Hello, I came back, after working in another province and have collected the atmosphere for you to see. It was a good opportunity for me to return home. Because that was my hometown. After receiving encouragement from home, I’m move on to work. Sketch all the designs in the sketchbook. Line drawing with pigment ink to create fun for himself to sketch. For composition work I made it 2 piece and choose one of that number I like Picture 2 better. I think it’s ok and it gives the exact meaning. It was further refined in the next step. this piece Inspired by the sword of napoleon bonaparte. He is a general in the war of the 18th and 19th centuries. I think many people are familiar with this name. His family is one of the few noble families on the island of Corsica. One day he was invited to a high society event in Paris. And in an event he had the opportunity to meet with a widow named Josephine de Bo Mahnes or in short name “Rose” She is 6 years older than him and has two children. He falls in love with her. Later he proposed to marry her. After he and she got married Every time Napoleon went to battle So Josephine often brings men into secret relationships in the house. Especially the young military officer named Epopol Little Charles. At first Napoleon didn’t believe this. But when he returned home he found that Josephine traveled with other men. Since then, he began to no longer trust in her. Because she betrayed his love. She tried to improve herself and give love to him. He doesn’t care about her anymore. After divorce She spent time planting flowers. Josephine died at the age of 51 years. Napoleon heard this news. He was so sad and locked himself in the room for 3 days. Napoleon’s last words, which may be important for his life, were the French army, the generals, and Josephine. Napoleon’s love for Josephine is not happy. But it remained full within the hearts of the warriors until the end. This is Napoleon’s love story Next to watch all the drawing process But this work I will not explain the process. Because it’s the same steps as in previous videos try to go back. I think next time will try to make a color tutorial video. Or what subject do you think I should teach? Comment below to me.