My name is Antony Spencer.
I’m a landscape photographer and I’ve been photographing landscapes
professionally for the last 4 years. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel all
over the world over the last few years and photographed some incredible things. Predominately, working in Scandinavia
photographing the Northern Lights. I became a landscape photographer
purely because I always had a fascination of the outside world,
and the geology, exploring the coast line and rivers, and
experimenting with movement. I bought my first camera just
to take photographs of my kids. After about two weeks of
taking photographs of the kids, I realized that I wanted to do
something else and something more. I really like the swirling
foam down here in the water. Just thinking that using an ND-filter
to slow down the exposure might actually give you a lovely, swirling
pool of foam in the foreground. Wait until the tide comes back in to give
some interest to this bland patch of sand I don’t think there’s anything that would work. I won the most major landscape
photography competition in the UK and that gave me a major kick-start in my career. I’ve got so many influences in the landscape genre which is so incredibly popular. Three of my top photographers would be
people like Joe Cornish, David Ward, and Christian Fletcher. The images they make are particularly
strong and always captivate me and make me look at and analyze
what I’m doing to try and keep up. The worst shooting conditions
I’ve been faced with was actually in the last few weeks. I was out in the Midwest of the USA
photographing severe thunderstorms. Ultimately, the thunderstorms that came
our way made my life very difficult indeed. We had 7 or 8 supercells all around us
with tornadoes dropping out of the sky, huge baseball sized house stones,
and ultimately, getting out alive became a priority rather
than trying to make any images. One of my favorite photographs from recent
years would be an image from Iceland at a geo-thermal region right at
the heart of Iceland called Blahver Hveravellir. I’d given myself ten days
to go and take one image of this fabulous blue pool, and to turn up and have such
tremendous light the first morning of the trip was incredible and
to get that one image meant I had 9 days to go explore the rest of Iceland. My favorite location is probably the
Lofoten Islands on the Norwegian coast, especially in winter when it’s
a winter paradise, a wonderland because everything is covered in snow and ice. That’s an area I really love to explore.