in painting nothing is better than our first try. today we gonna see about an painting world’s oldest painting found in indonesia. befor that please subscribe to our channel, and click the bell button near it. before 5 to 10 million years ago, a creature had standed on two legs that is the first step of human evolution after that after the evolution of human for 3 million years, that is 2 million years from now our Ancestress, world’s first homo sapien had born. he is the first born human being. form the day when human born, we invented different techniques for communication after human born, after our 6th sense stared working we used expression for communication and then we communicated by drawing what we had seen on the wall or cave. and then we created a word for every expression and things and created a language. and then we gave structure to each letter in the word and created first spoken and written language called “sumerian” this “sumerian ” 5000 years old whih is created on 3300BC The paintings and other things that human use to communicate in pre historic age has been hidden. now archaeologist trying to find those paintings one by one. today we going to see about one of those worlds oldest cave painting in the world . these painting was found in the cave called liang bulu sipong 4, which is located in the sulawesi island of indonesia. and this was found in 2017 but now archaeologist announced the age of that painting, which is 44,000 years old. this painting express the scene, that a buffalo is facing a group of human animals(humans with animal activity) the sunlight which falls through the hole in the northeast part of the cave shines that picture. so archaeologist telling that the age of the painting was 44,000 years. but how they calculated it. This cave is an active cave , from the stone age water flows through the cave and sculpts the cave and the flow of water formed an layer upon the painting which contains uranium. as days passes that uranium has been converted into thorium. both uranium and thorium are not water solible so the uranium and thorium still exists now, that uranium is converted into thorium right. so by calculating the ratio of the uranium to thorium conversion upon that painting we can calculate the age of the paintinh by using this method archaeologist calculated the age of the painting now we are telling that this painting is the oldest painting in the word but , archaeologist discovered another painting which is 70,000 years old. but, that is not an complete painting it looks like someone wrote ” # ” on small rock so its not a painting right, and also this is not drown in cave so this painting is eligible for these names archaeologist expecting this painting is one of the series of the story painting and the other painting may be destroyed. even, our technology and communication has been developing studying about pre historic and stone age life may be somewhat interesting right. if you like this video hit the like button, command , and share this video.