Today we’re at the Bijlmer Arena. We’re at the Netherlands ice sculpture festival. This is a festival that attracted 42 of the best ice sculptors in the world and we had the privilege to chat to one of them. Stay tuned to find out more about that. Here we go. It’s cool right? It’s just like entering a freezer. It’s cold. Oh my goodness it’s really cold in here. It’s minus 8 to 10 degrees celsius This year it’s a musical theme. They have for example Swan Lake here with the music playing in the background they’ve got the ballerinas it’s really incredible and there’s a hundred sculptures this year really amazing. There’s two types of ice there’s this one which looks kind of like marble so it’s more snowy and then there’s the see-through ice which looks kinda like glass, really beautiful and different things with it This is Andre Hazes. He’s a Dutch artist. This is an amazing work. I’ve just started a podcast actually called What is that Job. You can find me on iTunes I was really lucky a week ago I was here interviewing the artist and I actually got to carve a little piece of this right at the base so that was really cool. So if you want to check out that Podcast I’ll leave the link in the description below. Some of the art is a little bit raunchy, they’ve got everything from classical to pop rock and everything in between and Yoda is in the house. That’s awesome. A lot of these are very interactive you can actually go behind them, take photos, selfies it’s really cool The detail on these is just exquisite. You must see the earrings on these it’s just so beautiful This trumpet in the back is actually a slide I’ve just got down now and I’ve got a bit of a wet bum as a result but it’s kinda cool actually They’ve got the Beatles at the Abbey Road One of the Beatles missing so you can go and take a photo with it, it’s really great. They’ve got such great installations. This is Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong two of the greats and some of my favourites. It’s really cold in there, so the the camera misted up. My hands are cold, the camera is a bit frozen, but there’s an area where you can get food and hot chocolate and of course you get a stamp so you can go back in once you’ve defrosted a bit so we’re going to get something that eat and drink You definitely need gloves, a beanie and warm socks that was awesome don’t forget to check out it finishes on the fifth of February. I’ll leave links below where you can see about the place but also links my new podcast, What is that job. Where I managed to interview one of the artists it was really interesting to hear about this job if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to Like and subscribe see you next time bye