So I decided to have this surgery or explore
having this surgery because of just how that portion, the breast portion of my body, was…
was finding gravity was its best friend. So I um, just watched it over a course of years
and I just thought, “You know what? I’m gonna try and have this, try and have it done
as naturally as possible” to explore what my options were without implants. So I came
to Dr. Donaldson after researching him on the internet and finding that he was probably
just about the best out there. Um, and his reviews were exceptional, so I made an appointment.
So I made the appointment and actually the staff is probably the biggest portion of me
making the decision to move forward. They just built my confidence. Of course, I was
apprehensive. And this would be an elective surgery that I thought was maybe a little
excessive. So they made me feel very comfortable with my decision, and I can honestly say I
am so thrilled I moved forward with it because of the fact of the result. From the minute
prepping me for surgery– even the surgery center staff was amazing in building my confidence
and reassuring me that I was gonna get through this fine. But the aftermath, the recovery
was minimal. I think that a lot of people steer away from having these types of surgeries
because they’re concerned about the recovery. I would say 4-5 days I was kind of trapped
in my home, but pain-wise, it was minimal. But the results are amazing. I’m out one
month. The scars are healing beautifully. The bruising is minimal. I couldn’t be happier.
I’m thrilled with my decision. I’m thrilled with Donaldson Plastic Surgery and everybody
that it’s associated with. And I’ll see the doctor back in three months.