Welcome to rootstem gaming and in this
video we’re going to show you how to paint God’s been lots and lots of
Guardsmen in an urban camo theme quickly I think when we printed up about foot
your Guardsmen we’re trying to do it as quick as a possible can with an urban
pattern camel and the reason going to be doing that is because that’s what
Commission requires it is a commission job but wanted to get these out quickly
so I’m going to possibly using some contrast paints in this we are going to
be using na an airbrush simply because if we use an airbrush we can get on and
we can do speed brushing unless you dry brush and pretty much everything you
need to spray it black and dry brushing it great you don’t really get a lot of
to me you don’t get as much speed out of it as you do with the told air brushes
so what we’re going to do move him to one side because he’s got a cloak we’re
gonna be looking at bringing in no hmm be using the grace here paint I know a
lot of the people services part with cantos friends it’s not actually it’s
just a paint version of what you can get in the can I’m not spraying it because
I’m wanting particular highlights I’m still wanting to figured to be quite
dark so what we’re going to be looking at is we’re going to basically use base
there’s like a pre highlight we’re going to focus more on the cloth with it as
well so we’re still gonna get quite dark recesses a I’m gonna go into some dry
brushing we are going to be using some normal pants as well so don’t worry too
much about what you’re gonna be getting with the grace here but we’re gonna use
that first as a pre highlight don’t forget you’re gonna need to thin it down
and use in air before improver and my own concoction this is an old air before
improve this is a bit water some thinner and some airbrush cleaner and I’ll be
honest it’s cracking it allows the painter flaw quite smooth concoction I
know I’m doing a lot but I don’t want to clog the airbrush so I’m not going to
put Lourdes in and egg gloves and once again my friend
Andy is happy a real game of a Channel have won the points so what I’m gonna be
doing them because the armor I’m not really wanting a lot of free highlight I’m not wanting it come on Cheryl not
what a lot of pre highlight on the amateur at Morman I’m just going to on
the boots and the clothing I’m just going to pre highlight by in a downward
stroke motion now what I now want to do was try and
stand the side whoa there we go I’m gonna just click
handle to a spot highlight on the top of the armor pieces and with a white cloth
just relieved to trigger back very slowly so you get a faint be careful with dreads unfortunately we
do spatter like this which is why I hate working with whites do appreciate it a lot of the guys as
you can see from a lot of them I’ve concentrated mainly on the cloth and
I’ve tried to leave just bits sort of a modern of us of the armored lon
and what we’re gonna be doing we’re gonna be doing as well is to on the
cloth we’re gonna dry brushed some awful and gray that’s going to give you the
edge and then hopefully speed up this particular process where’s the drivers
oh they have now been dry brushed and I’ve actually dry brush some of the
weapons as well off forgotten that one so what happens when you painting fur
all over dumb things so I’ve gone on dry brushed the gray and I didn’t draw I
tried to avoid the arm as best I possibly can and dry brush the weapons
so the next step we’re gonna be using some contrast paints we’re going to use
the contrast paint Grif charger gray I’m going to put that into all of the cloth
quite heavy that if you see it little noticed and it’s reacting quite nicely
and it’s working on what we want now bear in mind a music hunger yet down you
got 30 of these to do well I have you might just be doing the one next up I’ve already done some gloves on
we’re gonna be painting the armored panels in contrast black this is a block
Templar again medium shade brush and we’re just going to program all all of
the armor so next step a little warrior we are going to dry brush the black now
as you can see from this it’s actually not too bad the Gray’s all right the
black is quite dark and normally I’d use a small dry brush this one’s kind of
dead so I’m fighting this one away I do have a couple of handy trusty back up
all brushes some zero brushes for Telia and they’re going to basically be my
small brush it’s all we’re gonna do because somebody black the contrast
bucks gonna have a slight shading effect with V yeah with the gray say that we’ve
already put on there we’re trying to just haphazardly edge highlighted so it
on and then we’re just going against the grain sure nice and dry not putting a
lock so we just need it to catch those edges
dexterity armor I don’t I put locks on I just wanted to catch the edges of the
armor just a – a those lines and don’t forget your boots and then
after you driver stole them go back with some Abner Stratton gray I only do
little tiny bits that you would consider extreme so maybe the edge of a large gun
and there’s a banana plate and then maybe like a top there the helmet don’t
do it oh just do a little bit on the top armor and leave the legs alone so well
the armor and the claw should now be done told you this was going to be quick
so now what we’re going to do is to hit the flesh and maybe we’re gonna adds
wave the yeah Bootsy that’s the one I’m just gonna use a nice base Bush nice tip
and you really you should be feeling this right bring away and so we’re gonna
paint all the flesh just clip it with careful I’m using a small base Bush from
a very fine tip not to get it on any of that black armor that we’ve gone and
painted oh now I’ve done lots and lots of these let’s get on the flash so we’ve got dark
or flash I’m gonna be putting that on the over flash and then we’re gonna be
doing some more contrast painting in a moment so yeah this is quite a heavy
contrast video if you’ve not already make sure to get the grenades don’t but
don’t do the metal parts just for normal bits haven’t done a little Imperial
Eagles I’m gonna do them over yellow and the am stripes on sergeants and of
course just just little imperial eagles on the cross of flesh but everything
else leave these bits but we are going to use contrast on them as well
alright let’s crack on with the dark off make sure you lord it I am using a fin a
bush run everywhere so we’re coming along quite nicely it’s better for quick
figures so now when I’ve got the over contrast paint set we’re going to be
using some Nasir drag yellow or whatever contrast yellow or of a glaze yellow you
wanted to use that’s going to go on the Eagles the red is gonna go on any of the
little red dots that have got a couple of helmets
fully encased there we go yeah they’re fully encased of that
little red dots gonna go a dark contrast in it this is for the grenades so over
the needs and I’m gonna put it on non any it is yes some of the little water
bottles I’m gonna paint them up green as well have a nice difference Wildwood
would be vent applied onto all the lever one of these has already had white
button to the hair so the hairs on the only models will probably painted with
our board as well right I’m gonna get to honor this okay so I’ve
gone undone some medals on there with us more of
a addition or anything else but mainly on the backpacks there we go
and we’ve got across all of it and because we did the dry brushing and
everything else you don’t really need to do much on that I’ve gone over it with
the contrast paint very much like it would do with a glaze so like I said I’m
doing a lot you might only be doing ten the next thing I’m gonna be doing which
is quite late on for me I normally get this thing done quite early but I
decided no I’m gonna try it quite lay it on we’re gonna do silver so I’m gonna
get you dark silver mines LED belt chair I’m gonna put that onto our weapons that
I need to and then we’re gonna cover it with known oil so put it on non-oil it
let it dry or come to the next stage right so I’m gonna get some star more
silver nail I’m gonna get a really really thin brush now this is all the
metal nuts dried and I’m just gonna do some edge highlighting on 33 figures oh
it’s a very very thin brush I’m not watering it down I have had to shake it
up properly volt because still much salt for some reason has a habit of settling
so you’ve got me you know you can get older some little type in the right
metal LED metal balls just to put in there you can’t I mean I’m just kind of
touch the highlights if you don’t want to do this but you don’t have to but I’m
just gonna touch up the edges over all this silver now there’s some ice if
you’ve ever watched some of my tutorial videos below before you will know that I
like to use air paints when it comes to paint in the eyes simply because these
are already Finan off really to be used for this particular process I don’t like
painting eyes I’ll be honest so not all of these figures are gonna get eyes if
you’ve got some hooded ones like that yeah you might want to have a go but you
might want to just leave them if you I wanted to leave them that’s fine
nobody’s gonna say anything really I’m going to
you’ve already got these guys these guys are gonna need ice and these guys will
need eyes as well possibly with some males in there as well if we’re gonna
live a mouthful portal just use some corn red inside the mouth of a tongue of
the mouth and then just a little bit of white scarf of a teeth or born if you
about way inclined well you need to be very you need to get that to a fine
point losing the work power to Oh even though the bees are gonna get to a
fine point like this and he’s hot oh I’ve got fetch ever used
to do so hopefully we got some eyes oh man not some eyes fool that took me a
while not to me oh I don’t like doing eyes in the first place having to do
sixty-six eyes is quite irritating right we’re nearly done on this particular run
let’s get these based like uh some transfers on them and there we go so based on trying to make some of the
your fingers look like roads we’ve given him a quick varnish well then you can
see them from there all the eyes have been done and it didn’t take me too long
I mean they were drying times more than anything else and the use of the
contrast paint makes it a stud speed up the process quite a lot but you’ve still
got your time you still got your techniques you’ve still got you having
to airbrush event of course after having terrible she also got knowing how to
drive or somewhere to drive or some other areas but that’s it that should be
done so we’ve got 33 Guardsmen I’ll be doing some more apart with Commission
there’s some heavy weapon teams and such coming through the bases have been done
very similar to what I did which should be a video out before this one just
showing you how to do I’m doing trying to a base in series so got like a little
ball one and then should be a they’re never very similar to that one I did the
other week right well thank you very much for watching guys please like share
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back on track I’m guessing this will probably come out just after the new
year probably so I’m hoping to get back on track with all the videos and all the
craziness stuff tends to happen with this channel thanks for watching we’ll
see you next time