This is the first music box that I built about 4 years ago. We have been using it a lot on stage with Wintergatan and it’s been working fairly well but the inside mechanism wears out after some time and I always felt that the sound could be improved. So I wanted to try to fix these problems by building a new and better one. And this is the one. It is a motorized music box which means that instead of using a crank it uses its internal motor to forward the programming paper. In this video, I wanted to show you how I built this thing the paper-pulling mechanism. Inside of this music box, the heart of the music box, is a mechanism that looks like this. The biggest problem with these music boxes is that these gears are made of plastic and they wore out very fast. I’m going to show you the problem here. This is how well it worked before. It kept on stopping like this and it’s not so nice when you’re on stage… Hannes, do you– can you help me pull the paper? [Hannes] Sure! So these gears are the ones that keep on failing live with these kind of music boxes especially the small one in there little one there, that drives the whole paper forward. This was the first prototype. Featuring a Lego Technic Motor from the eighties. Well, that’s… [laughs] Minus on the DC motor… to minus on the speed controller. Whoa. So I need to apply some pressure here. For this temporary test the heaviest thing I could find was my preamp. We can hear how the motor still stalling when it’s overloaded. It’s not good. Okay, so this test tells me that the motor is not strong enough I need a bigger one. So I’m setting up a test now on my second DC motor to see if this has enough torque on lower speeds. In the next episode, we’re going to show you how this collapsible wheel was built. Until then, take care and thanks for watching.