one day my brother sent me a message and said that he would like to have my drawing as his birthday present I was pleased to know that my brother wanted to have my work so I asked him if he had any special requests about the drawing like what kind of theme or mood he preferred and then he sent me a picture of a rough sketch of his idea according to this picture I can tell he obviously wants a piece about people this figure must be some meaningful one because it is the largest and placed in the middle while I was trying to catch more information from the sketch thankfully he sent me another more detailed picture well he needs a gate in the upper middle this face is for me like a fused figure from Philadelphia Experiment and in each side of the facade there needs to be windows they’re like human size flies I asked my brother what those figures stand for he said they’re just random normal human passers-by not flies nor fused human at the end of the conversation I could figure out what kind of features this drawing should include first the figure in the center depicts my brother himself second this figure should be left emotionless and colorless while the rest is fully colored third the drawing should rather be dark and gloomy this is what my brother asked me for I definitely liked dark themes but I have to make sure it wouldn’t go too far because it’s still supposed to be a birthday present for my brother fourth the building behind the front figures consists of an arched gate in two symmetrical windows fifth a woman on phone at the bottom of the drawing sixth these black head q-tip looking tricks are meant to be street lights I believe they’re here to emphasize the symmetrical element of the work about a week later I finally came up with some idea and started sketching now I think I’m ready it’s time for the real job let’s get started with the line drawing the lines can be vertical horizontal or whatever you want these are guidelines which are mainly for a composition and placement since these are guidelines you should draw them using light pressure so that it disappears later with lightly raising feel free to draw whatever comes to your mind you can even add details while most parts of a work are still vague but I’m not sure what more I should draw I usually make thin lines thinking about balance the things I must remember about this work are the figure in the center and the symmetrical objects around the figure brush off the eraser crumbs swiping off your paper with your fingers or hand might give a bad effect on your paper so I’m using a brush I’m thinking about something suitable for the top of the paper in terms of balance in a sketch I got from a brother there were two streetlights maybe I can replace them with something different so that I can keep the background symmetrical there’s not enough space here for the streetlights in a way a woman talking on the phone must be added at the bottom although she was drawn as a young woman with a ponytail in my brother’s sketch I prefer her to be a mid aging lady for my work with the guy in the center for human figures on each side pineapple my brother’s favorite fruit while drawing I know I tend to unconsciously lean toward the desk almost touching the paper with my face but this time I know I’m recording my camera is up there and I try to sit up straight as possible but it’s not always successful and using my hair on arch gay two windows just like in my brother sketch my right hand is sore after drawing there you go and now I’m coloring my sketch I cover the paper with a cloth to keep the pen lines from smearing it’s kind of like a babe you used at a dentist you can decide what where you start your coloring for instance you can feel from left to right or from top to bottom I’m gonna try to work on the areas that share the same color actually I practice this coloring several times before filming and I know my color scheme and how it’s gonna turn out to be that’s the coolest thing about practicing it makes us less nervous and do better my hand got sore again my right hand easily goes numb when fine detailing so I’m trying to use my left hand for at least simple stuff on the left your ground color doesn’t always have to be white which is in most cases the original color that your paper has if you lay a color and allow it to dry and then apply another different color over it you can find the first color shining through having the colors alter for instance I’m applying red for the hair and shoes here that’s gonna be the first color or you can call it under color then I’m gonna paint them blue and dry then you’ll see black if you paint a thinner layer of blue you’ll have plum or blueish red or violet pure black directly from your pen or the paint tube is still a good black but the black by blending layers of complementary colors are different it’s subtle and hard to see in the camera I know but yeah they’re different so the two blacks have different usages by doing this you can achieve color variation and depth these are the colors I’m gonna use for this work cadmium yellow like peach salmon pink blush pink lilac cobalt blue 30% French gray 50% warm grey 70% warm grey and black in this work I used three different materials for coloring felt a pen colors and color pencils especially about this color pencils I got them from my brother as my birthday present it’s Cole I’m using his birthday present for his birthday present I’m playing a Korean drama as background noise since this coloring is kind of repetitive and I want to keep myself concentrated the show was won 24 episode historical drama and I watched them all while working on this drawing but my video got short after editing which is good because I had to write a script for this eight-minute video and I got so exhausted actually his birthday was a few weeks ago and I missed it because my brother and I were both busy and he said he was gonna have a night out with his friends I’m visiting my parents this weekend and my brother’s gonna come as well hope my brother will like it by using color pencils cover the pits and spots to soften the surface it gives the work of finished look Connie Aegean put in a frame I made a paper size relative to the frame so if it’s writing after cutting cool what should I name this one 30 years birthday now I’m gonna give to wrap it I’m off now I should go out and buy some wrapping paper don’t forget to take a look at 360 degree version of this picture 30th birthday thanks for watching bye