Pixel Film Studios presents, ProDivide
Abstract, professional split media titles for Final Cut Pro, featuring 30 amazing
presets. ProDivide is packed with content. Each title contains a unique
preset design and animation giving users great variety while editing. Presets are
ready to use but you can customize each one to meet your needs. Editing dividers
is easy. Adjust the width of the split, offset its position, and angle the edges.
Even apply media to the background. Modify dividers to fit the needs of your
video then replace the default text with your
own words. Adjust fonts, color, size, spacing and more.
Customize the animation of your text by selecting a drop-down preset then choose
a sequence type and set the sequence order to create a brand new animation. Anything is possible with a few simple
edits. ProDivide can be used to introduce subjects, display features and
information, provide detailed instructions, and reveal a schedule or
time slot. Simplify your life with ProDivide Abstract from Pixel Film Studios.