hello everybody today we're going to be looking at some of my old artwork Oh Paul I forgot it's raining outside hello everybody it's Flynn it from Carlo Marie's productions and today we're going to be just CIN back we're just going to chill and then look at some of my old some of my old artwork now I put some comics here a few if you wanted to see my old comics because I mention them in some previous videos and I've got some like other things that I did ages ago that are spoiler alert all of this is pretty bad there's nothing really good to look at but at the end of the video I'll be opening up a reality rumblepack so stay tuned if you want to see that as a sport I'd also tell you I have started my own comic series if you want to see a video properly on this then tell me down below and also I'm going to be doing another deck Fox speed art soon so tell me tell me what you want me to do a speeder of in the next video the first comment that tells me an idea I will do so get straight down to doing that it could be another one of the characters that isn't undead or like an idea for a deck box I mean if it's like stupids then I won't do it but the first person to say something then that's cool then I'll do your idea but lesson let's look at some of this old artwork this is back ages ago when I was like I think I was like fine as you can see there's some really really really an artistic surface I mean really like really spiky flowers I mean you could shank someone with them and then here we've got a concoction of fish and sea life file I'm not really sure what this was but I mean pretty interesting and then here we have just I don't know what that is hopefully there's some more stuff in that's when I got done in a year well I was I was really young quicker I was really young productive with my artwork I've got so much gone back in the day anyway next we're going in our time water this is a few years later since the Pokemon card bind off right show this because it's kind of a kind of qtq related if it's not really just so starry I drew a Pokemon stuck them in a binder and oh no so extra thing I can show you Star Wars I think thing this is a Lego a Lego was it a lego catalog for Star Wars and them here we should get a little free Anakin figure and nothing in it don't say there's going to be a Nana configure when there's not an amicus bigger come on that's just false advertising the circle ship no we're not going to look at this book no it's done with this again I think they already tell you it was called its offensive that neck I was obsessed of avenge time as you can see here I made my own comics this is my own sort of learn sort of things based on adventure time I mean I just worked on this for like a year but that's all I ever got done which is kind of like all the rest of my comics hopefully the one I'm all working on at the moment I won't play one but this is also an adventure time comic that I made based on the if you've seen the Adventure Time comics I read them in real time but if you want to read internally here you go I mean I don't think anyone's going to want to adventure o'clock cards out now and that's everything that's them I have got some more stuff to show you but I mean who wants to see it it's not good let's open up this reality Rumble back 10 additional cards packs aren't going to be on game crafter guys just find that you will know but there are going to be deck foxes on game crafter so you get like full toolkit of to create decks which is like booster packs won't be available because I thought I just give you all everything in one little neat box so you don't have to keep buying and spending tons of money just erm just one thing you have to find get everything you need to start playing then here we have them are cast so you get two of each type so we've got the locale light block pretty good for a basic basic tech class I was at Keith's lot and beat up pretty good for going for that sort of key top tactic we need that leave that boots it damage maybe if you're playing some strong Ultimates and you've got protection from the team and you wanna you want to get more powerful hit than I mean he is a pretty good option nature's revenge you want to play nature you still wanna do damage really really pretty good option and life drains and voodoo puppetry pretty good for messing around a bit anyways and now our ultimate we've got one for play fire with a blazing breast that go welder heat up some pieces and then we've also got the barrier business Depardieu sit down on the floor and the teammates in fact it and use it as like a protection from enemy attack so that was all I've got for today in this video guys tell me what you want for the next step box and tell me what you think of this old artwork that's what what I might share that with you guys but thanks for watching hope you've had a great day and I'll see you all next time Ivan simple card army and peace out