North Devon – A Unique Insight By Cliff & Darren Lee | Dramamask Publishers First were like to thank Mark Adams from drama mask publishers for making this book possible and getting out there and So this book. It’s as it as the title says It’s all about North Devon and it contains original art from my brother Cliff Lee I’ll just flick through a couple of pages and you can see some of his amazing artwork All local scenes of North Devon capturing that’s all real essence of the different areas and with it on each with each picture comes from descriptive prose written by myself and This book is available to buy on Amazon So just search the most deafening unique insight, and it will come up and All money raised from this book will go towards. I’m a brother Cliff’s stem-cell treatment Was four years ago. He had a stroke and was unable to Carry on making the art and used to because he lost the use of his right arm which was the total his trade so, but he’s taught himself to draw and paint and do whatever with his left hand which is quite amazing and Yeah with that creating all the pictures in this book are created After his after his stroke So yeah if you can buy a copy and help us raise some money for cliff stem-cell Treatment and help the one is road to recovery Thank you very much There’s a link to the book on I wasn’t in the description below Thank you for your attention You