Do you struggle with putting snow on
mountains while using a palette knife of course you do that’s why you clicked on
the video you’re in luck I’m gonna show you an awesome hack
that’s perfect for beginners that’s gonna get you on the correct path for
putting snow on a mountain every single time while using this all-mighty palette
knife let’s go! hey all Wild coming in super strong to help you with an awesome hack video to help you with your painting adventures first time here hit
that sub on like the video leave a comment all those fun things really
helped me out so thank you so much I think we can all agree using a palette
knife and putting snow on mountains is hard really hard but it’s okay because
I’m gonna show you a really cool technique that I started to use when I
first started painting that allows you to actually slice snow onto a mount to
give you more confidence with holding that palette knife with weighted paint
on it and then gingerly gliding across and as you get more confidence and you
get the strokes down you can start to open up that blade which exposes more of
that paint allowing you to paint brick you’re not gonna want to miss it so let
me show you how I do it I’m talking about slicing painting on by the way get
your mind out of gutter ladies the first step to making really good snow on top
of mountain is to make sure you have really firm paint now I recommend using
Windsor Newton white titanium paint it’s extremely firm but if you already own
paint and it’s not as firm I show you a really cool hack which I’ll put in the
top of the card here I recommend pause in that video take a look at that before
you attempt slicing and breaking your paint when you have firm paint it’s
naturally gonna grab onto that canvas and allow it to roll or cut off and this
will allow you to slice across the canvas with much more ease because that
canvas is gonna be grabbing due to the toothing on the actual canvas itself
now to slice paint you follow the normal steps hold the palette knife like I
showed you in a previous video again I’ll put a link on the top of the card
and pull your paint flat slice across it so that way you have a ample amount of
paint on the end of the knife if you’re just starting out I recommend putting
more paint than normal on there so that way you can see how paint will actually
peel off in grab onto the canvas now when you
approach the canvas I want to make sure that the tip of the blade is at the tip
of the mountain and as you align the blade with the angle of the mountain I
want you to come in at a 45 degree angle and I want you to leave the blade here
as you gingerly go down in a cross you see the biggest mistakes most people
have when using a palette knife is they start to introduce a lot of variables
rather than just coming down and across and technically yeah it’s very difficult
as there are a lot of variables when you come down and cross you have to open up
the blade use your wrist chicken wing your elbow out and gingerly move down
there’s a lot of motions happening in this arm and what happens a lot is your
hand will start to shake and that can be really difficult at the beginning and if
you can just leave it down to one easy motion things will start to click a lot
easier so what I recommend is when you come in around that 45-degree angle just
simply go down leave your wrist and forearm locked and just kind of drop
your elbow in the motion of the mountain and you’re gonna get more or less slices
of paint that come off and this will look like snow when you step away from
your painting and look at it from a distance now the more time you do a
couple of slices the more snow it looks like that’s gonna be on the mountain and
as you start to get the motion you can turn your wrist a little bit more
exposing the blade a little more in a little more in a little more in a little
more and what this does is this will start to add into that natural paint
break as you come across your mountain and things will start to click and you
will feel like you can start to do paint breaks by putting your knife on there
adjusting your wrist exposing the blade chicken winging your elbow out and
dropping down in one nice motion and allowing that blade to gingerly go
across and paint breaking you see this slice technique is basically like baby
steps to get you to paint breaking which is why I recommend any new person starts
here nobody’s ever really taught this so I’m glad I get to show you now if you’re
still struggling with using a palette knife and getting paint to break or even
slice off it’s probably because of one thing you might have a big boy or big
girl palette knife just like this and you
know this palette knife is a lot like a real knife it has a sharp blade here
which means when you come down across you are essentially cutting the paint
off onto the canvas which can be very very difficult if you’re just starting
out it was for me what I recommend is get yourself like an artist loft palette
knife this thing is extremely cheap I think it’s under like three bucks or
five bucks it’s smaller but the blade at the end is much more rounded it’s
actually not that sharp and I noticed from my experience that the paint kind
of more or less just rolls off and it gives you a lot more control as you come
down and cross so you can start here and then you can upgrade here it’s okay you
can treat this like your first test run of a boyfriend or girlfriend and then
upgrade to that supermodel the bob ross palette knife trust me
nothing wrong with having transitions from one knife to the next Mountain snow
palette knives they’re all very difficult which is why I plan on making
a video on showing you actual secrets and tips and tricks that’ll make you
know painting mountains and snow so much more easy if you’re interested in that
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gonna put a video over here on the side that’s gonna show you the proper way to
hold a palette knife and it’s really gonna help improve your Mountain
technique so I recommend checking that video out right after this one and until
next time all you beautiful and creative people take care and of course peace