but thorough learner and after 200
videos that I can work that I movie free app it’s the free Apple software for
editing videos I couldn’t at first it was intimidating but after two hundred
tries and you learn a few things so we just keep showing up and I’m saying this
as encouragement to all the creators look at all the creators in the chat it
doesn’t matter how many subscribers someone else has it doesn’t really
matter how many you have although that’s your source of encouragement what
matters is you enjoy what you do you do it at an enjoyable level and I promise
just doing it without trying specifically to grow rapidly in any
direction you’re gonna get better at whatever you do just by virtue of
experience and that’s the old guy talking yeah what once I don’t care what
it is that you do if you do it often enough you’re gonna find some ways to do
it better you’re gonna use less energy and have a better outcome you’re gonna
learn to work smarter instead of harder so Tyler law it says he’s an adobe
premiere guy guarantee it’s the same way you just you’re learning something all
the time learning by doing hang in there Corey used to say show up
to work why still doesn’t there’s older videos show up to work Jillian
Connelly with a Canadian $5 super chat thank u so much pygmy Coors a group of
eight or ten would be amazing okay I have a group of four and a 15-gallon
yeah okay you need more fun to watch then Creek wants five bucks agree Rach
do what you like not everyone else this is what we love that’s right yeah thanks
for being here we found something we love I appreciate you guys 102 watching
right now it’s 11:11 you know later on 83 likes thank you guys so much later on
tonight about 11:30 we’re gonna head over to multi tank addiction live
livestream chris chris has done the blocking with my microphone he’s done
the project piaba Cardinal tetra art over here this is his original
and every time he sells one of those prints off of his website he gives
project piaba a donation so you guys check out Chris and we need we need a
hashtag to go over to Chris I think they came to John from Cory with hashtag
400,000 because Cory aquarium co-op I didn’t mention I’m wearing the colors
tonight but congratulations Graham co-op on four hundred thousand subscribers I
like to say I knew you win pre 100 thousand you’ve just shut off
like a rocket on that moonshot you matter-of-fact you soared by the moon
102 84 Thank You caylor’s aquatics congratulations way to set an example
way to look back and help all your friends I’ve never asked you a question
about how to or how to better either keep fish or to a YouTube channel that
you haven’t responded to so thank you Cory for that when we’re behind you here
at the river life channel and especially here at the river life community think
live stream Oh Jess shrimp Brandi says all men are we doing read church tonight
I’m already in PJs it just worked out it just worked out that way I don’t think
it’s red shirt night it just happened that way just scrimp granting don’t feel
bad if you’re already in your PJs if I stood up you might see I’m in PJs to and
the red shirt doesn’t match but we got a hundred thousand views all right and we
got to pick a hashtag to go over see Chris because it was 400,000 to John
hashtag 400,000 hashtag one capital M here 1 million 1 million views in a
month that’s a lot of views Wow so we got to go see Chris what’s it going to
be it’s gonna be hashtag Nano that’s what it’s gonna be
hashtag Nano to go see Chris I’ll write that down and maybe it will help me
remember not to repeat it next week hashtag Nano going over to MTA after we
finish up here we’ve got 11 13 we got 17 minutes left
we’re gonna go to about 11:30 hundred and two watts
we’ve got some folks in here fishroom fever still hanging out thanks a lot
fishroom fever is gonna be following multi-link addiction in a live stream
the nocturnal feeding so hang around for James live stream after Chris’s we call
ourselves the project piaba powerhouse we love supporting project piaba myself
and Chris and James so that’s river life YouTube channel multi tank addiction
youtube channel fish room fever youtube channel all supporting project
piaba using our platform to help them help us Kendall speck hashtag orange
guppy fish nice maybe that’s a illustration
maybe yeah that’s a figurative Nano nice yeah FNS fish room it’s an all-nighter
every Thursday night get a comfortable seat okay we got some GoFundMe is going
on in the community I haven’t noticed the links maybe they’ve been up here we
got a caylor’s aquatic sponsored GoFundMe for the candy over host family
recovering from her husband Stacy’s heart attack we’ve got a caters aquatics
dropping another $10 super chat with the cheerleader gomango thank you Bob we got
we’ve got to go fund me for punchy paints she’s having some difficulties in
her her living quarters the the landlord’s have just gone nuts coming
down on her hard last week she had her water pipes frozen she was having to
purchase water to do water changes and drink and cook and bathe so our heart
goes out to Pam punchy paints in this time and we do have a GoFundMe lined up
for her I think either kandi or Bob I think is hosting that one kandi
overhauls or tailors monix calendars Aquatics has just posted
the candy go fund me super mod taylors aquatics getting the job done and we
also are going to keep an eye out for those GoFundMe links for Ohio fish
rescue where big rich I met big rich and his wife Tracy at Aqua Shella and we
heard a couple of weeks ago that Tracy became very ill ended up on life-support
in the emergency room I haven’t heard of haven’t heard an update on that
situation other than that other than big Rich’s wife Tracy was in the hospitals
still on life support so we keep that family and our prayers if someone finds
a link to a GoFundMe for them certainly welcome to be posted in this chat great
bunch of people here in this community looking after each other and I get the
sense I get the sense that we feel better about us we feel like we’re the
best us when we can help other people be the best that they can be and I’m not
saying that for any other reason other than it’s noticeable I mean it’s it’s an
observed behavior cause you guys are great Roxanna said he didn’t update a
few days back ok and it doesn’t look good so certainly positive thoughts and
prayers for big rich and Tracy and the Ohio fish rescue definitely well-known
members of our community river wife says recon 338 we got snow yeah it didn’t
stick turned the grass white but not the roads all right sandy Doherty gives us
some good info here big rich puts a daily update on the Facebook page okay
so I guess that’s the Ohio fish rescue Facebook page and I’m certain I’m gonna
go after we finish up here and leave a comment of encouragement because he is
probably drawing from that you know a lot of strength it’s
very meaningful in a time like this for somebody just just to read the words
that someone else is thinking about them in a positive way so we can do that
thanks for that information sandy I appreciate it my skiff says she’s still
in a coma and believe that she is doing better ok
ok all right moonstone thank you you’ve got snow everywhere you guys be careful
if you got snow in your area it’s beginning to stick its 11:18 here we’re
gonna move down to the school you know what we haven’t done in a few weeks we
haven’t gone to school I have not seen where the school is swimming around I
don’t know what the school is doing but we’re gonna change that right now so the
question for the school is and listen to this question carefully because there’s
a key word here and the key word is aquarium and here’s the question what’s
the most expensive aquarium fish and I say that because it eliminates koi I
know of a koi that sold for over a million dollars in Japan but we’re not
talking about koi we’re talking about the most expensive aquarium fish I was
surprised I was surprised at the price and what type of fish it was now if you
google this you’ll come right up with it this this thing this fish is famous and
it’s all over the Internet remember wife just texted asking me to
close with the poem again for the newcomer so we’ll leave a minute for
that good good catch river wife she’s always helping out like that thank you
okay so the most expensive pleco down the wormhole it’s an era wanna
it’s a platinum marijuana and it sold for $400,000 and that’s reported by the
International Business Times it’s all over the Internet
there’s Chattanooga ad with a link to the GoFundMe for Pam at punchy paints
excellent yeah no super chats on the board so Bob Taylor’s posting the art on
the Etsy page hey if you go to the @c page and check it out by the way I’ve
got a new Ashkelon of paintings that will launch next week you got the first
seven or so up there another seven or so will go up next week and there’s
something you do there I don’t know if you follow the page or if you heart it
there’s something you do on Etsy that helps the page gain stature so if you’re
over there and and I appreciate it if you check I appreciate you just visiting
but if you feel like it and you can find that thing I think you click a heart
much like you do a like here I don’t appreciate you doing that yeah my skip
said Asian Arowana I’m at Rondo Center Arowana you guys are right
yeah extra long though I know I mean these paintings are rolling out thank
you Bob for doing that yeah there’s another link for Pam’s GoFundMe donations are needed at Pam’s GoFundMe
you guys check it out we got eleven twenty one we got nine minutes we’ve
been to school we’ve got aquarium backgrounds we’ve talked about we didn’t
talk about the mid-surface and our the surface mid and bottom fish tonight and
I want to know fish for each part of the water column
what would be good for a species tank if it was just a spit not a community tank
but just a species think what are good fish for different levels because when I
think of species tank I think a lot of lower mid fish large predators usually
hiding in rocks ambush predators so can you guys think of any surface level fish
for a species tank an aggressive predator type or maybe super shy just
doesn’t like to be with another fish in the tank you’re silly
that’s funny now you guys let me know about that sorry not sorry
I love language arts language art skills says moonstone kk well me too I fancy
myself a wordsmith from time to time but not full time it’s too hard full time it
is do you ever be aquatics efest of them you know I looked these up later so many
lists bitterlings yeah I knew you guys would know rolling in rolling in bring
them on in so you guys got that going and also any any mid swimmers like all
the mid swimmers that are on top of my head are groovy community fish they just
love being in the mix they like to say hello to the people up on top and they
give a nod to the people on the bottom they’re just good community fish ok
kilise there you go Gillies gar up on top – that’s a good one but the killings
yeah they’re their best in a species tank for sure oh man I haven’t I’ve resisted I’ve
resisted that the kilee urge that could be a slippery slope I don’t know that’s
who that’s another bunch of aquariums waiting to happen there’s smaller
aquariums though just a bunch of them angelfish yeah wild angelfish there you go okay discus
huh yeah they would be but I want I want some diddlers in with those fish those
angels and discus and and plecos – g’day Roxanna said good day especially if
you’re if you’re breeding them they probably do better in a species tank
platinum half beaks Daniken says those half beaks are pretty cool Columbian
tetras and I’m gonna have to look that one up okay
11:25 we got fish rolling in all levels of the water column that make a good
species tank man sometimes I just like asking you guys to name a bunch of fish
and then I get to go look them up and I’m telling you hatchet fish love the
surface candy shandler they do they do also I want them in a community tank I
want some fish swimming around with them under them but yeah so I get I start
looking at these fish and before you know it I’m out there in the fish studio
with the canvas on the easel rummy nose sweet Odessa barb nice so many fish so
little time so well said moonstone kk yeah
Pam Chris may be working right up to the buzzer I haven’t heard but I’m guessing that
maybe yet so moving on to the spawn the spawn what’s happening in the community
tank in the future next week it’s gonna be stocking the Nano tank or I put in
the notes the show notes in the description for the video bucket full of
eggs that good that can go a lot of different ways but the bucket full of
eggs video is planned it may be the next video
maybe the stocking depends on which fish we find in the meantime we got hung chal
with a $5 super chat and he says my 50 carbon really shrimp have turned into
over a hundred in four months that’s doubling your shrimp tank 10 gallon
favorite tank currently Oh flip aquatics that’s nice currently with emerald dwarf
Danny Oh a fish I’ve never kept but I have fond thoughts of that fish what is
your experience like with those fish Hong chow are they an easy fish to keep
they’re getting along with the with the shrimp those carbon railings are pretty
cool shrimp – I’ve got really from Rob before they were cool
thanks for the super chat butterfly fish for the surface absolutely okay Pam says
Chris hasn’t uploaded a stream yet sandy says tell him no rush okay we could
probably go a minute or two longer if someone wants to keep an eye out for
Chris we can stall for Chris for a minute or two moonstone kay-kay says
sorry dick no it was all caps and then says sorry not sorry
okay steam font is in the house hey Bob good to see you again oh okay
not only is Chris scheduled but bob steam fighters there I’m gonna go change
into my bob steam goody my steam father quarter cootie and I’m gonna watch Chris
and Bob do the live stream over there multi take addiction chris is a pretty
cool guy he does art his livestream he takes live telephone
calls he has guests he’s a basically a technology engineer with 300 gallon
aquarium surround him so I don’t know why you wouldn’t enjoy hanging out with
that guy recently monetized now you guys thank you very much community tank live
you went over and sumscribe’ to him you watched his videos to help him get there
so thank you very much I know he appreciates you guys and hung Chow with
the Emeralds report says they’re easy to keep but very skittish he only sees them
at feeding time okay the shrimp are bigger than them wow
that’s a tiny fish yeah Chris says none of that will happen tonight
oh well it’s gonna be a great show anyway I can’t wait to see what you do
Chris and if if bob steam farts over there I hope there is some rainbow fish
talk because with my paintbrushes flying through the air these days I’m thinking
I look around this room I’m seeing some rainbow fish influence so I want to hear
Bob talked about those Rayne rainbow fish nerds be nerds every time we got
1129 before we turn the lights out I want to hit you guys with this poem
again I wrote it with you guys in mind I read it earlier tonight I’ll read it
again for the late comers 102 watching now and then following the end of the
poem we’re gonna turn the lights out and it’s gonna be a great night to go over
to multi take addiction so here we go the fish tank a box that holds water
like it holds my attention a window with a view I see a world where I belong a
reflection like a mirror this one makes me smile a box that holds water
in life and courage and hope I hope you like that that’s my encouragement for
you until next week why don’t you stay in the tank
get your fish on and before I see you again if you get a chance get out there
and see it live it nope see it love it and
live it I’ll see you on the next one so long guys