My name is Rachid Jaén España, I’m a Costarican Sculptor and I majored in Sculpture at the Universidad de Costa Rica. A Sculptor is a tridimensionality professional. Tridimensional design requires being very conscious of the design you are creating I always had the necessity of telling things, of expressing metaphors, And those things that I want to say need to be supported by the material I’m using, I work the materials in order to contribute metaphorically with what I’m tryng to say with my work. I allow enough symbolism in my works of art in order to generate a symbolical pluralism The sculpture invites the viewer to look over, It doesn’t have a back, so if you go to the other side of the sculpture, it will still be as appealing I create a work that allows you to create as well; it allows you to be the one who finishes the work with the gaze. Was Brancussi who, in sculpture, really gave me the hint of the twentieth century sculpture, that can be an interactive, symbolic, modern sculpture An idea can emerge in the bus, can emerge walking down the street That idea transforms itself, all of a sudden, in a little sketch and after all that sketching and all those ideas, comes a final idea in a sheet of paper that will transform itself in the material is the idea who tells you the path you must take it’s a cooperation, a mutual work between the material and the artist’s idea. Whoever hires me can expect professionalism, responsibility, passion, conviction in my work. Everyone can enter my web site; see my works, how create them and if someone wants a project , what I generally do is a sketch of what I’m thinking reaching an understanding with the person The assignments that I do, I do them for the pleasure of creation searching that sublime moment of seeing the final work and say, Yes, it is looks just as I wanted.