welcome to Tulsa Oklahoma and the boat
the internet built we call it that because it’s being built in my front
yard by your support and your ideas and a lot of your sweat
sometimes your blood seeker is a 40-ton motor sailor she’s Chinese junk Trigg
steel hole twin keel and when she’s on the water she’ll be a research vessel
for students who have great ideas and passions and need a ride on the ocean
for free and in this episode we’re gonna be spraying on this pearl gray epoxy
from PPG all right yes we’re gonna watch the whole thing again the reason for
that is the specifications for the paint this zinc primer apparently leeches zinc
salts and that needs to be blasted off before you put another coat of paint
over it you know I tell you what I’ve watched copper coat which is the paint
that we’re planning on using for the bottom for the ante file now I’m not so
sure because there’s a lot of people out there with baling copper coat now the
question is is the product or the way that was put on and then this both of
those are looked at with a scientific eye
you really don’t know it’s just hearsay so I’m hoping it’s the way it was
applied and I know the American says pressure wash off your zinc paint before
you paint over it so that’s what we’re going to do again fortunately the
weather is cleared up horse it looks like we’ll have a dry day tomorrow so
we’ll be painting them off yeah it’s funny I think I’m just excited
about spring paint tomorrow with that new sprayer but I’ve never done it
before it you know so it’s kind of like rock climbing or going to a job
interview or something like that yeah of course rain clouds
you know normally Oklahoma’s dry in August this has not been a normal month that’s what’s to die here does nothing
yeah yeah we got a bit like Stu doesn’t do sure as hell done this more than we
have would you say the set time was on this 30 minutes yeah I got my phone well
it didn’t prime with our paint so we’re gonna try and prime it with design link
as soon as I get sprayed all right I’m going to 40 it’s at 40 okay should be
picking up she’s only pumping paint on one stroke
like the down stroke it pulse is when it’s pumping so there’s only pump in one
direction but so we’re gonna switch pumps
there’s some prints or inches you shot those already up I got two ranches oh that doesn’t brush right pay for at
least the gun that’s better we do that one there do that that’s a
bug he struggled a long way to his death so we’ll have to sand him out and
retouch that and I just love the spray gun you know at the end it was doing
like 30 feet before we jam up and have to twist an all around in hindsight I’d
flush a lot more fluid through it cleaner to get all the little chips of
paint out I think that’s what I did wrong but it started working great so
the next time we use it it should be fine too and I got the keel done and I
got all the hard-to-reach areas underneath the boat between the keels
Doug let’s go figure out what I want to do about the dead bugs I think I’ll come
back sand them off maybe mark the spots with a marker and then come back over
and give a little bit more shot of paint because all this gets covered with coal
tar again and the next coat anyway so we’ll have something to fix but
overall I just can’t say enough thank you for a single-source industrial
coatings for floating out that machine it is a wonderful machine and I’m happy
to get to learn how to use the thing – so this machine’s problem must be in
that pump housing there because it’s pumping one direction but not the other
so I bet there’s a kit I can get to rebuild it but it was interesting that
our 9 CFA American presser in the backyard when I see em at 100 psi was
Aunt Polly supplying there that needed in both directions now well we try with
paint paints gonna be thicker we can use this short hose cuz I’m just down below
today yeah that’s what I write I said that didn’t I write chatter this is mark
from Louisiana no texture cannon cannon new coolant tanks are canna
joining us for this week let me get a little pressure off this watch your eyes
there we go okay cleans itself up really good you just let it sit
before that bottom part in there we’ll have that dry up on the bottom that
looks kind of crappy yeah oh my god yeah dude look at that and see paint in there
too yeah now any cave there’s always the poxy so
we’re gonna fill this up with em eke a single-source gave us some of that too back from Harbor Freight with a brand
new variable speed 1/2 inch drill and some mixers maybe bigger well we thousand wells that weren’t weld
it though well fixing them up this is the picked
up flying for the small and airless sprayer we’ve had it soaking with a me K
for a day now that’s the paint coming out of it so you want ice you can remove the dead
bugs from your windshield look at Alan alright he’s down here is where he died
Lisa Knight that nice little white mark I may not need the marker draw my
attention I think this was a formation and flight lead just bit it right there
and the restaurant tail there behind it my fear in places I’ve been sanding it
off I won’t come back if that’s just back up then and the reason is this is
actually our topcoat up here this American lock to is UV resistant it
makes a good top coat but where I had too much I sprayed on with that big
sprayer I got to sand that off and fix it up see I had things like this this is
just one that’s not bad enough I think I’ll leave it maybe as a reminder if
nothing else that you can have too much spray for your skill level you need a
sprayer like I’m not a painter okay that thing sprays like half a gallon a minute
okay so you got to have nice flat surfaces if you’re an amateur like me to
do that and even then I’ve got overlaps you know so being the amateur I am I got
to come back sand those down and come back with my air sprayer it was nice
gentle and soft and cover them back up take it from me if you’re not a
professional careful when you get recommendations from professionals they
know how to use their air guns and they think maybe they I think they they must
forget the first day they’re on the job because I guarantee you the first day or
they’re on that they sucked at it – you know after years they just forget that
overall I’m really happy with this and it is cool to have that airless sprayer
because I mean it really does get the paint on fast but you’re not gonna get
it on fast and perfect you’re gonna get it on fast and a mattress but that’s
okay it’s easy to fix you to drive an offspring let’s do this alright I had it in fast
you had a marital now you find him yeah I like turtle a lot better look at this these things town with
outlets on them no nothing maybe the rental yard just enables it drives like a drunk well we either paint
this afternoon or tomorrow morning but I have a sneaking suspicion that our steel
up here it’s gonna be too hot yep 130 120 point six so we will paint in the
morning so bad even smarted yeah we’re waiting
on the humidity to go down before we thank bb-bb-bb-bb-bb-bb-bb b13 oh we can
start now Bart’s here Alexa what’s the current humidity right now the humidity
is 88% oh okay we can go we’d be done now all 14 gallons right working gallons under there the puppet 35 at the draw
there’s 40 I was Bob Paul got ready yeah okay well this morning is about removing
some of the oopsies like the dead bugs in the history well I ain’t working so we’re getting
paint on the boat we’re gonna use a roller to roll it out and like just land
there’s nothing it’s working one way you’re hoping to get this on but we did
confirm and that pump ain’t up to snuff yet so I think what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna buy a set of packing seals for it that must be the problem another
roller actually works really nice with it it is working good I think we just
need seals and these things I think we know how to take apart and clean them
out now and the seal kits are on order so they’ll be back in business when we
get our seal kits mark said you did all this
Darkrai was nothing wrong he did even the other gun screwed up and so he
rolled that first part up there two for two today yeah driving out there you’re on the
same bus we’re outside st. Louis somewhere she wouldn’t give me the
address and I wanted to send some male strippers bike you